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On 19 June 2007


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    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    Third Day, no test, free day. But I can sense a great misfortune tomorrow, what will happen? It is operation overlord, a.k.a D-day, or rather Chemistry Day, C-day? Tomorrow, I will be going to the Esplanade to view the UOB painting of the year. I do not wish to go, plainly because the day after will be my geog test, I cannot screw that test up, I really cannot.
    I am now very worried, about my ace, Science ace, I took the risk to join the Red cross standard course, which may result in no Ace at all, Why am i taking such a big risk? All for scouts, man scouts...
    Chemistry, I am quite confidence I could ace the paper, after so much preparations, however I am really worried about my geography test, there is so much to study, so little time, Guess I will reach home at 6 tomorrow, 6 pm, I think I will refresh my memories today.
    Sorry if todays entry is a bit dry, but I am really sad and depressed...

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    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    Second day of terror. One thing went terribly wrong, my math test, i think i failed it. The history test was easy, but the math, another killer. Man, and now, my blog is being spammed by some retards. Haix, retards...
    I'm not always in fits, if im always in fits i would turn out to be Jerrold Chong. Second thing, the math test, i think it would be the first paper that i would fail in my whole entire schooling life. The first paper to get a D7, Im stressed, so stop provoking me, or i will bite u. This blogskin is from blogskins.com by the way, and I am surprised by the ads, but people, just use firefox to surf my blog can? Using firefox would block the popup, which solves the problem for a while.
    Shuyang is friggin clever, his math test is going to ace again, i hate him...
    Enough of academic things, I will bored every one to death at this rate. Then i went to maple for a short while to welcome Weipin back from ossyria... Below are some picture we took. Maybe lets get the whole scout troop to play maplestory and we form a guild, that is shuyang(lightsonata) me(lovedesired2) and weipin(wizardymage) we are having fun!.
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    It is really fun, to play with friends. After the stress week, I am going to invite all the scout and have a small exploration ourselves, Hwachong scouts, go to www.maplesea.net for more details. SHuyang rox, because he gave me a lot of things haha...

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    Monday, August 01, 2005

    First day of terror, i almost broke into fits. Firstly it is the ever challenging computer studies lesson. Lucky me, managed to smoke past the teacher through basic knowledge, looks like my javascript is not that bad after all! The test were a killer, but i survived it. Anyway, the interesting part came at the last session of chinese, whoa, the teacher crap like shit. We were all sitting patiently for his distribution of chinese term test. I was holding my hands, shivering, looking cowardly at him. I just have a feeling i cannot score this time. Names passed... the 11 a1s in our class should have passed, I guessed.
    Suddenly... Yan Yixiang, i sat up straight. I looked at him, for the split second i thought I am going to fail. 68 A1! Yes! i got it, an A1 yes! To think I was worrying about shuyangs' two star compo. Great, I got no star and still one mark lower than him. Made him felt very sad, by constantly laughing at him. Don't worry, we are still good brothers.
    Wahaha, tomorrow, math test and history test. The short teacher was talking enthusiastically about his wonderful badminton sabbatical instead of history. Darn, he really sucks. Big time. Lucky for me, I am too pro for him, I will surpass his knowledge, let him play badminton wih alfred and let him grumble for his old age.
    This skin sux too, big time too. IT MAKE PORN SITE POPUPS, o man... Any one got any sugestion?