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    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Wow! How long haven't this blog been touched? Edward's idea of SCOUT blogs has totally went down the drain. The reason being? Not everyone likes to eat french fries. It may be the most 'in' thing in this world now, but still, there are people who do not like eating them, same goes for french fries. I 've always liked blogging, but not on a regular basis, rather, i blog when i like, when i feel like to. I just do not like the idea of being constrained and being told by someone to write an entry every week. It will become more of a homework or chore. I believe there is other way to let scouts express their opinion, trust me, i will think of it ;)
    I am going to change the template for this blog, an idea would be using a template of SLC website, so next time seniors asked, i could always go... LOOK AT MY BLOG! Secondary life started 2 years ago. This year, im all prepared. But still, im stressed. This could be the most interesting life of my secondary 3 life. Everything went differently, to my surprise...
    Updates of the whole thing... There is council life, where my status remain stagnant as an IT manager of Student Leader Convention. Logos have yet started to come out, the website is more or less done. We are really behing the deadline. With reasons of course! BPGH is coming in this friday. Hope logistic get some nice gals people!
    Next would be, Scouts. A miracle did happened, i became the SPL. This was one commitment i half expected. I had a hunch things would change, i did not really believed the hunch. It happened. I did not know whether it is a good surprise or a bad one. For the next three months, im just going to do my very best in being a SPL. Dominic is getting blacker and more sadist, sec 2s watch out!
    Everything here is changing. Watch out people... I may turn sadist.... NO LA ><


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