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On 19 June 2007


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    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    8 days after the convention.

    Sorry for not bloggin about the convention straight after the convention, as my schedule was piled up since. Yesterday was my mid-term review, and i went to sleep and woke up at 3 am. Which is the time I am blogging at...

    Back to topic.

    7-8 months ago, the Hwa Chong Slc OT were formed, looked at 11slcs' AAr, looking at our workplan. Erik gave a last advice and said he was not going to come back and advice any more...

    6 months ago, Bukit Panjang Government High School joined us. A sense of awkwardness exist among us, as we(logistics) stared at the concept team socialising with them... I remember very clearly, Jinyao, stood up and shook their hand, saying "Hi, Nice to meet you, I am jinyao and you are?" ...

    On the 17th of February, Raffles Girls School (Secondary) Joined us finally. Delightful news, logo draft proposal number 1. Failed terribly.

    2 Weeks before the convention. No one would have imagine the CRAZINESS the logistics team, had went through. Frantic concept, frenzy logistics. THERE WERE SO MUCH THING LEFT UNDONE, and our I/c was not worried.

    We were never ever forget, the times we spent together. Remember the crazy number of logos I have produced? Remember the time were ruian was commenting that my colour scheme were disgusting? Thank you, log comm, for standing by me all the while, encouraging me, by telling me my logo were nice and you do not know whats the seniors problem.

    Thank you, for telling me 6 is a nice number... although waking up at 6 am was nice thing!

    Remember the time when... my website failed... I still could not forget, you guys telling me my first website look like a gaming site..

    Still remember the time where, zhengning, soffia and damian had to sew the jangguan flag? Sewing-idiots like me, were just poking fun at them... And rmb the days, where the ot just loved the ProEd Room Sofa? And just slept on it? (I do have proofs)

    Not forgeting the SUPER unproductive meetings that we held at the KAP.

    What could we do, when the I/c Have got no where else to go...

    C301, SLC base, FACS room

    IT was the messy room, and it was in the room where Junhao finally realised, there is still a lot more things undone. It was the room, Zhengning drew her seating plan( and screwed up plenty), It was the room, we played DDR in. IT was the room, we counted and collated the NAMETAGS!!! until. Until the Convention, we moved on... to the class 40

    THAT WAS THE OPERATIONS ROOM. The room yuhui and i spent the most number of hours in.

    The room, where all the nametags, certificates were made.

    The room, where Jiajun and i printed the contracts.

    The room where it is the place of logistics (messy). I still remember it as the room where we played some ddr, and warcraft. E room where, Zn tripped over the lan cable and spoilt it! just for the sake of DDR. THe power of games.

    We went through the convention, not forgetting the hiccups, the screw up. It could bring us down, but it did not, we held through the whole 4 days. We tried our best, i believe our I/c did too! Logistics werent a lacker comm.

    They(not me, im in the ops room), ran around the school, ensuring all logistics are there. Bleeding feet(from court shoes), bleeding hands(from sewing the flag), tearing eyes(from all the stress)...

    Although at the end, we were almost forgotten, I could not forget the friends I made in other comm, Jingyi, Joyce, Vivien, Rachel, Jiajie, YihFang, Yumei...and many more...

    Theese are the friendship that will really last.
    The last day, grand finale, all of us broke down. I cried real hard, especially when jeremy said we thank the logistics team... the few time people stopped and thanked us. The ppt screwed up, but so what... at least Jinyao and I tried...

    12th Slc ot. 29person, walking down the same journey, now, we are at the crossroads...


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