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On 19 June 2007


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    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    What a fun day in Scouts today!

    Just like in council, my passion in Scouts had been dwindling recently, especially when your friends arent giving you the whole support when you need it. In council, i guess i sort of took all the "guainess" of my juniors and peers when i tasked them a job, in Scouts, its hard to task my peers without getting back a whine, or even a huge complaint. Irritating. But still, they are my best of friends, thus Dominic and I had to shoulder all the task they did not manage to complete which was around 80percent. :-(

    Back to scouts today.

    Hongkongs' Scouts of the year visited us! The delegation of 10 people comprises of their commisioner, cub scouts, scouts, venture scouts and assistant scouts leader. I almost freaked out just now, I was really afraid that we would screw up big time. Oh well, we cannot find our lanyard. *if i ask my QM to restock, i could imagine both of them yelling at me, telling me its test week, wanna bet?* , great... our stuff seemeed to disappear week by week. We decided to use the guy line, crap.

    Thank goodness, I had the most responsible and capable PL Lee Peiyit, who SELFLESSLY volunteered to take over william and did the flag break and flag lowering. Contrary to what Liang Wei said, I thought, Peiyit did a great job, he took the situation calmly and effortlessly, great job.

    Meanwhile, the Hongkong Scouts stood at the back, observing us. I hope i did not screw up my footdrill, well guodan did not step infront. Its his first time anyway, so no fault ;)

    The Year 1-3s scouts went to the LT2 and watch a small documentary. I believe its the same old movie that miss sim made. I didnt go, i was looking after the bags. Until the Year 1 and 2s came back and told me that they were still in the LT, i rushed over, and found the Year 3s interacting with the scouts.

    Im proud of them for being enthusiastic in interacting with the scouts at first, but slowly i realised, some of them was losing themselves. Freaking funny. Shuyangs' face went all red! RED! and started muttering nonsense, and won't stop until I asked him to. William was erm. his own self i guess, then, thats rather erm, lack of situation awareness, making weird sounds and all. Guo dan was GREAT, i meant it, he really do know how to engage with the visitors.

    When we were walking to other places, the plc, drrew themselves up and walked behind, after a while i decided to mingle around with the hk scouts. Only guo dan and i was mingling as we approached the end. The PLC was basically Talking to themselves. I dun blame them though, its our fault that we didnt conduct combined activity and i guess, if not for council, i would be like them...

    Got to know some great friends from hong kong. From erm 10- 17 years old? They are really friendly and outgoing, I guess, that was what made them the scouts of the year. And dominic, I dun think u can pwn them :)

    When the whole thing ended, we xchanged some badges and the hk scouts were so nice!!! They gave me some badges and a woggle, Love the friendship we enforced.

    This delegation made me feel an urge to go for jamboree, donations anyone?


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