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On 19 June 2007


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    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    BACK HOME!!!!

    Finally! Im back home, after 1 week of no blogging. Do you guys miss me? Im sure you do! Well, I missed myself too! ok that was lame. Anyway, the past week, i was in the boarding school, slogging my guts out for the industrial attachment while juggling to ensure that the student-planned events went well with the uttam girls. Apparently, they are currently on their way back to india. I must say that this events wouldnt be successful without alfred and junxin, they are my best pals during this sabbatical.

    We have to admit that we were rather negative towards the hosting of an indian school, if you know hwachong guys well enough, we are rather racist. But after this attachment, i believe that most of us realised that indians are fun people, they are really active.

    The first time i brought them to mustafa, i was really expecting them shop like crazy, and we will have tons of things for us to carry. But this was not to be so, the girls that we followed did not even buy anything. Argh. They were complaining that they were tired. This really shocked me, i thought girls are realy good at shopping, and they would love to shop. Well, after the 8 days, i realised that their teacher like to shop, but not them. THey experience shopping fatigue really easily.

    I did not following the girls to many shopping sites due to IA, what a pity.

    Anyway, adding on to the uttam girls, we have with us the Singapore Chinese Girls School girls. Contrary to uttam girls, there is a self-proclaimed shopping queen within the scgs girls - Olivia. She knows orchad road inside out. Man. Girls...

    Haha. I was typing this post from saturday till today, what the hell, a blog post that require more than a day?!!! Theoratically speaking, I have been typing it for only around an hour la, just that homeworks and others came in between.

    Continuing from my post, my industrial attachment with safe2travel was not as fantastic as the others. I do not get to see 5 penis in a day, I do not get 20 dollar a day for my work, I only get 6 dollars a day for snipping thousands of ribbons and wrapping exactly 1.2k gifts with mingwei and mingyang. The last thing I would like to take away from this industrial attachment would be the work that they gave to us, none of us expected that we will have such a "saikang" post in the office.

    Nevertheless, we got to see how the MICE (Meetings Incentives Convention Events) work, they were really busy throughout the week. We also got to observe some funny guy trying to desperately flirt with the company's only pretty girl that ressembles fish leong. oh well, after mr lim came that day, and I grumbled a little too loudly, we have gotten some chocolates from one of the staff and a meal by our department head. considering our 30 dollar pay at the end of the whole thing, I would say that this industrial attachment is passable, but definitely not recommended to any of my juniors next year. I would rather went for sabbatical and could have hosted uttam and scgs on a full-time basis.

    On the last day of IA, i took a taxi back from my workplace and back to school, just in time to catch the bus for us to proceed to my most anticipated trip of the week- the ZOO and the NIGHT SAFARI. It was marvellous, but I think we went to the place a tad bit too late, there arent much attractions around, for the night safari, we did not manage to catch the show too, what a pity. I will never go back to the night safari on my own again, what a waste of money. 20 dollar. my gosh, to watch some stupid animals roaming about and otherwise all pitch dark. I took the tram, managed to see most of the animals, In my impression there was cow, but i didnt see any cow that day, i do not know about the walking trail of the scgs girls and 4 other guys, but the ride on the tram makes me feel drowsy.

    I decided to leave dominic on his own for the pioneering competition as i felt that i owed the indian girls too much. Dominic managed to complete the structure and clinched a second in the competition, thanks dominic! Anyway, we went over to orchad and did some shopping, Im not sure how much shopping the uttam girls managed, but 1 think that im sure was the amount of shopping that the female teacher made was crazy, at least 3 bags i think, and she managed to buy a bag in less than 10 minutes as we are in a rush of time.

    The male teacher, managed to get a number of electronics too. At least they have contributed to the economy of the little red dot, and we, the students are also doing a part for our nation. :)

    Anyway, we quickly proceeded back to the boarding school, I wanted to sneak the sc gals into the boarding school, but alfred told the security guards about the girls first, haha sorry ! They have to surrender their cards to the security guard, and some pathethic person refused to show me her card after she saw mine.

    The end of the uttam trip is quickly approaching as we board the bus to changi airport. We had great fun posing for photos for the uttam girls on the bus, as we tried our best to prevent any of the luggage from slipping and falling.

    In the airport, the moment arrived when we had to say goodbye to the uttam girls, it was sad, but we will meet once again in india during october, hope that we will have as much fun as we had this time round.


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