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    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Back to the hectic lifestyle.

    After all the slacking and fun week I had in teh boarding school, it is time again to face the boring 4 walls of the classroom, the monotonous lecturing of various teacher, the drowsiness that everyone else is experiencing, and of course its back to reality.

    Now it is exactly 1 am. I am taking a short break from my mugging of math and the doing of chemisty work that I lost it over the course of the week. I hope Mrs Chu would forgive me , if not I would become a photocopier yet again. Im not feeling really high now, I want to get A1 in my math this time round, I really hope I could, Im not going to sleep for tonight at all, and study till the next morning, after which, on tuesday, I will have an early nite, in preparation for my math test.

    I screwed up my previous term badly, big time, I expect to get an msg of higher than 3.5. I am mentally prepared, but that does not mean that I am not mentally hurt. I felt like stabbing myself in my chest for scoring such a lousy score. But, for the sake of my family, I decided not to. I am an unemotional guy, but when it comes to my result, it matters a hell lot to me.

    Thus, My resolution, my dream for the next term is to be able to win back some face, its no longer about teh ressult as it no longer really matters, it is the pride, the ability to score that is able to make me proud the previous years, that is urging me to move forwad.

    End of years is nearing, the whole singapore could feel the intense stress approaching the secondary school students. It is the most important paper that sums up the whole year of studying. Reflecting back, I have yet to have done effective studying, mostly are last minute work. Procrastination. Yes, procrastination, that is such a prevalent problem in todays society, not to say in most teenagers.

    I could see that most teenagers would like to do their parents proud, would like to score a flying ace for their friends to see, to prove that they are no lesser than their smarter counterparts. however, they fail most of the time. It is all due to procrastination. The time of failure is the most down time of ones life, but as time goes by, it heals everything, sometimes it heals too much, it heals the regret the guilt that one experienced during the failure, so much so that, he did not remember to overcome his weakness and carries on procrastinating.

    We create the habit, after which the habit creates us. Procrastination is a bad habit. We cannot afford to let it create us. We must reverse the cycle as fast as wecould, for those that did not procrastinate, do not even think about it, it is very hard to turn back and say :" I will stop procrastinating" an d really stop procrastinating. I hail the person who is able to do that, for his willpower must had been very powerful.

    Whether I have learnt my lesson, would all reflect on this wednesdays' math test. Please.


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