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    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    School Trends

    Discipline master, DM, a name that would make thousands of students scrambling away, not in fear of him, but in fear of the small book of scholl rule he holds.

    How many a times, did the school personnels actually hindered the way we dressed? If I was not badly mistaken, the trend for socks many years ago was LONG LONG socks, discipline masters had to cut them using a scissors to make sure that they are of appropriate length. Many years later, year 2006, ankle socks are the new trend now. DM would not be able to attach a piece of cloth to our socks, instead we were compelled to buy a new pair of socks.

    Being a student, a teenager, what is so wrong about following the trend? Why does school rules have to change according to the trend, it is not to comply with the trend, but to stop the trend.

    I guess, the reason being, many schools of the nation want the students of their school to look presentable (If low-socks are unpresentable now, what about high socks in the past? those socks look geeky what.) when they step out of their schools.

    Established schools like Hwa Chong, normally have little problem of juvenile delinquency, due to the high standard of schooling from both the school and most families. The same could not be said for neighbourhood schools, as compared to "branded schools" they are more likely to belong to the mid-income group of the nation, thus having the tendency to rebel and speak coarse language in their school.

    We could not surely say that profanities aren't a norm in Independent school, myself being a guilty convict of spilling profanities. I do admit. However, we do not mix around with gangsters around the neighbourhood. I myself came from a not very well-to-do family, while my friends all had parents that are higher educationed, my dad is a primary school graduate, while my mom claimed she flunked her 'O'. Not very glamourous isn't it? The success in life does not rely totally on your family, it is easily grasped in your own hands, to be hardworking or be a lazybum.

    In a bid to curb juvenile delinquency, many schools thus disallowed the trend of the outside world to affect the school, what the school expected of a model student is below:

    Hair- Slope, above the sleeve, cannot touch the ears. Best is botak < Didnt really change >
    Attire - Tucked in, neat.
    Shoes - White shoes.
    Socks - above ankle length.

    Hair - Tied up, must be long hair, no trendy mixed gender hairstyle.
    Attire - Tucked in, skirts must touch knees. No black bra (ITS TRUE)
    Shoes- White shoes
    Socks - Above ankle length

    So, must be fustrating being a student isnt it? Actually not really, all we have to do is to switch the trend around and make it comply with our school rules, so we can be trendy when we are in school? No way! the school would never allow that, so they will tweak around with the school rule, until theere will still be students around that will still break the school rules. :)

    The teenagers trend will be the model student of now and...

    So in around a decade, the model student will have to be:

    Hair- Layerd can touch the sleeve, must touch the ears. Best is long hair < Didnt really change >
    Attire - Tucked out( the new design), neat.
    Shoes - Black Shoes shoes.
    Socks - under ankle length.

    Hair - must be short hair, must be trendy mixed gender hairstyle.
    Attire - Tucked in, skirts must touch knees. No white bra (ITS TRUE)
    Shoes- black shoes
    Socks - under ankle length

    wouldnt it be great?


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