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    Saturday, September 30, 2006

    Studying at NLb
    In order for me to be appreciative of wenbo's effort in tutoring us, I shall not provide any more things about him any more, although i do know that he got 3 girls tagging with him today to look for a pathetic phone, and he went to take neoprints, yet KAKA wasnt there, but that isnt the point!

    The point and focus is on the two videos. Our very own "cute" Xia Shuyang


    Have fun and happy mugging!

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    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    We all love the new singapore idol...... and their website :)

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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Attention-Seeking whores.

    No, im not talking about anyone in my beloved class 3E. I am talking about the discussion going on in the STOMP board. It is basically being bombarded by childish idiots who don't even know what they are muttering about. I am tempted to post there a few times, but for the record, I only posted 3. I am refering the the STink section, instead of the talkback section of the forum.

    Many people in the quest for the *BLOGGING HEAVEN REALMS* decided to follow the footstep of some famous bloggers, such as Xiaxue and Mr Brown. As a role model for these attention seeking whores, their controversial style of blogging and their "unique" mindset seems to catch up with blogger as young as 14 years old.

    Perhaps, it was the controversial mindset of mrBrown, or the bitchiness of Xiaxue that made their blog a blast, but it is indeed worrying to see 14-year-old bloggers starting to follow their style. The "xiaxue wannabes" simply oppose for the sake of opposing.

    At a tender age of 14, they could be aggressively opposing the current ruling party of Singapore. Not that, all oppositions are bad, but you have to have a solid stand on why you are opposing. All the attention seeking whores did was just to blog about something really different from the others, thinking it will draw traffic to their "oh- so- controversial" blog, crossing their fingers, hoping that it will be as phenomenal as Xiaxue's topic.

    Well, perhaps, my current blog post are more unique than theirs now, since all the attention seeking whores decided to defy the mainstream mindset, and I am teh only old fashion one around, sticking on to mainstream.

    Take for example, the freedom of speech. do a 14-year-old kid really understands the freedom of speech? I seriously doubt so, he replied to this post with "teachers reading my blog" so i lost my freedom of speech, because teachers will scold me afterwards.

    The point here is, he hasn't lost his freedom of speech yet! Freedom of speech still comes with a responsibility, he has to be responsible for whatever he speaks or write in his blog.

    To add on to the irony, one of them posted in the forum that he has failed one of his subject, he turns and started to blame the education system.

    i will not deny that our education system is flawed in some sense, but perhaps before these juveniles post such thoughts, they should take in account of the 100s of thousands of student who are survivng. Whats more, the kid who posted the post is from a foreign country, if he dislike this system so badly, he might as well just go back to his home, we need no foreign talent who only knows how to grumble.

    Many of our young population, taken a liking to xiaxue, has become more defiant over the years. When they grow up, they will realise how stupid they were, and how desperate they were trying to be famous. I hope.

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    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    Jingyi's Birthday, and Vivien's BirthDay Eve.

    It must be the craziest thing I have ever done, taking a break from my mugging schedule to go to KAP. That doesn't stop here. We celebrated the birthday, not at the main dining area, we celebrated it in the kiddy birthday room. I thought the whole idea was just to get in and celebrate it ourselves, but NO! KAP or rather Macdonalds have this wonderful service from their staff to host this very special birthday.

    There was this "Auntie" staff that are supposed to be the host for the birthday bash. Guess what, this kind and funny "auntie" was from my primary school and currently studying in my sis' school, and she lives in the same area as me. (From friendster). She treated us like little kids, by calling us boys and girls, i guess it isnt a everyday thing to call Hwa Chong Gentlemen and Rafflies ladies, boys and girls. She had that honour.

    We played childhood games like blow wind blow and simon says. I almost collapsed with laughter when we were playing the games, I think we looked like nuts to the people outside.

    The chair and tables were for dwarves, I mean small children, we could hardly squeeze onto the three joined tables. *but we still did ._.*

    Jinyao and I wanted to go off earlier, but that auntie started on Simon Says. We decided to stay on.

    well. Zhengning was nice, she gave me a bar of hersheys (was it hersheys?) for my birthday in may. How nice... WAIt! I LEFT IT IN MY BAG!

    ok.it melted. Second time, receiving melted chocos from girls, First was olivia with her kisses, then zhengning. let me show u the state it is in :

    Malleable Hersheys. Ok i shall put it into the fridge before i start opening it up.

    Oh well, I don't like black chocolates, luckily, this is white chocolates, but i will always eat chocolates from my friends ok? THANKS ZHENGNING!

    Random: THere seems to be a lot of "olivia" a.k.a PIGS ornaments in shop nowadays... hrm?

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    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    The past, the present, the future...

    All three aspect of the time can be recorded in one website, in a blog. As long as you update it regularly, it gets really interesting when u read your past.

    Why mention this out of the blue? I was reading through my blog entries of december 2005. That was the high peak time when I wanted to prove myself to the seniors and get into the ranks and position that I wanted... looking back, it was rather hilarious.

    Let me show you a quote from one of the entries :

    "What if, I am in SLC OT, is the SPL and in EXCO, life would be chaotic for me, but what if again that I can really cope with it? Seniors, have trust in me, have trust in Victor Gan."

    haha. Seriously, i was going "what the fuck" at this sentence, spare me the agony! How corny I was last time, Was I really that desperate. Well i coped with it, just that I didnt really cope with it that well. *I am in SLC OT, am the SPL, and in EXCO by the way*

    Egoistic, big big ego.

    Then came the time when I felt threatened by other people who shares the same skill...

    "Matthew Lim, my committee member. He produced sub-standard logos, and he claimed that it was me who ruined it. Come on matthew, my new logos are done WITHOUT sketch, if it could do better than YOUR logos. What does it show? I mean. The fault did not really rely on me alone. You said you are going to ask jerrold to color ur logo for you, hey what is the meaning of this ? What the hell. I was joking about me being biase. I put EQUAl, I repeat EQUAL effort into digitising YOUR SO-CALLED WELL DONE SKETCH. Argh.

    He said that my skills is only 1/3 of Jerrolds flash skill. What the fuck have you got any idea where my photoshop skills stand. Who the fuck are you to tell me that My photoshop skills are 1/3 of Jerrolds, come on. You are not me, I am myself, My skills are not thatBAD. Listen here, MAtthew, I am very displeased with all your comments, and your inability to come out with good logos. I am unhappy. Infuriated. Angry."

    I really really hate to repost this, because Matthew and Jerrold is my real good friends now, but i guess it is the post that would really create teh contrast between the Victor in 2005 and the one in 2006.

    Haha! I feel so ashamed of myself at the point of time reading it, this two paragraph really give the audience a strong sense of jealousy.

    Now, I don't even care.

    Of course, there comes thepost of 16 days before 12th Slc

    "Well, but our log i/c seems super stress! Chill ! ok? Although the seniors keep saying that we must do our best, of course we must. But, SLC OT, do not break down at this moment of time, we cannot afford to have anyone down k? Zheng Ning looked rather stressed and depressed too... but she is alright now..."

    Remember the times, pals?

    A blog is really a time machine, I am proud to say that I have grown mature! Start up a blog, update them regularly, read them a year later, you will be amazed!

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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Hey guys, I aint going into a hiatus coz of exam or whatever, but recently, I have no time to pen down my thoughts. I don't like to see my blog being stagnant for more than 3 days, and I am sure you don't as well, so let me just feed u in some gossip.

    -censored -


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    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Fear 恐惧
    After reading Sumiko Tan's article regarding why we should and will miss Steve Irwin, the late crocodile hunter, many thoughts brushed through my mind. In case any of you had yet to read the article, this article actually touched on issues on how Humans being at the top of the food chain yet we are afraid of almost everything down the food chain.

    We often laughed at the scene where a little bird chase after a dog... or a rat chasing after a elephant, but little did we realised, human are in such a situation many a time too! When was the last time you were forced on to the table by a cockroach, and when was the last time you cried, because u felt the slimy body of the lizard? There is NO WAY those small things are going to harm you, but yet, we are so afraid, we fear, we have a phobia.

    Human have complex minds, we think, we process what we see. We run the possibility of having a phobia, man created phobia of everything, phobia of insects, phobia of dogs, phobia of being in an enclosed area and even phobia of getting a phobia. Why is this so? We may not know what animals feel and think, but i think it is very brave of my dog to eat an insect, *even though it may fly up its nose sometimes, and that causes major discomfort*.

    It is our brain. We are aware of what could cause us trouble, or rather, we have the mind to imagine what we will be encountering if we meet a situation. Our brain enable us to think before we act, to have the ability of keeping out of danger, inside our comfort zone.

    Our heart rate increases, we sweat, we get hot, these are all signs that the brains are transmitting, its as if the danger button is blinking in our system. We are out of our comfort zone.

    We hate that feeling (some perverse-minded people may like it), but we sure love the feeling when we return to our comfort zone. It is the inter-switching between the two zones that could make our lifes happier, and perhaps more meaningful. When we stepped out of our comfort zone, we feel the loss, the urge for our comfort zone, when we re-enter, we feel great isn't it?

    We are at the top of the food chain in the ecology system of the world. Let me clarify, we arent the fastest animal, we can't fly, we don't have long claws, our teeths aren't fatally sharp, our eyesight aren't the best, the primitive human definitely aren't the most effective hunter, neither will they be at the top of the food chain. We are vulnerable, our skin aren't made of rhinocerous hide, we dun share the leopard's pattern, we can't camouflaged. But we are blessed with a brain. This brain could bring us all the way up, to invent, to recreate, to discover.

    As students, we must make full use of our brain. It is our brain to let us survive in this world. Instead of running away from your fears, why not embrace it? make use of ur brain to overcome it. Im not telling you to go eat insects, but instead use it in your study to your advantage. For example, many of us here are afraid of failing our test. Thats our fear. Instead of thinking about it as our fear all the time, why not we use that fear to motivate us, to spur us on in our future endeveours.

    At the same time, we must also be reasonable. A doctor once said this to me "Being Successful in life isn't having a smooth-sailing life, it meant to fall down, climb up, and reach for higher goals."

    BY THE WAY :
    Happy b'dae to u!
    Happy B'dae to u!
    Happy b'dae to ZHENGNING!
    Happy b'dae to u!

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    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    The struggle

    Since the day people came to know that im currently studying very hard for tests and exams, I have received a series of response as follows:

    "If you don't get an A1, I am going to laugh my ass off."
    "I challenge you, I am sure that even if I don't mug, Im going to win you, mugger"

    What people don't really understand is, each and every individual present on this earth have their own capacity, their own studying style, and that is what make us human. We are all different, our ability to learn is as unqiue as our fingerprints, no two individuals are the same!

    To many people mugging or studying equates good grades. But is it really true? We do know of some people who mugged hard and still fail their subject, and we call them failed mugger. We tease them, we laugh at them, but little did we realised, they were the ones who really did justify with themselves, because they have given their best.

    In the Course of our studying years, the first 20 years in our lifes, which of us haven't fail before? Every single one of us are experimenting with different studying style.

    Take for example, when the genius in the class proclaimed that music is really helpful when he do math, many people would try it out, we are taking a bet, and the stake is our results. Some may suceed but others don't, this all boils down to our very own unique studying style.

    For me, I could only have music when Im doing leisure readings or repetitive work, but definitely not memorising. The same could not be said for my friend who could only cncentrate with the presence of music.

    Competition with others will draw the maximum potential of an individual. It is true, as we ineivitably, compare ourselves constantly with others. It's human nature. It was unknown to many that, competition with oneself would draw MORE than the maximum potential of an individual.

    By saying so, I meant that one should study, or educate himself for the sake of himself, instead of trying to win another person. It will serve as a greater motivation. Take it simply, the thoughts of a 100m runner:

    "If i win this, I will prove to myself that i am the fastest runner in the state"

    As compared to

    "I need to win this, because I want to beat dominic"

    Which one will have the more tendency to foul his opponent, and which will allow him to arrive at victory?

    The idea here is the ability to justify your own progress, whether it was the best that you have shown, or was it just a fraction of your potential.

    Comparing yourself with your friends aren't wrong, but they should not be your main motivation. They could very well be the first step of your motive, but as times goes by, you should have a self-motivating goal.

    All the best! End of years are approaching!

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    Friday, September 08, 2006

    My wife has gotten a face lift!

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    So nice isnt it?

    Anyway, today, I did the least mugging, until this point that is, I aim to finish the Biology TYS the two chapters, and most probably round up my revision for physics today.

    I went to school in the morning just to hand in my aces, love mr tieu, making an exception for me, and accepting my ace, even though im two days late.

    I was wandering around the school, but decided to do some pull-ups. I only managed to do 5! ARGH deproved more than 50 percent.

    After which, I went to 7-eleven, and the shop keeper greeted me. I was shocked. I looked back, and the man smiled and said hello again. HAHA. This lead me to the point that we, Singaporeans are so used to the no-manners dude that we arent really used to those who are giving us great service.

    I will publish a podcast today, probably.

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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    We have got some friends from austrailia!

    Aussies reading my blog! Im not too sure who they are, but crazyhamster.blogspot.com is going international! Haha! That was so lame. I shall post some theory I formulated on the bus the next time round, a podcast is also around the corner. For the first time, I am feeling HIGH about mugging.

    I will be going to Singapore biennale 2006, on saturday since my mom wants me to mug today. :P

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    Monday, September 04, 2006

    HEY! The previous post was not supposed to be EMO! I am not sure why it turn out this way, but it certainly wasnt set out to be this way.

    Life had been really mundane this few days. If I didnt have my friends around me cheering me on and encouraging me, I would have long fallen into the realms of mugger. I have really been mugging really hard, the only thing that is holding me from falling into the "siao-ness" within the muggers are truthfully my friends. :)

    I have think open ( xiang kai ). Haha! I am formulating a theory called the "springy-theory" whne one reach a record new low, it is the same as the spring being pushed to its maximum. The next thing, that would happen, the spring will jump higher than usual, to its maximum as well.

    People had always said that to me, failure is the mum of success. I have fallen so hard now, that I am really certain that I will stop falling ever again!

    who had never faced defeat before. My hearts bleeding, but once it is healed, it will be a stronger than ever pumping heart.

    If you ask me to start year 3 all over again, i will choose the same path of going into 12slc and taking up all the roles, just that I will have more experience and perhaps wouldnt have to fall so hard.

    Call it self-consoling, self-delusion. I call it, the springy theory.

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    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    Sorry for not blogging for more than 3 days. Did not really have the mood or the subject to blog recently. End of the year is approaching, and I surprised myself by doing a whole chapter of physics assessment. I havent really completed a whole chapter since primary school. I surprised myself yet again by starting to memorise the air, atmosphere and pollution chapter of chemistry, when I say memorise, I meant the word-by-word type that we always did in primary school. :) I want to earn back my pride. So very very busy recently.

    Anyway, I am not joining council for next year, my term 3 result reaffirmed by decision and I stand by it firmly. I hope that it will not affect wenbo and alfred, but apparently for now, they arent joining it too.

    I am really sorry to the seniors, especial Ruian who had guided me so closely for 12slc, and allowed my skills to improve. Although at some times I really hate and detest his comments, I must say, that he is a senior whom I really do respect totally. I wanted to advise the 13slc designer-to-be, however, I have recently decided not to do so.

    Council- it is really a very fun and exciting organisation where we could learn a hell lot from it. I still remember the time, when I was year 1, I was really impressed by the SUST of that time. I looked upon them as role model. In year 2, I was still a quiet councillor, not getting the recognition from teachers or students. I realised why, I am just not the type of people that could easlly 'click' with seniors or teachers like what most of my peers do. I have this small uncovered potential, and in the end, it was a senior who managed to uncover it and grabbed me into the "elite councillorS" of my batch.

    I was excited, I loved council, and i still do now. I was planned to be in SOO ot, and SLC ot, but alas, this was not to be after some intervention by some teachers. It was really dramatic at that point in time, it was an eventful month and all, and it was all in year 2.

    Year 3 approaches, miracolously, i made it into the exco of proed council, at the same time, stepped up and became the chairman of Hwa Chong Scout group. I was proud of my achievement, I felt wonderful, I am in power. This is the year, where I really realised the phrase " with great power comes great responsiblities" i thought I could handle it, but my results couldnt, I have now just reached a new low mood of my entire 15 years on earth.

    The reason why I am not joining council, is defintely not because I detest the current HSC. I feel that they are rather good, just that the genuine reason I am not joining, its because I am really tired. I am tired of having to juggle myy life between all the commitments, I am seriously tired of staying at home and not being able to spend time with my family because of council work, I am tired. Tired of socialising with people. I may have a large circle of friends now, but I am tired of socialising already, I am not sure why, thats the reason that I believe that I am an introvert. I am not being myself, I am pushing myself into a situation where I have to be outspoken in order t shine, I don't like it.

    Strangely, council changed me, being outspoken had became a part of me, however, I have no interest in being more outspoken than now, I am tired of comparing myself with some one else.

    I feel guilty of letting the seniors down. I seriously thought I will join the HSC at the start of year 3, but I am so sorry, I could not make it. Im sorry for those who had been backing me up, I have disappointed all of you. Sorry.

    It's time for me to have time for my current friends, family, and, myself.