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On 19 June 2007


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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Attention-Seeking whores.

    No, im not talking about anyone in my beloved class 3E. I am talking about the discussion going on in the STOMP board. It is basically being bombarded by childish idiots who don't even know what they are muttering about. I am tempted to post there a few times, but for the record, I only posted 3. I am refering the the STink section, instead of the talkback section of the forum.

    Many people in the quest for the *BLOGGING HEAVEN REALMS* decided to follow the footstep of some famous bloggers, such as Xiaxue and Mr Brown. As a role model for these attention seeking whores, their controversial style of blogging and their "unique" mindset seems to catch up with blogger as young as 14 years old.

    Perhaps, it was the controversial mindset of mrBrown, or the bitchiness of Xiaxue that made their blog a blast, but it is indeed worrying to see 14-year-old bloggers starting to follow their style. The "xiaxue wannabes" simply oppose for the sake of opposing.

    At a tender age of 14, they could be aggressively opposing the current ruling party of Singapore. Not that, all oppositions are bad, but you have to have a solid stand on why you are opposing. All the attention seeking whores did was just to blog about something really different from the others, thinking it will draw traffic to their "oh- so- controversial" blog, crossing their fingers, hoping that it will be as phenomenal as Xiaxue's topic.

    Well, perhaps, my current blog post are more unique than theirs now, since all the attention seeking whores decided to defy the mainstream mindset, and I am teh only old fashion one around, sticking on to mainstream.

    Take for example, the freedom of speech. do a 14-year-old kid really understands the freedom of speech? I seriously doubt so, he replied to this post with "teachers reading my blog" so i lost my freedom of speech, because teachers will scold me afterwards.

    The point here is, he hasn't lost his freedom of speech yet! Freedom of speech still comes with a responsibility, he has to be responsible for whatever he speaks or write in his blog.

    To add on to the irony, one of them posted in the forum that he has failed one of his subject, he turns and started to blame the education system.

    i will not deny that our education system is flawed in some sense, but perhaps before these juveniles post such thoughts, they should take in account of the 100s of thousands of student who are survivng. Whats more, the kid who posted the post is from a foreign country, if he dislike this system so badly, he might as well just go back to his home, we need no foreign talent who only knows how to grumble.

    Many of our young population, taken a liking to xiaxue, has become more defiant over the years. When they grow up, they will realise how stupid they were, and how desperate they were trying to be famous. I hope.


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