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On 19 June 2007


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    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Fear 恐惧
    After reading Sumiko Tan's article regarding why we should and will miss Steve Irwin, the late crocodile hunter, many thoughts brushed through my mind. In case any of you had yet to read the article, this article actually touched on issues on how Humans being at the top of the food chain yet we are afraid of almost everything down the food chain.

    We often laughed at the scene where a little bird chase after a dog... or a rat chasing after a elephant, but little did we realised, human are in such a situation many a time too! When was the last time you were forced on to the table by a cockroach, and when was the last time you cried, because u felt the slimy body of the lizard? There is NO WAY those small things are going to harm you, but yet, we are so afraid, we fear, we have a phobia.

    Human have complex minds, we think, we process what we see. We run the possibility of having a phobia, man created phobia of everything, phobia of insects, phobia of dogs, phobia of being in an enclosed area and even phobia of getting a phobia. Why is this so? We may not know what animals feel and think, but i think it is very brave of my dog to eat an insect, *even though it may fly up its nose sometimes, and that causes major discomfort*.

    It is our brain. We are aware of what could cause us trouble, or rather, we have the mind to imagine what we will be encountering if we meet a situation. Our brain enable us to think before we act, to have the ability of keeping out of danger, inside our comfort zone.

    Our heart rate increases, we sweat, we get hot, these are all signs that the brains are transmitting, its as if the danger button is blinking in our system. We are out of our comfort zone.

    We hate that feeling (some perverse-minded people may like it), but we sure love the feeling when we return to our comfort zone. It is the inter-switching between the two zones that could make our lifes happier, and perhaps more meaningful. When we stepped out of our comfort zone, we feel the loss, the urge for our comfort zone, when we re-enter, we feel great isn't it?

    We are at the top of the food chain in the ecology system of the world. Let me clarify, we arent the fastest animal, we can't fly, we don't have long claws, our teeths aren't fatally sharp, our eyesight aren't the best, the primitive human definitely aren't the most effective hunter, neither will they be at the top of the food chain. We are vulnerable, our skin aren't made of rhinocerous hide, we dun share the leopard's pattern, we can't camouflaged. But we are blessed with a brain. This brain could bring us all the way up, to invent, to recreate, to discover.

    As students, we must make full use of our brain. It is our brain to let us survive in this world. Instead of running away from your fears, why not embrace it? make use of ur brain to overcome it. Im not telling you to go eat insects, but instead use it in your study to your advantage. For example, many of us here are afraid of failing our test. Thats our fear. Instead of thinking about it as our fear all the time, why not we use that fear to motivate us, to spur us on in our future endeveours.

    At the same time, we must also be reasonable. A doctor once said this to me "Being Successful in life isn't having a smooth-sailing life, it meant to fall down, climb up, and reach for higher goals."

    BY THE WAY :
    Happy b'dae to u!
    Happy B'dae to u!
    Happy b'dae to ZHENGNING!
    Happy b'dae to u!


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