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    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    The past, the present, the future...

    All three aspect of the time can be recorded in one website, in a blog. As long as you update it regularly, it gets really interesting when u read your past.

    Why mention this out of the blue? I was reading through my blog entries of december 2005. That was the high peak time when I wanted to prove myself to the seniors and get into the ranks and position that I wanted... looking back, it was rather hilarious.

    Let me show you a quote from one of the entries :

    "What if, I am in SLC OT, is the SPL and in EXCO, life would be chaotic for me, but what if again that I can really cope with it? Seniors, have trust in me, have trust in Victor Gan."

    haha. Seriously, i was going "what the fuck" at this sentence, spare me the agony! How corny I was last time, Was I really that desperate. Well i coped with it, just that I didnt really cope with it that well. *I am in SLC OT, am the SPL, and in EXCO by the way*

    Egoistic, big big ego.

    Then came the time when I felt threatened by other people who shares the same skill...

    "Matthew Lim, my committee member. He produced sub-standard logos, and he claimed that it was me who ruined it. Come on matthew, my new logos are done WITHOUT sketch, if it could do better than YOUR logos. What does it show? I mean. The fault did not really rely on me alone. You said you are going to ask jerrold to color ur logo for you, hey what is the meaning of this ? What the hell. I was joking about me being biase. I put EQUAl, I repeat EQUAL effort into digitising YOUR SO-CALLED WELL DONE SKETCH. Argh.

    He said that my skills is only 1/3 of Jerrolds flash skill. What the fuck have you got any idea where my photoshop skills stand. Who the fuck are you to tell me that My photoshop skills are 1/3 of Jerrolds, come on. You are not me, I am myself, My skills are not thatBAD. Listen here, MAtthew, I am very displeased with all your comments, and your inability to come out with good logos. I am unhappy. Infuriated. Angry."

    I really really hate to repost this, because Matthew and Jerrold is my real good friends now, but i guess it is the post that would really create teh contrast between the Victor in 2005 and the one in 2006.

    Haha! I feel so ashamed of myself at the point of time reading it, this two paragraph really give the audience a strong sense of jealousy.

    Now, I don't even care.

    Of course, there comes thepost of 16 days before 12th Slc

    "Well, but our log i/c seems super stress! Chill ! ok? Although the seniors keep saying that we must do our best, of course we must. But, SLC OT, do not break down at this moment of time, we cannot afford to have anyone down k? Zheng Ning looked rather stressed and depressed too... but she is alright now..."

    Remember the times, pals?

    A blog is really a time machine, I am proud to say that I have grown mature! Start up a blog, update them regularly, read them a year later, you will be amazed!


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