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On 19 June 2007


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    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    The struggle

    Since the day people came to know that im currently studying very hard for tests and exams, I have received a series of response as follows:

    "If you don't get an A1, I am going to laugh my ass off."
    "I challenge you, I am sure that even if I don't mug, Im going to win you, mugger"

    What people don't really understand is, each and every individual present on this earth have their own capacity, their own studying style, and that is what make us human. We are all different, our ability to learn is as unqiue as our fingerprints, no two individuals are the same!

    To many people mugging or studying equates good grades. But is it really true? We do know of some people who mugged hard and still fail their subject, and we call them failed mugger. We tease them, we laugh at them, but little did we realised, they were the ones who really did justify with themselves, because they have given their best.

    In the Course of our studying years, the first 20 years in our lifes, which of us haven't fail before? Every single one of us are experimenting with different studying style.

    Take for example, when the genius in the class proclaimed that music is really helpful when he do math, many people would try it out, we are taking a bet, and the stake is our results. Some may suceed but others don't, this all boils down to our very own unique studying style.

    For me, I could only have music when Im doing leisure readings or repetitive work, but definitely not memorising. The same could not be said for my friend who could only cncentrate with the presence of music.

    Competition with others will draw the maximum potential of an individual. It is true, as we ineivitably, compare ourselves constantly with others. It's human nature. It was unknown to many that, competition with oneself would draw MORE than the maximum potential of an individual.

    By saying so, I meant that one should study, or educate himself for the sake of himself, instead of trying to win another person. It will serve as a greater motivation. Take it simply, the thoughts of a 100m runner:

    "If i win this, I will prove to myself that i am the fastest runner in the state"

    As compared to

    "I need to win this, because I want to beat dominic"

    Which one will have the more tendency to foul his opponent, and which will allow him to arrive at victory?

    The idea here is the ability to justify your own progress, whether it was the best that you have shown, or was it just a fraction of your potential.

    Comparing yourself with your friends aren't wrong, but they should not be your main motivation. They could very well be the first step of your motive, but as times goes by, you should have a self-motivating goal.

    All the best! End of years are approaching!


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