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On 19 June 2007


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    Friday, December 15, 2006

    10 Days to christmas!

    10 days to chirstmas, no solid plans or whatsoever to send out cards to all my friends.. (since I am going on a camp real soon). I do not normally celebrate chirstmas (I remember last year, I spent it all alone, no, with my dog.) Anyway, this year I decided to give all my valued reader a real great gift! No, its not an ipod... but I will compile a list of 10 most useful software that will certainly make your life better. Whats the catch here? THE SOFTWARES ARE ALL FREE! THey are done by some really passionate group of kind people who can provide their service for free! of course, on the other hand, if you are willing, you could donate a bit to them la!

    I will post 5 today...

    (The software are mostly cross-platformed, although mac has more useful open source products... but. nvm.)



    Some time not too long ago, all had to turn to microsoft office, by hook or by crook( i mean it) in order to read a universal accepted format. BUT NOW! We have open office! Msfanboy, a.k.a chan pak chuen, this software may be incomparable to the mighty msoffice, but it certainly can stand in as a replacement if... you are a student and do not wish to buy the expensive software, and do not have the desire to download them, and be a pirate. This software includes all format, just like the msoffice suite, it may not be an eyecandy, but it certainly live up to its name.

    2. Mozilla Firefox

    <--- see my sidebar for the link

    I am sure many of you had heard about this wonderful, cross platform browser. Well, according to some nice website :"we will not stop ranting about it until you all have it" I have it on my mac too! Just that, my safari is more superior... hee I am not too sure about IE7 , i never tried it before, but I had always installed it on the two windows boxes at home.

    3. PICASA!

    <---- see my sidebar for the link

    Ok this is a really under rated product. It will help you organise your photos and upload them within a click. easy as that. Never really tried it, because I had iphoto, but I had heard raving products about it. It may not be so open sourced, but at least its a freebie from our friendly big giant, Google.

    4. MORI! wait no, its.. Notes Lens

    Alright, this is no eye candy either, it doesnt boost Vista's Aero graphics, and look so win98ish. BUt it is the windows equivalent of Mori, a wonderful product just for mac. I used mori to organise my stuff and... to plan out my schedule. Its always good to plan isnt it, like the old saying goes... "You fail to plan, you plan to fail" So PLAN NOW!

    oh wait the link: http://www.windsorinterfaces.com/notelens.shtml

    5. DARK ROOM - another windows product equivalent of a product made just for mac.

    This is really really really helpful! Imagine that you had always wanted to work and type your general essay, but never really get a chance to, with distracting websites(no, not those sites), msn, itunes.... etc etc, and FOR ONCE! YOU JUST DO NOT WANT TO MULTITASK! oh well, blame your high speed core2duo processor and your godly 2gb ram for giving you the ability to open soooo many application at 1 go, distracting you. A 500 word essay will take you 2hrs to type! WHAT TO DO! very very simple! download this particular software and do your stuff in peace. or rather, in a forced manner. This software will give u in a full screen word processor, thus you wouldnt be able to do anything else (not sure if you could alt. tab, but at least it will prevent you fropm seeing the blinking msn icon to tell you to click on it.) Just concentrate! with a bit of self-discipline, this product will enhance ur productivity.

    Link -> http://they.misled.us/dark-room

    Look out for more useful freebies tomorrow!
    p.s. I am off to find more!
    P.p.s Disclaimer: I am not sure if they have adsware attached, download at your own risk, but at least i could say that i downloaded and used all of tthem, (or at least the mac equivalent).


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