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On 19 June 2007


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    Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    Civics and moral education

    Young SIngaporeans "civics and moral education" works?

    Years and years of education, whats the point? Singapore's Kiasuism is well-knowned, whether in the little red dot or overseas. But the main question remains: Are we supposed to be proud of it? I mean, ok we are kiasu, but arent no one going to do anything about it? Its really very very wrong. To be a bit kiasu, and be concerned about your own rights and benefits isnt wrong, it is human nature. To be totally unkiasued seemed be the works of a great saint. For that matter, if the world get rid of kiasuism, the world will be a perfect place, but hell, it will never happen!

    I really respect and will never forget the civics and moral education that the MOE forced down on us when we were young, but I seriously do not know about the curreent syllabus concerns anything about being morally upright. For the world doesnt go round because u has the most money. It will just be a mere illusion if you think you can have all the things in the world when you have the most money, the most knowledge etc. You can touch the world with a heart of sincerity, a character of uprightness and a conscience that will never bug you.

    Allow me to share with you this instance:

    I was at this buffet restaurant. the service aint very good at the starting, the restaurant fails to refilling the "hot and popular" dishes such as salmon sakae, fresh oysters, and many others. It will be o.k. for me, if i were to miss getting a serving because, i was too far back in the queue or something. But i happen to be at the counter when they finally refilled the sashimi(after what seemed eons). I was thinking, yea, finally can get something i want.

    There comes this little girl infront of me, who apparently was camping beside the counter, and got infront of me when i was getting my plate. I wasn't really noticing this whole scenario, but there comes a fat, immature Plump, young girl joining the frail little girl in the line, with around 4-5 plates. I look in horror!

    The plump girl just swipe away all the sashimi on the plates! Im filled with bewilderment and feeling sad for the girl. (well in a way). What a sight!

    one of the line: "eh we are getting for 3 person leh! " *wow and needs 2 whole plates of sashimi, ur parents are monstors arh!*
    another: "If we dun get it, how we account to the people?" *account my ass, you are jiust in primary school, what can they do to you? kill u or something? man, i think u deserves it anyway*

    So fine. there goes my sashimi :)

    Oh and I saw the plump girl putting around 4-5 clips for some bbq squids and rush over to get oysters coz the oysters finally got refilled after like 45minutes. cool man, i should have caught a site of her carrying the 25+oysters, she took off with.

    Seriously, parents, teach your child how to behave, or else its really very embarrassing!



    Blogger The Oriental Express said...

    A friend once shared how her friend would help herself to almost one to two kilos of prawns whenever he went to a steamboat buffet. Presumably because he likes prawns but it is logical to think he wants to make his money worthwhile. After all, prawns are the most expensive item on the menu!

    Gosh! In his greed and kiasuism, the diner has forgotten about the big letter C: Cholesterol level!

    Is it any wonder why more and more younger Singaporeans can just collapse on the road with stroke and heart attacks?

    8:01 AM  

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