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On 19 June 2007


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    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    For Dave

    "You are from hwachong but your grammer and english is kinda horrible..."well-knowned", "fails to refilling"?"

    the angel that came across my blog.

    I apologise for all the grammatical, spelling mistakes I have met. It is to my greatest regret that english had been my weak subject since I was a P1. I live in an average chinese speaking family. Although my mom is a Secondary 4 graduate, she studied in a chinese school since young. Same goes for my dad, who could not even utter a sentence of english. ( Other than yes and no.)

    So how the hell did I get into Hwa Chong then? I am not really sure about that myself either.

    I remember meeting a wonderful tuition teacher in primary 4, which solely guided me along for english. It soon allow my english to maintain at band 1, or even A*. After she decided to quit due to her busy schedule, I never had anymore tuition. Truthfully, I turned down at least 3 tuition teacher just after 1 session. I guess i was too proud for my own good. I thought I was infallible. At least it proves to be right till primary 6 where I scored an A* in english miraculously.

    Dave, you must be mocking at Singapores' Education System, or even doubt the quality of our PSLE standard. (If you happen to be a foreigner.)

    I declare myself as a messy, careless person. Grammer mistakes are often made when thoughts in my mind ran through too fast. It went so fast that I may be unable to catch it and write it down in perfect english. I do understand they exist, probably a huge chunk of them in this entry, but I just want to say that I am trying my best over here.

    You may take learning english for granted, and speak as fluently as any native speaker.(for god knows, you are one native speaker). Some people, like me, do have difficulty grasping the language. Think about it, its just like math and science, some people may do well, while others flunked totally. It doesnt mean that they don't try.

    Bilingual bilingual, the whole education system had been focussing on that for the past decade. I may know how to speak plain english, alas with grammar mistakes, and chinese, but by no means will I be bilingual. Its my dream, and i think, it will still stay as a dream. My chinese is fantastic, but my english like shit. I have seen friends with fantastic flowery english, but chinese thats equivalent of a 5 years old (of me).

    I am comepletely fine with you posting hurting (or rather) comments on my blog, but this entry is dedicated to you, dave. Although I do not know if you will come back to this blog, but I am sorry if I had disgraced Hwa Chong's repuation. At least I tried. :) and I do know, thats all that really matters.


    Anonymous char said...

    yes yes yes thats what really matters! whoo. dave spelt grammar wrong:)

    2:04 AM  

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