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On 19 June 2007


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    Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    Forced CIP

    Isn't the term above a joke? CIP - Stands for community involvement hours. It occupy a rather important stand in the current LEAPS points system. When we have reached 100 CIP hours, we could get 5 LEAPS point. Do not belittle this 5 leaps points, some of my friends have only 4 leaps point currently. I broke the golden 100 mark when I was in year 1. I had always believed that CIP is voluntary at least after 100 hours, thus I had far exceeded the limit, yet I still felt like giving in to the society, thus I may join my friends, who may still require some hours, to do my part for the community. Please do not think that I am feeling that I am a saint, my point is that CIP should be voluntary, and there should not be anything called compulsory CIP, especially for people with more than 100 hours.

    Thus it really bothers me when I come across this term compulsory CIP. yes, i do agree that it still do good to the society, when we go over to the organization, we are helping out the beneficeries, but still, shouldn't CIP be done according to your passion? After attaining 100 hours, I had been doing voluntary work on a selective basis, not to say that I am pragmatic, but I prefer to volunteer in sectors as well as service that suits my own character and style of work. Isn't that much more enjoyable for me to do voluntary work, instead of being "forced" into some situation which I had to serve hours like I am prisoner.

    Do not get me wrong, I totally understand the rationale of the compulsory CIP, I believe that it is to serve as a stepping stone to stir up interests in students, but is it necessary for year 4 students? Standing at my point of view, if at year 4, we are still being spoonfed with something as menial as CIP, I would certainly take a look at what the 3 years of Secondary Education had all been about.

    Most of my friends had already max out the 100 hours, just like me. Some of them stop doing community work ( saying things like, why should I do, when I already have 100 hours), while I see some still volunteering for grassroot organisations on a regular basis. It all boils down to the PCME lessons given to us on a regular basis. If it is indeed successful, do we need to go through such measures just to sustain the students' contribution to the society?

    I feel that CIP hours are secondary things, they are a way to measure our effort to contribute to the society. I agree that by forcing students to fulfil cip hours may open their eyes to other facets of life. At the same time, I am totally puzzled why the students could not manage to perform their duties without being told. Is this an indication that we must be spoonfed everything, we must be shown a direction in everything we do, even in how we could contribute to our society.

    This is partly the reason why I am totally fazed by the 13slc core structure, it empowers teenagers the mindset that they could make a difference to the society, to the world.

    Seriously speaking, wouldn't the students show more interest and enthusiasm if they are serving the society via a project they planned? Wouldn't that show a true spirit of volunteerism.

    Forced volunteerism? yea right.

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    Anonymous Lina said...

    It's sad to see locals behaving this way. I'm currently on exchange at a US uni, and 95% of the students here spend lotsa hours in community service or being teacher's aides for free for the good of mankind. They aren't forced into it, they do not receive "points" or any form of reward for doing what they do (on top of their heavy college workload). It's amazing to see truly kind people who aren't selfish - like Singaporeans I know.

    11:53 PM  
    Anonymous marina said...

    Yes I agree. But the difference is, back in school, I was given a choice of what services I wanted to volunteer with and I chose the ones that I liked. And I feel that, that should be the way

    5:19 AM  
    Anonymous liyong said...

    I am an advocate of forced CIP for a few reasons.

    First, forced CIP allows students to be exposed to various community work that most of them will otherwise not be exposed to. Hopefully, a small portion (however small) will find meaning in community service and continue to do it as a way of life.

    Second, we may argue that Singapore is not a society with abundant volunteers. In fact, the reverse is true. Hence, organizations need people to help them and forced CIP makes students want to help them. While this is like conscription to a certain extent (hey, we have NS remember?), it is still help. Similar to NS, not many people want to do it but it is better to have enought people half heartedly doing it than nobody doing it at all.

    1:22 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    In an ideal world, we would not need a government or a system to ensure that merit goods would be provided such as defence and national security since everyone will work together towards the common good and people would be queuing to do their CIP.

    If Singapore were that ideal world, why do we need conscription that has cost the deaths of Singaporean males in Singapore and overseas for the sake of Defence?

    In my 2.5 years and 10 years reservist, I have seen 2 fatalities personally. One from tank overturn, the other from collapse during IPPT.

    I would like to have claimed back my 2.5 years and 10 years and I would love to see FT come and take my place because they LOVE Singapore so much to want to SERVE AND DIE for the country.

    Compulsory CIP is nothing. It's great you are doing it voluntarily and I've seen young poly, JC and undergrads move from CIP to regular volunteerism in my 5 years of volunteer work. What damage can 100 hours of CIP do compared to 1180 days (3.2 years) not counting recall mannings, mobilisation, and other CRAP associated with NS?

    NS is killing Singaporeans.

    2:31 PM  
    Anonymous Sausage said...

    u r very smart for a sec school kid
    I like! Good insight! I is also don like force CIP
    so i go for gardening CIP program instead

    4:12 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I agree. Forcing people to perform CIP makes it look bad. It insults volunteers and turns people off from performing community service.

    4:16 PM  
    Blogger brennan said...

    CIP is Singapore's way of educating us on social responsibility. One day, we may wind up learning how to use the toilet with the WC.

    12:09 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    volunteers in singapore are aplenty, sometimes organizations should look into learning how to manage them properly. ever heard of volunteers being more of a hassle than help?

    5:48 AM  
    Blogger gslgreenhorn said...

    hey victor, yeah i agree with you on the forced CIP. Maybe it could due to the following reasons, such as people cannot be bothered, so to cultivate the sense of giving, they force the CIP upon them, hoping that they pick it up but people still depend on this for their LEAPS etc...good job on your blog...continue your good work!!

    8:47 PM  
    Anonymous 3O2-17 said...

    hello fellow schoolmate! i agree that CIP shouldn't be forced, and rather more of a personal interest. haha i chanced upon your blog while researching for my oral assessment (debate) topic about the same topic! keep up the good work with your blog! great insight on this one =D

    12:31 AM  
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