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On 19 June 2007


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    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    I am @ youth.sg

    It was a struggle for my decision to join round 2 of the youth.sg blogging competition. Partly, due to the fact that I got utterly crushed in round 1. I was so lousy that I decided to hide in a corner and never get out. Looking at the winner of the PSP (drools), i consoled myself by telling myself that PSP wasn't that important. I couldnt afford the game anyway.

    I am definitely part the youth movement in Singapore. There is something that probably sets me apart from the bulk of Singaporeans. I am disappearing. Or rather, my income group is fast disappearing. Im in the medium-income group (NO IM NOT IN THE LOW, I DONT ADMIT IT!), and news has reported that the income gap in Singaporeans are fast disappearing. like boom! its gone. All dead? Of course not, that only meant that it may move towards the low income and the high income group.

    haix, for some reason, I have a premonition that my family is going to move towards the low-income group soon. I mean, as a youth, I should be carefree right? yea... thats if I am in Austrailia, but no! I am in Singapore. And my dad, who works as a driver, recently got his leg crushed by a metal rod. It was a heavy toll for my family, especially for my Mother, she had to babysit another baby to make ends meet. Things aren't that bad though, my sister started work, while waiting to be enlisted into a poly, she dropped out of JC. So, I guess fates has it that, only 2 people can work at the same time in my family :). we are currently taking it easy, not much stress.

    I guess it was all fine, but I realised that I shouldnt really depend on my mom especially, if I still wants to induldge in my luxury desires, like movies. My school's culture is to collect 40 dollars from our family every term to pay for our bloody worksheets. It hurts me when I see my mom withdrawing money from the ATM, it makes me feel really uncertain about our future, thus I decided to take up a challenge. I once pledged that I would take up the job of a tutor, as I am impatient with small kids. but i guess, the situation had left me with little choice, I have to pay the 40 dollars with what I earn, I am a youth@sg, I am independent. So here I go, a tutor, at the age of 16, schooling experience of Year 4.

    It was a huge relief that I do not have to take the O levels (excpt for higher chinese), the tuition session took me 3 hours each week, with 8 dollars per hour. That makes up to around around 110 dollars every month. This way, i would be able to pay the class fund, as well as to hang out with my friends. Although, I do not contribute much to the household income, this way, I would lessen the burden of my parents.

    My dad's leg is recovering, but it will be at least 3 more months before he would be able to go to work again. It is fortunate that we have our uncle as his boss, so he managed to keep his rice bowl. I would think that he would be rendered useless by some other companies, not that my dad is lousy, but thats how pragmatic the working class is. To certain extent, I think my dad is really smart, he is not that highly educated (with education up to primary 6), yet he managed to get a lorry license, a car license, and a taxi license. A thing worth noting is that he took all the tests in english! Amazing isnt it? and he is yearning to get a camera, he loves the technology as much as i do, or rather, the other way round.

    I didnt want to join this competition at first, I deemed fit that I will never win. the camera is a hot item, all the youths want it, but i do not want it, my dad wants it. So i decided to give this a shot, so that my mom would not need to withdraw any money from the bank accounts to either buy a lousy camera at a cheap price(which i would see as an eyesore), or get an expensive camera ( which i adore, but felt bad about having to spend the money). So heres the solution, I could win this canon ixus camera, its free and good, how cool can it be. I am sure all youth@sg would do what I did, just for his injured dad. :)

    No camera at the moment, how to post photos? Let me win the canon ixus camera la!



    Blogger Alvin said...

    Crazy Hamster is in the top 11 of the Youth.SG blogging contest:

    Do show your support and vote for him!


    All the best dude!

    Alvin from Youth.SG

    8:55 PM  
    Blogger pate crevette au chili said...

    hrmm. Can empathise there. and maybe you could look into why you desist being in the low middle income group? Like, yeah I know it's hard- I'm in it too- but I think being in that income class has taught me many lessons I am not ashamed of. :) I'd like to be out of it, but it isn't for want of effort that my family's there. We do work hard. So... you take the metaphorical lemon and turn it into lemonade though. kudos on your taking a job! I don't mean to sound condescending here, but I admire spirit.

    and you see. I honestly believe that whatever your lot in life may be, ultimately what counts is how you rise above it. Come out of economic hardship such that you may be proud of yourself. :)

    Long comment; I shall end. Here's a wave from out there.

    9:26 AM  

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