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On 19 June 2007


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    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Istana - World scouts day

    A group of 7 of year 4 ventures rendered their service at the istana today. According to the invitation card, the president requested for me ( and everyone else who is present). It includes prestigious guests like member of the PAP, Mr Eric Low, an ambassador of a country that I do not know of. I am guessing Indonesia, since his name was, His Excellency Mr Wadarma, or somewhere along the line. It was also our privilege to witness the arrival our dearest PM and SM, not forgetting our president and the first lady in person.

    However, some displeasure was experienced when one of the cisco guard thinks that we are less than human, and did not even treat us with basic respect. to make things clear, not all of the cisco guards are like this particular one, no doubt, many are friendly, and helpful, but perhaps this "black sheep" may cause the impression of the guards to be bad. We just need one "bad apple" isn't it? Perhaps, the "service starts from you" campaign should start with all the cisco guards themselves.

    This gentleman, who was the president of the scouts council, who arrived without the invitation card (yes, the one in the picture). Somehow, I do not know how, we thought that since he was part of the council list, we will check his attendance with the council list and write him a card, case closed. However, we could not find his name. Thus we called up one of our in-charge to find out what we could do. Dominic talked on the phone, passed it to the president of scouts council, after which passed it to this cisco guard. Lets name the cisco guard - Barney.

    So after a long serious talk on the phone in a cubicle, Barney walks out, gave the phone to dominic, and walked away. Imagine this scenario, a guard that used your phone, gave it back to you, and walked away without saying a word, there are people waiting for you elsewhere to check their attendance, what would you do naturally? Put it right back in your pocket, and continue with your work right? That was exactly what dominic did.

    Guess what.

    Barney looked over and shouted like he never shout before, "LISTEN TO THE PHONE LA! (in chinese)" With his eyes popping out, and his mouth opening twice as big as my mouth could ever open. Seriously, I was quite shocked at the rude gesture. Dominic gave a -.- stare, and solved the problem by writing a card to the president of scouts council. The president (of scouts council) managed to drive into istana successfully.

    Barney walks over, and asked us (not nicely) "You all know where his car supposed to park or not?!" Look, we do not have his list, or rather we could not find his name on the list, so how the hell are we supposed to know where the car is supposed to park. I gave an innocent stare and said" No, because we does not have his name."

    He hollered back at us, as if we owed him a million dollars, "BU ZHI DAO! ("don't know" in chinese)" If not for our school reputation, I would have attitude him. So what if we are service scouts, so what if you work in istana. What truly infuriates me is his popping eye and big mouth that made it look as if we are under him or something. But sorry, I did not know of any relationship between scouts and cisco guard. After which he went around talking to the other guards, looking at us with a sneer. what the hell. I was controlling myself not to go over and bash his "bashing friendly" face.

    In case you are not clear, the guards do hold a list of guests too, we are just making their job easier by taking attendance ourselves, to think we are being reciprocated with such rudeness and unfriendliness that we would not expect from the guards of Istana.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    well done ppl. The best sai kangs in HC history. Work in istana!

    8:26 PM  
    Anonymous Tsuki said...

    erps lame sia remove tag board so dis is ur pro skin -.-"

    3:45 PM  
    Blogger ng said...

    I have never ever went to istana in my 14 years life span. ok good boy, you voted for yu ting.

    If you dont mind can add me to msn at ngxiaohao@hotmail.com

    8:06 PM  
    Blogger ng said...

    by the way im mr otaku =.=

    8:06 PM  

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