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On 19 June 2007


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    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Reducing Teenagers' Stress! - Academics

    I had came across many blogs in Singapore that commented on the harshness of the education system, which causes stress and fatigue to many of our students. Children, adults (and teenagers) alike, all face stress in this fast paced society. For teenagers, the stress comes from school, homeworks, BGR relationship etc etc.

    I am a teenager myself, I fully understand the immense stress faced by our students. It is a competitive society, while our parents strive hard to compete with others for higher income, we are faced with expectations to score high in school and are judged upon the number of "As" we have scored. No doubt, a straight As student will be the most likely to be favoured by teachers and adults. Sometimes, we want to suceed, we want to score, we have a goal, but we could not keep to it. The result? Getting stressed over a test because you didnt study for it.

    When we take a step back, look around us, we observe how the happy people around us are able to lead a more comfortable life. When we reflect, it is convenient to blame our stress and unhappiness on the organisation, the teachers, the homeworks. However, we will always miss out on ourselves, it takes two hands to clap, we played a part in creating the stress that is layed upon us.

    1. All work no play makes Jane a dull girl, all play no work makes Jane a dumb girl!
    Sometimes, we have to look at things with both angle. It is not wrong to mention that academics are not and should not take up 100percent of our time. Who would love to be a nerd with no friends, no social life. Then again, who would want to be a person who only knows how to talk, but has no substance in him? To set things on the right foot, teenagers should be able to balance both work and play as both are equally important. In my article, I am focussing on releasing stress in terms of academics, thus do bear with me as this article is slanted towards building up your academic capabilities and handling stress due to your academic worries.

    2. Do your homework beforehand, it helps!
    As much as I want to disbelieve this statement, it is totally true. Don't you feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish your work? When you step into your classroom the next day, you will just feel like exclaiming to the class "hey look! I finished my homework!" This builds up your self-confidence, as well as reduces the stress of having to get berated by your teachers. Even if no praise comes in, by doing homework on time, it does help to alleviate the stress during the test period as you would have less things to study for. By this time, my friends reading this blog would be staring hard at me because, myself could not accomplish this "feat". The only reason that can justify not doing homework is the lack of guidance. I am facing the problem of having no one to face to when I encounter difficult sums, or tough questions, thus I am unable to finish some of my homework, forcing me to do them in school. However, I will try my best to finish the questions that I know, which would in turn allow me to ask my friends the question that I am unclear of. At the end of the day, it is your own conscience that you need to answer to.

    3. Study gradually, not mug everyday
    I am a teenager too, i understand the need to socialise via msn, friendsters etc. However, it only takes a little effort for you to take our your books and revise certain topics, it will greatly reduce the tensions created during the exams period. When it comes to exam, the task of memorising certain formulas will be easier as practice makes perfect. Furthermore, if the concept is clear, the memory work will just flow through.

    4. What are YOUR expectations ?
    When your parents or teachers set goals and target for you, don't you feel pressured by their high, and sometimes unrealistic expectation, of you? You know yourself best, you know your limitation as well as your strength. Only you can set goals that will truly stretch yourself to the fullest potential. When you are moving towards a goal set by your parents/teachers, you are being pushed, however when you are moving towards a goal set by yourself, you are being attracted by the goal, you are being pulled. You work with reluctance, with sorrow, towards a goal others set for you. You work with passion, with delight, towards a goal that you set. So who should set the goal?!

    5. Do not forget to relax!
    Relaxation does not mean 7 hours of maplestory, 3 hours of dotA everyday. It can mean taking a short breather from your hectic schedule to do some exercise. It has been clinically proven that exercise will help to reduce stress! It will release a hormones that will make you feel more relaxed. You can also relax by listening to soothing music, engage yourself in a spiritual enrichment programming. Depending on individuals' likes and dislikes, this relaxation activity would greatly help to reduce your stress. However, do your relaxation activities in moderation, or else it may have a reverse effect. (for example, you played soccer for 4 hrs each day, on grounds that is a form of "relaxation", neglected your studies, when test approaches, you are stress all over again!).

    I have tons of homework waiting for me to do. Blogging is one of my form of relaxation! Have fun people!

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    Anonymous Alvin said...

    Hey, can send me a softcopy of this article with your pen name and maybe one or two photos? I can post this up on Youth.SG under Commentary section. You mind? :)

    7:47 PM  
    Blogger kara hoover said...

    I have never really thought about some of these things you wrote about before. It was interesting reading them. I guess I don't feel too pressured when parents are teachers set goals for me! It shows me that they care and they believe I can achieve those goals. Them giving me goals challeneges me to achieve them as well because I hate letting people down. You should read some of my blogs!

    11:27 PM  
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