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On 19 June 2007


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    Saturday, March 17, 2007

    Blogging Carnival 1 - the origin

    Hey guys! Similar to what many overseas blog are doing, I am going to hold a blogging carnival! This is in lieu with youth.sg's blogging competition, and I hope this particular carnival would pull all the bloggers (including those that are not even in the top 11, of every round!) closer to one another and we will not feel that we are speaking to the AIR (echo: air... air... air...)

    For the first round of blogging carnival, our theme will be ORIGIN of our online persona.
    I believe that we have a few prominent figure in our blogosphere. To name a few: Mr Otaku , Rainyuki , FrozenMAMA ...

    I am sure many of our friends here would wish to here the story of their NAME. if there is no history, create one! make your entry as interesting as possible! Create an impact to your readers by having them to know remember your name! Thats the first step for you to have loyal readers. Branding branding branding.

    To start the ball rolling I will talk about the origin of crazyhamster.

    It wasn't me who came up with the name crazyhamster. Crazyhamster is a name thought of by my friend. And for the first time ever, i am releasing it to the public. There was a day, 3 years ago, when we walked past a pet shop. We just returned from a camp. Through the camp, we went through several torture session by our seniors. It made us really agitated and felt strongly against out seniors. On the bus, we were thinking and formulating ways to -in a way- kill our seniors. I agree we are sadistic at that point of time, but you probably cannot blame us because we just went through a totally torturous camp, where we got tortured rather badly by our seniors.

    The ways we thought of killing the senior was rather dumb - we were imagining that he will get poisoned when he is going through ns etc. Then as we walked past the pet shop, we started to laugh, simultaneously. I was saying, "hey, if *censored*(my senior) was a rabbit, I will... turn him insideout through the MOUTH!" and we were laughing hysterically at that stupid idea, then, he said,"yea, if he was a hamster, i will pluck out its legs! and it will turn into a crazyhamster!"

    And we laughed all the way home. Fatefully, that night, my senior sent me a gmail invite. Having heard about the fantastic space given by gmail ( at that point of time), I was really happy about it, so I left my old account : everlastingchampionvictorgan@hotmail.com, and created the new gmail account.

    Guess what, I decided to adopt the name crazyhamster, and ever since then, my id had been crazyhamster. Crazyhamster is me!

    To participate in this blogging carnival, do feel free to leave a link in my comments or send an email to crazyhamster@gmail.com.

    There is no need to do a link back to my site for this round, however links will be greatly appreciated. Lets celebrate the emergence of new online personas, and inspire others with our online persona!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take time to do an entry on your blog name, and I will link you from here! :)



    Anonymous rainyuki said...

    Lol! That's really an interesting way to get a name O___o''! I'll think about your idea! :)

    10:37 PM  
    Blogger _lynz said...

    can i join!! but u have my link already. haha . anything just jump by my blog and tag it. i'll blog it yah. XD

    12:11 AM  
    Anonymous frozenmama said...

    Hhaha. Eh, I was quite shock when i saw that one of my blog's incoming links comes from here! I will think about it too :]

    9:33 PM  
    Blogger Julie said...

    hrm, what's a blog carnival? o.O

    10:58 AM  

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