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    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    Bootlickers - love em or hate them?

    Being in such a competitive society, I am pretty sure that there are bootlickers lurking just behind, beside, or even INFRONT OF YOU! These bootlickers draw jealousy from others, because our superior beings (boss, teachers etc) simply love to be bootlicked. We are always hoping that we will be able to expose their fake front and show the teachers they are all FAKE FAKE FAKE! But alas, the day of weeding every bootlicker out of our school is but a fantasy that can be dreamt by the minority. The reason being all of us will wish that we are the bootlickers, we all wish that we are part of the bandwagon that is favoured by the higher authorities. It just makes things much easier isnt it? When you did not do your homework, and you are in the good shoes of your teachers, what are the chances that they will send you out of the class?

    We must acknowledge the fact that all teachers are humans too. Till the year when I finally graduate from my primary school, I had always seen my teachers as the "GOD" someone who is capable of not favouring anyone in the class, giving everyone a fair view every day it starts. However, it was only true to my eyes because my teacher favours me. Irony isnt it? I did not make a special effor at that point of time to "lick" my teachers ass. Ok that sounds a tad bit too crude, but I was just a student who was capable of producing wonderful results, so naturally teachers favour the students with good result.

    Then, when I entered Secondary schools, my result plummeted, probably because I do not view result as the only thing in life. I took part in various organisation of the school. Surprisingly, in year 3, I am in the Executive Committee of the Consortium council, and the Chairman of our scouts group. At the same time, I am in the organising team for the 12th student leaders convention, which I must say is a position wished by many students of the school. My result are not bad, but not fantanstic either. I did not get raving reviews from the teachers as I seldom patronise the staff room. I believed that I managed to go so high up is due to the fact that i took the road less travelled. I often chose the road where I had lesser competition thus I will be able to shine in that field. It is an alternative to bootlicking.

    Back to bootlicking. It is very rampant in my school, and I believe that it is too, in many other school. To what extent do students bootlick so that they will have a better impression in their "oh-so-mighty" teachers mind?

    For an instance, one of our teacher told us that on the first day of school, a year 4 (my year) student went to her in the staff room and went...

    "hi ms XX,"
    My teacher stared, wondering who he was.
    "how are you? ms XX"
    My teachers stared and replied a yes.
    *awkward silence*
    "OH haha, nothing much, I am just getting to know my teachers on the first day of school"

    Granted, that is one of the extreme examples in school. Perhaps due to my naive and innocent mind in year 1 and 2, i did not see those people as bootlickers, but as years goes by and I look back in the years I had been through, many students had tried hard to be in the teachers good books, to be a teacher pet. And some, are trying just too hard.

    I am not here to advocate that we should all be a delinquent that is hated by the teachers, and I acknowledge the fact that high-achieving students tend to be likened by teachers, even though they may not want to have that attention.

    However, it really piss me off when students make it their daily ritual to go to the staffroom, just so that the teachers can "see them" and have an impression of them.

    And if you are not able to be in your teachers good shoes? There you go... another group of attention seeking students called the delinquents stepped in...


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    accept it. it is part of everyone's life. you step out into the society, hardwork brings you only a certain height. don't try to "wei2 fu4 zhen4 yi4".

    11:44 PM  
    Blogger WoshiPearl- said...

    Em Link me! http://mlssaddicted.blogspot.com

    10:33 AM  
    Anonymous the chilli thingie girl [haha] said...

    hahaha. like how weird is that! you are in Such a strange school. what a culture. hrmmm.

    12:31 AM  

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