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On 19 June 2007


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    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Scouts Job Week 2007

    Before your read on, VOTE FOR ME!

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    For those living in Bungalows, Semi-detached, Terraces. You may noticed a surprising bunch of scouts appearing infront of your door this entire week. Ok mostly, for saturdays. No matter whether you are feeling agitated, fustrated or simply enjoy the look of the scouts when you reject them, they will still come. BECAUSE THIS WEEK IS JOB WEEK!

    Being a venture scout myself, I decided to commit a day, no a morning, to doing jobweek, just for the heck of it. For some reason, I skipped jobweek since sec 2, so this is my second time doing jobweek. This led me into thinking of ideas to reject us, some being fictional, some are true!

      Top 5 reason to reject scouts (not in order of merit)

    1. We have efficient maids here, we do not need another one.
    2. Oh I am sorry but I really have nothing for you to do, i have just trimmed the grass, swept the floor, wipe the window, .... (oh by the way its only 9am)
    3. I really wanted to let you in, but I am afraid that my dog will attack you. (its a chihuahua)
    4. I am sorry but my MAM isnt in. ( And from the back we hear "MARIA! HURRY UP!", with a "yes mam!")
    5. Shake your head before we can open our mouth.

    OK enough said. Lets relook at the objective jobweek is supposed to give us.

    "We want to train our Scouts from a young age to realize that there is dignity in labour, that honest work is a definite virtue.
    Scouting provides fundamental and foundational training in the inculcation of these intangibles. In addition to other core values, dignity in labour and honest work, no doubt, will train the Scouts to be better leaders and citizens of tomorrow in our affluent society.
    Job Week helps the Scouts to understand the need to render service before they go out to earn money for their Units and for the Association.
    The concept of service before self; service to the community and the nation is an important aspect and an integral part of the Scout training.
    In our appeal to generous Singaporeans, the association reminded the public not to give the Scouts an outright donation. Scouts must perform a job in order to earn the funds they need.
    The funds raised will be used to finance a programme of multifarious activities that provide Training for Citizenship and Education for Life for the boys."

    Ok, the money will go into individual scouts group. yes yes, service to the community!

    SO go on give a job, pity those little scouts that will knock on ur door to offer a job. No, don't blow them away. :)


    Anonymous Madhamster said...

    why the hell is there an Indonesian Maid? OHHHH, I recgonised her, she is Rasiyem Rohman, the one i fired last week!

    7:01 PM  
    Blogger Sargunan said...

    haha...now we've got a madhamster as well?...

    I didn't know you were a scout too crazyhamster!...I was one in when I was in sec. sch...Small world...

    5:34 AM  
    Anonymous rainyuki said...

    so... u are one of those scouts who rung my door bell then disappeared! O_o''

    1:41 AM  

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