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On 19 June 2007


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    Saturday, April 14, 2007

    How many is too many? (Student Bloggers Edition)

    As pointed out by one of my reader, a successful blog should be one that updates on a regular basis. I agree totally on that. But we must understand the fact that being students, we have our commitments and stuff. Unlike the professional bloggers who commit fulltime to their blogging career, we can only hope for less homework and stuff.

    That is one of our limitation, Student Bloggers need to manage our time more appropriately.

    Do take note that my blog is not advocating you guys to drop your study and blog because you can always earn money through blogging. We must be aware that blogging should only be one of your focus, but studies always come first so that we have a back-up. As student bloggers, our duty is to study, but at the same time i do not believe that we cannot earn some extra money to buy some stuff that our parents refuse to buy.

    So the ultimate question is back. How many is too many? 1 post a day? 2 post? Or 1 a week? once a month?

    During the infancy period of a students blog (1week-3week), the passion or rather the adrenaline rush of blogging lingers there, however as work pile up, we tend to put a convenient "HIATUS" status on our blog. or worse, just abandon the blog and come back 3 months later and the cycle continues.

    We must keep in mind that readers hate going to a site that doesnt updates itself. Personally, I will give up going to the blog which never updates for more than 2 week. Differently people have different expectations. Thus, make sure you set your own expectation.

    While it is true that during the initial stage, we must post more in order to attract more loyal readers. However, we must be realistic. Many a time, I was tempted to post more than a post a week. However, I manage to curb that temptation because I will be setting an unrealistic expectation and a sense of inconsistency to my readers. The only reason why people blog more than 2 times a day is

    1. They are too free
    2. It is just a passing phase, it cannot hold on.

    (notes: this only refers to student bloggers, not professional bloggers).

    This will cause many people to take a step back and doubt the sincerity of the blog. I believe that some post can be saved for further used, so you do not need to spam your articles, it just does not work.

    So you may ask, crazyhamster, you had not mention how many times should I post...

    Personally, I will give myself a 3 days grace period to have a blog post. It will be best to blog everyday, however, will that be realistic? You will have to look at your own commitments. Remember, it is a promise not only to your reader, but to your blog as well.

    Look our for the next article! It will be about the different type of blogs in Singapore!



    Blogger sheree said...

    you have an interesting blog too. :)

    10:43 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    the ads is pissing me off

    11:58 AM  
    Blogger crazyhamster said...

    I am sorry but I will appreciate it if I could know the reason why the ads are pissing you off, are the obstructing the way you are reading teh post?

    12:57 PM  

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