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On 19 June 2007


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    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Is it possible for students to earn money through blog?

    sponsored by: Buy Domain
    Calling this post a full advertorial post is not really apt. I want to give my opinions on this issue at the same time bring out some website which we can go for reference. Thus I think it is half-advertorial, yes I do get money for this post.

    I had been thinking over the past few days if it is possible to earn money by blogging. Of course, shoemoney and problogger had proved that it is possible to earn a 6 figure sum per month just by blogging. THey are the real professional bloggers, and to bring it closer to our heart, our dearest Xiaxue is also living off her blog. But the question remains, is it possible for us teenagers to blog and earn money? The idea isnt entirely not viable. As you can see I have advertisements on my blogs, BUT OBVIOUSLY it isnt raking in much income. To tell you the truth, I havent receive my first paycheck because my earnings havent reach 100 dollars. Pathetic isnt it? More than half a year. But I do not really care because my main objective for this blog was not really meant to rake in a 6 figure sum, it is to release some of my stress here. This blog was also meant for me to discuss social issues with my readers.

    I even consdered getting a domain!. But of course this idea slowly moved to the back of my head as I was overwhelmed by the great amount of homework from school.

    What is the difference between students and other bloggers? We lack the experience, and the time. We are unable to commit ourselves to blogging QUALITY posts everyday to feed the need of our readers. But more often than not, we are the one that is able to raise controversial topics mostly because of our critical mind that has yet to be exposed to the "politically-correct" world out there. This is one of the main thing that could draw people to our blogs. We are daring, but often the ones that will get into trouble. So I shall be the experiment from today onwards. I will be updating you guys on the profits I am reaping from this blog fortnightly, lets see if a SINGAPORE teenager can escape the fate of working at fast food restaurants in the holidays. Imagine if you tell your mum, " mum I can just blog, I do not need to work." Follow me to get a piece of the internet.

    You do not have to buy a domain, but if you insist, this is a good site.

    Current earnings 4/4/2007
    - Adsense -$ 17.55
    -Blogvertise -$ 7.50 (pending)
    total: $24.55


    Anonymous melvin,foong said...

    Hey there, since you are such a cutie, I will sponsor you a domain.

    I will also set it up in such a way, you do not need to abandon your blogspot.

    Go to my blog, look for my email (its a Gmail) and send me a nice sweet email and tell me why I should sponsor you your domain.


    4:26 PM  
    Blogger crazyhamster said...

    er... haha I cannot think of any reason! BUt if you want to sponsor me because you think I can make it, i won;t mind!m :D

    8:00 PM  
    Anonymous melvin,foong said...

    Well then, go to my blog, look for my email and send me an email.


    5:06 AM  

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