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On 19 June 2007


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    Sunday, May 06, 2007

    7 killer tips for your student blog to shoot to fame

    1. Branding
    Branding is very important if you are going to set up a highly successful blog. Even with students, we need to come up with original, unique moniker. I am not saying that you cannot use your own name as your brand, but will you remember “Wu Hsien Xing”(no offence to who ever this is) or “Playdough” better? Obviously the latter will leave a deeper impact on the readers. Having a powerful brand to your blog, you can ensure that people will never forget your URL, and they can keep coming back!

    My blogging carnival about online moniker.
    - A great read of case studies of the more known blogs in Singapore. If you want to join the ongoing carnival, do contact me. And I will add you to the list.-

    2. Be your true self
    Honesty is the best policy. I had always believed in it. If you choose to express yourself as an arrogant little brat in your blog, you better be one in real life. I do not mean to say that your blog shapes your life, but your life shapes your blog. If you blog with accordance to your character, your unique style of blogging will slowly emerge out. Futhermore, it is easier to blog like an asshole when you are one.

    3. Provide controversial insights
    Quoted from someone from stomp, controversy attracts cash. I believe that for every well-known blog, there must be a point whereby there are a few controversial posts that will draw a heated online debate. However what I meant by controversial insights doesn’t mean unreasonable arguments, though that may draw some attention initially, but will instead draw dissentment from the public, and I am sure that you do not want everyone to hate you. (or you do?) Controversial insights have to be backed up with evidence, or being phrased in such a neutral manner that is just enough to attract some detractors and proponent. You can refer to my tomorrow-ed posts, especially the one on CIP. Not the best around, but it helped me gain some exposure for my blog.

    My tomorrow-ed section

    4. GIVE
    Remember I mentioned in my recent post that people are now looking for what they can bring away from your blog, and your “bitchiness” will never draw more attention. So in your blog, you should learn to start giving. By giving, you can design blogs like the ICE ANGEL, who is extremely successful initially due to her great ability to create and design blog skins. She is contributing to the blogosphere and everyone loves her for that. For me, I am giving away FREE JOOST INVITES for a limited time. I will be giving away some other freebie next time too. Writing this article is giving too, I am giving you a guide to student blogging.

    5. Join the social
    No, I am not asking you to buy a zone and “join a social” this is merely to ask you to start going into forums and leaving your footprint there. A good place to start for student bloggers is “youth.sg” it is a portal just for us! Make sure that you can give your comments there and not just for the sake of promoting your blog and risk being labeled as a “SPAM”

    6. Join blogging competitions / carnivals
    If you think traffic will just come in naturally, you are very very wrong. Traffic will only come in when people starts to link you. It is not very ethical to go to everyone’s blog and beg for links. For student bloggers, we can join blogging competitions and carnivals set up by other bloggers. IN this way, some of the former blog’s reader have a chance to be converted into YOUR readers.

    7. LINK ME for joost, and watch your traffic multiply
    If you link me, I will give you a joost invite. You can use that to attract more blogders (like what I am doing), after which I can give you a link, those who comes to my blog will see the link, they will click on it, they will go to your blog. AND MORE EXPOSURE.

    Other than the 7th point, I researched quite a bit around the blogosphere to compress everything into such a “short post” There are still much more details, do stay on in crazyhamster.blogspot.com to read about it!.



    Blogger WoshiPearl- said...

    I wanna join your blogging carnival. :D

    4:46 PM  
    Blogger crazyhamster said...

    you can just write a blog entry, and I will add you to the page!

    4:50 PM  
    Anonymous Ivan One said...

    saw ur friendster u from Hwa chong. smart de. can intro your Scgs fren? (^-^)n ur blog is very cheem keep it up =)

    3:14 PM  
    Blogger WoshiPearl- said...

    Write an entry? on what? lols.

    6:48 PM  

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