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On 19 June 2007


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    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Why we cant dye our hair har!

    Ever had anytime that you were in any trouble with the discipline master/mistress/teacher for any of the "rules" you violated?
    If any of you were to "talk back" and asked for the reason behind the rules, for example, the rules and regulation for our haircut. "Boys cannot have long hair, no dyed hair, blah blah... the list goes on."
    And if we asked "why?"
    We would probably get this look from them.
    Courtesy of syazwe.fotopages.com
    And in the  end you will probably get some really vague answers like "Rules are rules! No Arguments"
    In your mind, you will be thinking furiously, I asked you WHY is there such a rule, you tell me there is such a rule... 
    Its just like you asked me why I played computer games and  I tell you COMPUTER GAMES ARE COMPUTER GAMES! NO Argument!
    You need to give better reasonings to win the teenagers over, pal. By stating that they are rules again and again is not one of the reasoning. 
    As a student myself, I never once really got into deep shit with my discipline master. I remembered the only trouble I had with my discipline master was when I was in Secondary one when I threw a chair and broke a light. Hey guys, its nothing, its just a light. Whats' more, after I broke it, I went to the admin office and confessed my "sins". I was told that I will receive an invoice regarding the light bulb, but either the discipline master was scaring me, or the invoice sure took long to arrive. Im still waiting for it after 3 years.
    Back to the topic, I was researching for the common rules set in Singapore Secondary schools for me to do this particular entry. I was rather amused when I saw the various cases that happened in Singapore with students getting into absurd rules and regulation. 
    Really recently, there was this Eurasian who kept getting into trouble because of her "dyed" hair. We all know that it was due to the eurasian genes in her causing her hair not to be black. Her teachers apparently do not think so. Absurd isn't it?

    I told you its my genes, im just a motherf*cking princess!
    Other than those exceptional cases (Avril's one is fictional la -.-), I can understand why school place their rules and regulation in place. For example, why aren't we allowed to dye our hair. The answer is simple (its not because they are rules), it is because it will be a distraction to many in the school. 
    The subject at hand today is Secondary school, what happens during secondary school? Puberty, raging hormones. If colored hair and make up are approved in Secondary school. Girls and guys alike, they will be more interested in their friends than their works. I am sure that is NOT a conducive place for our students to study.
    Every Boys' heaven.

    Signs of flirtation is the main reason behind such rules. That is why we arent allowed to dye our hair people! At the same time.
    So stop giving us lame excuses and lame reasons on why we cannot dye our hair. Students need better reasons now to be convinced. Maybe sex education will help.
    Or since we have to reach 6.5million citizens 10 years down the road, maybe we could allow dyeing of hair. Increase birthrates mah!



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hello my dear dear friend. (: i am back from the philippines. glad to see you're still writing. (:

    -chilli girl

    1:10 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i agree. heh!

    3:56 PM  
    Blogger pearl said...

    I totally agree. I'm sick of students going, "Cherrrr you dye hair! Teacher can dye hair then students can also dye hair!" Irritants.

    7:32 PM  
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