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On 19 June 2007


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    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    "goth dating"

    -this post is sponsored-

    You know this goth and emo style is kind of in the rage right now. With people from emo-bands such as chemical romance popping up firing the style to a new high recently. Don't you wish that your the other half will also appreciate the goth style? Imagine a person who hates goth style and his counterpart love it, they will soon break up I think. On the other hand. If both appreciate em, it will be perfect match. Dont fret if you cannot find anyone that is of the same gothy style as you! This website At gothdating provides the solution for all of you!
    Well I had been to the site. It is just like your usual friend's making site just that it is full of goth people. Some of them look quite good and I am sure you, if you like goth, will have a fun time at the site!

    I love their index page where fresh new profiles will be shown. Sign up there and have fun looking at ur own goth face in their homepage!

    The functions are somewhat similar to a normal friends making site, you can send a message to the one u like, send some flirting. Well, it is indeed the first alternative dating site... A niche of its own.

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    Sunday, July 29, 2007

    Post 173. Remember this post

    At post 173. Crazyhamster left this house to Crazyhamster.net
    to those who needs to relink, please relink.

    As promised. This blog is of huge significance to me. From it I experienced several great things.

    Carine introduced me to blogging 4 years ago. I was elated when this sub-domain wasnt taken up. Lets see... my first post.

    The various awards of crazyhamster.blogspot.com

    The first post award:
    Yes, indeed, it is being revived, the Victor's Blog, do not worry if you are not victor, its not your fault that I am Victor. Haha, I am going crazy, indeed I am, judging by the next week's routine of tests, even the Victor will die. This blog skin belongs to blogskins.com, not me, and i do not feel good about it, after next weeks crunch time, a new blog will come out, a blog by yours truly.
    Seriously, I do not doubt that there is better web designer in my school, but so what? I pwn many in photoshop, i better sharp up my skills of it, and not screw it up to Jerrold Chong, he got the patience, which i terribly lack of. I lost to him 3d, never am i going to lose my reputation of the Great Designer of council in my batch. He is a councillor too. Yes, I want you to hate him. Go on, hate him. Haha, we are still friends, but, i shall not lose to him. I am zhai isnt it?
    I mugged today, too much mugging is not good for health, i played maplestory, no I am not slacking, I just wentin and completed B2, what ever it is, the people out there, can try it. www.maplesea.com Really, its a cute little game. Girls will love it for it cuteness, guys will love it like spongebob squarepants!
    Why the sudden liking of spongebob? Because it is totally retarded, acting just like william, my friend. So funny.
    Webdesign, and template will be change by september, look out for it, more post will be posted.

    The bitchiest and shameful post award
    I have changed, really changed. Everyone around me had changed too, no matter small or big. I realized that just within one month, a sense of competition built up in me agaisnt some one. I am no longer the Victor that is willing to help out in every oppurtunity that I could. I am no longer the Victor that is generous and willing to teach every one everything I know. I had changed.

    Drastic Change.

    I am even afraid of myself now. Reflecting back at what I my feeling was just now, really scare me, I do not want some one to learn my photoshop techniques, because I love having this advantage. Scary. The selfish side of me is being displayed in myself. I am ashamed of it.

    I remembered Taiboon talking about council politics. Is it true, is it the thing that is stirring within me? I hope not, and i think not.

    I am angry. An angry person.

    Although I am ashamed at my feelings just now. I must say something that I am not ashamed of.

    That is. I am a person with a fairly big ego. I am egoistic. So what?

    Matthew Lim, my committee member. He produced sub-standard logos, and he claimed that it was me who ruined it. Come on matthew, my new logos are done WITHOUT sketch, if it could do better than YOUR logos. What does it show? I mean. The fault did not really rely on me alone. You said you are going to ask jerrold to color ur logo for you, hey what is the meaning of this ? What the hell. I was joking about me being biase. I put EQUAl, I repeat EQUAL effort into digitising YOUR SO-CALLED WELL DONE SKETCH. Argh.

    He said that my skills is only 1/3 of Jerrolds flash skill. What the fuck have you got any idea where my photoshop skills stand. Who the fuck are you to tell me that My photoshop skills are 1/3 of Jerrolds, come on. You are not me, I am myself, My skills are not thatBAD. Listen here, MAtthew, I am very displeased with all your comments, and your inability to come out with good logos. I am unhappy. Infuriated. Angry.

    But I am an impartial person, I will not take it on you too hardly, I will still do your logo. I go for quality NOT quantity.


    The most glamourous post of all.

    Thats just like calling out "Hey crazyhamster! its your time to get out of your hibernation after round two!"

    Whats more, they are dangling a product that I can never resist, and the same time, never afford. We must not confuse what we need and what we want. An ipod is certainly what most of the teenagers wants, but at the same time, it is an item that NONE of the teenager's need. So thats precisely why my mother refuse to get me one of the DAP for my last birthday. It was indeed disappointing, but nonetheless, perhaps I could attempt to win one. A method that will not touch a cent that my mom earns! That is what you call win-win!

    I must say it is hard to go for this competition the third time, as it will be the third time you are baring your souls to the world wide web. As human nature goes, they demand more and fresher things as the experience adds on. Writing a THIRD entry for this competition is indeed pressing me down a little, but anyhow, I thought of the method I could employ writing this particular entry.

    The first entry was crap? It was mainly just an entry for the competition, and thats that. The second entry was more of showing the "sensible" side of me, a view even my friends did not know of. How exactly could I make this post a novel entry that my fellow bloggers will feel the urge to vote for me?

    I shall reveal some of my darkest secrets here. No, I am not a gay. I am a creative youth in Singapore!

    Across my 4 years of Secondary school, I am in the Arts Elective programme of Hwa Chong Institution, from then on I am sucked into the realms of media art (this particular week's theme!) I had made several animations, however I must say none of them are really presentable. Nonetheless, I shall present to you an animation that I did in the past month, using only 1 night, with another partner. It was a project meant for ACS(i) Life science symposium, It was the top Entry. In another words, this animation earned us 5 trophies, and 600 kinokuniya Vouchers.

    Interesting? but certainly not the best that the AEP could produce.

    At the same time, i was also in charge of making some nice photo montage meant for mass viewing. I shall show you one of which that is closest to my heart, and perhaps to the other 400 other "pro-edians" in my school. It is the proed song.

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    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Crazyhamster is moving soon :)

    What an unearthly time for me to blog. Seriously, 3.22 AM. But I have no choice because I am going to reach home only after 6 Pm everyday till friday. Kind of sad.

    However, I have some good news to tell e remaining readers. I am going to move soon. to where?

    I am going to move to a personal domain. It will be crazyhamster.net I bought the domain and is currently waiting for all the technical issues to be ironed out.

    Before I move, I promise to do an entry showing the ups and downs of crazyhamster.blogspot.com


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    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    When just one reader can touch your heart.

    You know. My 15 days test went on so well that I forgot I had a blog. Seriously. Its into full mugging mode for me now and I expected my readership to drop to 0 and tadah, close blog.I expect my blog to rot.

    However, an email from missaddicted got me close to tears. I just realised that, no matter if its for 1 reader, 10 reader or 100 reader.

    That's it people. Im back.

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    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Self-Determination Test

    Hey all! I blogged sometime ago about a 30-day trial period to change our habits, courtesy of steve pavlina. However after experiencing the 30 days, I found myself giving up at the 5th or 6th day. But here I am, back to try out the scheme. However I adjusted the scheme a bit to help me kick my biggest habit.

    Habit to be kicked: Procrastination
    Time to follow the scheme: 15 days.

    This means that after 15 days, I can choose to go back to my old ways and whatever not, but in the 15 days, I have to keep to my plans and goals.

    Ok, so what will I do? Other than updating you guys almost everyday on this blog, I will plan out a timetable and a to-do list for my everyday tasks. For example for the YOUTH day...

    I plan to:
    1. Complete my chinese file and assessment book.
    2. Chemistry worksheet
    3. Binomial theory.
    4. Math Worksheet

    All this by 11pm tonight. The time is 9.30AM.
    Look out for updates people. I shall be the lab rat to test the 15 day self determination test.


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    Sunday, July 01, 2007

    'Cher! why are you a teacher arh!

    I remember when I was young. Like really young, around 7 years old, till the end of my primary school education. I was really afraid of my teacher. Since I was still young, I was really scared of incurring the wrath of my teachers. Though most of the times I was always the teachers favourite, since I topped the class regularly. Perhaps this add to the stress in me that I MUST complete all homeworks on time, my uniform must be neat, my hair need to be trimmed, I need to be the best in everything. Teachers are the ultimate.

    All these stress comes from the teacher I had, however it does yield good results isn't it?

    Come Secondary School, I started to came round to the fact that teachers are human too. The stress reduces greatly, however my marks reduces greatly too. But I would say that it is a fair exchange as I felt a lot happier compared to the "me" in primary school.

    But I digressed. The main point of today's post is talking about the purpose of teachers being teachers in Singapore.

    Teachers are noble profession in our current society. I have 3 such cousins who are noble. Which means they are teachers la! I do not meant to criticise them or anything, but I am quite surprised that the 3 cousins that tooked up this professions actually took up this profession. I heard that one of them actually got so mad at her students that she cried and broke down in her own class.

    Not about my cousins, but I heard someone telling me that they have no choice but to be a teacher. Why? because it is a profession that never have to fear that they will lose their rice-bowl during any economic downturn. And most importantly, they need a job desperately, to pay back their loans that they took up in their university years. Being a teacher meant that in your first year of service that you spent in the NIE- National Institute of Education, you still get your pay. Only after your training, then you would be allocated to a school and teach there.

    Many take this opportunity as a way of cruising past their "paying back" of loans, while many felt that this job was the job that could provide a steady source of income for them. But the big question remains- how many of the teachers that we have, teach because they WANT to teach.

    Of course, some may claim that this is one of their reason for joining this workforce, but how many take it as the main motivation.

    Is it even of importance? Indeed it is. When a teacher has the passion to teach, he or she will teach to his best and the results that the students produce will be one of the best too. I remember a talkshow on channel U that asked a similar intriguing question about a teacher's passion when they teach, and the result? Many said that they had the passion, the drive but is discouraged by the students.

    Something is really wrong here isn't it? Teachers are supposed to be our motivating point and yet they can be discouraged by our bad results, if thats the case, how will the teachers improve?

    I understand the plight of many young teachers, I also understand that all human will feel discouraged ( take my cousin for example). But since that is the case, if you cannot handle such things, then why be a teacher? Just because it is an Iron rice bowl? This is about a cohort of student's future we are talking about!

    Sometimes I really wonder are teachers still a noble profession as compared to before?