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    Thursday, September 29, 2005

    10th post

    10th post in crazyhamster.blogspot.com, anniversary? Celebrate! this week left with literature, the last test of the week, got to mug later. Past few days had been a turmoil for me. Just like a roller coaster ride. So exciting.

    Firstly, I went passed the first round for HATS and I would be preparing to go for the interview on Monday, thanks to council I have got my portfolio ready. I do not think I need to bring it anyway.

    Secondly, Qihan criticised my blog, qihan look up there, version 0.2, what does it mean? Not really fully user friendly yet. And how there you say my kenny is ugly, he rox amongst the south park ok... He cannt give comments...

    Thirdly, I have gotten the second best in zuowen. Ha! Finally there is a star on it, after two years, under that drats tangc. Finally. Mua. ha. ha.

    Fourth, finally, i have gotten an idea of how to do the orientation logo! Although the seniors did not look please, but not to worry! After the exam, I shall concentrate on it.

    Fifth, should I continue playing maple? Dominic and I used maple and bond the sec 2 batch together, it worked. But now everyone is leaving. Should i still stay on?

    All right. All this are boring to you, you probably don't care, carry on. Carry on dont caring. SouthPark Rox

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    Monday, September 26, 2005

    Thank you, my seniors

    After a few days of me whining about future prospects, concerend seniors like shiwei had adviced me of my prospects in council, while alfred is there acting humble... HAHA no la, he was nice too, hey he was my primary schools best pal alrite! Thank you both of you, thanks...
    The seniors that approached me to give me advice are yuguang, ian tui and melvin. Hmm... Yuguang, rather surprised that he actually came forwad to talk to me you know, well, melvin does know that i was scared of him, i guess there is always too side to a human being aren't they, and now i saw the other side of him, i should really say rock on! Haha, Ian always a big brother to me, he is the first senior that i have talk to in scouts, best senior, best advisor, best friend! Always there for me no matter what. Ah-ha melvin!, when i am blogging now he just initiated a chat with me! He is a great pal, but his talk yesterdae, er quite out of point some time eh? HAHA joking...
    Seniors, thank you, very much for standing by me, standing with me, this very informal post is for you all!

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    No update of website currently...

    Oppurtunities( i think i spelt it wrongly again)

    Today, i woke up. I yawn. I look at my message. Can you please come online asap, I need to talk to You. My heart beat went faster, i looked at the number, it was yuguang. I looked at the date, it was yesterday 8pm. Darn it, i missed his sms, what does he need to tell me exactly? I wondered. Maybe i coud just miss it, just like that.

    Like what mr hon had always said to us in chinese, the person who is clever should create oppurtunities. Am i considered a clever person? Did i create oppurtunities? Did I? i sighed. Obviously i fucking screwed up my chances as they seem so near to me. The problem with me? Procrastination. I tell you this 'p' word will completely ruin me.

    For now, being in the EXCO for council is no longer important, but in my ep3, it still rank first. Seriously, I am not one that will give up all my council work just for Scouts, not like what blackie does. I felt that that is very stupid of him, what is the point of joining council if you have to back out of everything just because of your ep3? That is so stupid. I will always try to weigh out the both of them, trying to go for both of them. But im always afraid that if i do that, i will liang tou bu dao an , so i will always be extra enthusiastic in scout, whereas i was always overshadowed by alfred and wenbo in council, till recently, i uncovered my photoshop talent. Could this be called shrewed? Could this be the lingering feeling that I had in my heart all year long?

    This is a moving society, a lot of people out there have the same qualities as you, so uncover something that people will not master so easily, so learn something today, some thing that is useful...
    Press the comment button below, to comment and let it stay there forever....

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    Saturday, September 24, 2005

    No update of website graphics or layout
    Well, i said move on yesterday, but something seemed to be holding me back. Next week have tons of exam, next week have the second orientation meeting, next week have NYAA handing up, next week have a lot of things...

    I may be in next year SLC after all... My sour graping had been for nothing, my jealousy is pointless. But what will this mean? No spl rank, No exco in council, just slc? Would it mean that my future endeveours in Scout is totally ruined? Does that mean that my life in council could not be carried out far?

    Tell you the truth, i really wish to be the SPL of the scout troop, not for power, but for the troop, it may sound corny but its true. I have always hope to really lead the troop into the correct way, instead of having a very sadist person pumping the troop, nor would i like a too compassionate person to let the troop rot. I shall not mention names, but the one being compassionate seems a bit fake, after all, he gets angry very easily. The one that is sadist had betrayed me recently so no comments.

    Council EXCO, does this really matters? I beg to differ, this is a bonus in a sense, its really a bonus. If I could get in, it is great! If i do not get in, so be it.

    What if, I am in SLC OT, is the SPL and in EXCO, life would be chaotic for me, but what if again that I can really cope with it? Seniors, have trust in me, have trust in Victor Gan.

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    Friday, September 23, 2005

    Beta Phase-0.2
    The previous post was a mistake

    Next update
    - more graphics
    - archives
    - posts

    There should be no friends in this world, i just got betrayed by the two of them. Two of whom i thought was my best pals, but i guess i was wrong.
    There is a very great chance infact its almost confirm that I will not be in the next SLC OT. I am very sure, that I am beaten by Jerrold. This lead me to thinking a lot of what ifs in this world.
    What if Jerrold never become a councillor? I will be in all OTs that need design or at the very least an external helper post. My Photoshop skill is far above his, however his flash is FAR above mine. Maybe the next SLC going to have a flash website? I hope not...
    What if I never came into hwachong?
    Well. I would not even get the chance to be in such wonderful Organising teams, however I may be more successful, no matter what I did not regret.
    What if I am never in AEP?
    I will still master designing, its my passion, i rank it the first in my heart.

    Enough of the what ifs.

    It was quite heart wrenching to be beaten, but nevertheless, im not the greatest of the world.

    Time to focus on orientation 06, alfred be glad that I will Do my best.

    Congrats to Max, the promising secondary one? I hope so... you have always been my good 'ol juniors, no matter you are in scouts or table tennis.

    Its time to move on isn't it? I am now focusing my designing to deviantart.com May get some commission. money. I cannot deny that I am sour about it.

    Alright MOVE ON!

    Comments on my sour graping is welcome

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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Beta phase- 1.0 crazyhamster.blogspot.com
    - Reformat of the whole layout
    - links became dead
    - Changed to a very nice banner
    - layout sucks
    - wording sucks
    -----Maintenance over------
    Finally, i kept my promise and changed my layout. This is currently in its Beta phase, and more graphics are being updated daily. This is not very nice edition. But i really like the banner.
    I am able to re-start my blog due to the fact of a person asking for it. And of course its because im feeling very happy today!
    I just realised i got exempted for Math, what a surprise. Hope my HATS awards application would get through too. I shall not talk much on this post. Still working on my graphics. And CSS style sheets, e fonts are horrbile