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    Friday, October 14, 2005

    hey what is wrong about fantasy. One needs to excape from reality for a while what...
    Im thinking of publishing a comic entitled finodo and pulsado online, of course, e plot will not be the same...
    Shall not talk about the two of them online today, in case someone* trying to shoot me down by saying I am self centered, haha joking. But look at it this way, this is my blog, what do you expect me to center it around? The world? My girlfriend? Cannot be what...

    *er hem* Now come the real post.

    Todays oral defence were quite a breeze, Alfred and I did well. I guess. We changed script at the Very Last Hour, thanks to Wenbo. Man, I love Wenbo, he helped the both of us. We perfected the script and we made it alive! I changed my opinion of Mr Samuel Lim, he is quite a nice guy i guess. He likes our topic : )

    Then, came this REALLY stupid william sim. He accepted Yitongs 2 dollar when i am rejecting like mad. he got brains a not...

    I miss dominic. Weird? I do not think so... We spent so much time together everyday, without him its just weird...

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    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Finodo looks up into the starry night. He lay there, amused. Amused at his own mistake. Amused at his ego, amused at all the wrong thing he did.

    He hopped around, and decided to put his heart into something, something he had never tried. But he is willing. Willing to try. He decided to listen to people's comment, to be more humble. He was humble, it took him nowhere, but he shall try again. He will not tell anyone about anything anymore, this is not selfish, this is wise.

    He put on his armour. He lent his most precious 5-button mouse to pulsado. Hah! To think pulsado thought it was Waneoda who wanted to lend the mouse at first. Finodo did not care anymore. It was a big day the next day. Finodo had to focus, he knew he had to. Pulsado and Finodo's partnership. Their friendship merely crack, not break...

    Finodo knew what he had to do now, he had to change himself, not for seniors, not for pulsado, but for the sake of his own good. Seniors word he would accept it immediately, he would not accept it quietly and appear to be aggresive.

    He knew. As he put on his gear, he ran back into the school. To meet Pulsado. To meet SPL1. To fight together with all of the warriors, agaisnt the roaring monstor...

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    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    It is 10.37pm now. Let me tell you a story.

    It all started with Finodo and Pulsoda.

    In their 6th year of primary school, they were the best of best pal, they went home together, revised together, lame together. Finodo being the smarter one would always like to get into the top school in pinocale land. His result was not a problem. However for Pulsoda, it was a big problem. His academic result had not been that great. They were afraid to leave each other, but they knew it was inevitable.

    Together they took the final year examination. A miracle had happened. Both of their result could go into the top school. They were happy, ecstastic. Finodo was at his grandmother house, when he heard that Pulsoda will be going to the top school instead of saunna high, he was happy. Happy that they could still be together, happy that Pulsoda did it. But never would he think that this very move would change this innocent and pure friendship forever.

    The top school- Hanacle institution. It was a school with fabulous facilities, fabulous seniors. The council was full of freedom, democracy and student rights
    , this sparked off the interest in finodo and pulsoda. They joined the council, in the same consortium. Fate.

    Pulsoda being the more outgoing one, won all the seniors favour, while Finodo, was only being discovered in year 2 of his council life.

    As things approached the end of the year, Pulsoda, gotten a very important position in one of the event. He put Finoda in. Finoda was grateful of that, but did not show it.

    Things were going really well, as they worked hand in hand. However a monstor in the school interrupted. He roared and roared, till many other things followed. Councillors slowly lose their freedom, rights, with teachers holding them back. Pulsoda being really disturbed by this, Finoda stupidly told one of the stone eating idiot in the school that he may be in pulsoda's ot after finoda go out. That idiot was so excited kept of on pestering Pulsoda. Pulsoda could not take it, he started to scold and reprimanded Finoda for being such a big mouth, and seniors hated Finoda now.


    The friendship had cracked.

    Finoda cried.


    He cried.

    Finodas had a slip of tongue. He was trying to stop that idiot from talking and disturbing Pulsodas meeting with the teacher, so he used it to shut him up. Never will he thought that it would cause so much trouble for Pulsoda. His big mouth, enraged the seniors. Till now, he did not realise what did he say.

    If he meant the asking of logo, it was the second big person asked him to do so.

    If he meant the circulation of the monstors roaring, it was just meant to collect opinions from those involved so that Finoda could make a wise decision whether or not to leave pulsoda.

    It was a strong friendship. Ruined

    Finoda is sorry, will Pulsoda accept?

    Nice story? Practicing my compo writing mah...

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    Friday, October 07, 2005


    I have changed, really changed. Everyone around me had changed too, no matter small or big. I realized that just within one month, a sense of competition built up in me agaisnt some one. I am no longer the Victor that is willing to help out in every oppurtunity that I could. I am no longer the Victor that is generous and willing to teach every one everything I know. I had changed.

    Drastic Change.

    I am even afraid of myself now. Reflecting back at what I my feeling was just now, really scare me, I do not want some one to learn my photoshop techniques, because I love having this advantage. Scary. The selfish side of me is being displayed in myself. I am ashamed of it.

    I remembered Taiboon talking about council politics. Is it true, is it the thing that is stirring within me? I hope not, and i think not.

    I am angry. An angry person.

    Although I am ashamed at my feelings just now. I must say something that I am not ashamed of.

    That is. I am a person with a fairly big ego. I am egoistic. So what?

    Matthew Lim, my committee member. He produced sub-standard logos, and he claimed that it was me who ruined it. Come on matthew, my new logos are done WITHOUT sketch, if it could do better than YOUR logos. What does it show? I mean. The fault did not really rely on me alone. You said you are going to ask jerrold to color ur logo for you, hey what is the meaning of this ? What the hell. I was joking about me being biase. I put EQUAl, I repeat EQUAL effort into digitising YOUR SO-CALLED WELL DONE SKETCH. Argh.

    He said that my skills is only 1/3 of Jerrolds flash skill. What the fuck have you got any idea where my photoshop skills stand. Who the fuck are you to tell me that My photoshop skills are 1/3 of Jerrolds, come on. You are not me, I am myself, My skills are not thatBAD. Listen here, MAtthew, I am very displeased with all your comments, and your inability to come out with good logos. I am unhappy. Infuriated. Angry.

    But I am an impartial person, I will not take it on you too hardly, I will still do your logo. I go for quality NOT quantity.


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    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    The day when...

    I had my wacom tablet, should have bought it off the ebay which tried to sell to me for a mere 300, and i bought it for 328$ and it is a smaller model some more... Tough luck i guess, I am still happy, because Secondary one Orientation logo design is starting to rock. Right alfred? Right Shiwei? Right Yuanchang? Right ? Right? Oh ya, and Right Ruian? Haha...

    I shall show some of em here... some other day.

    This is a short entry, keep your eyes here, wacom tablet user is rocking hwachong!