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    Saturday, May 13, 2006

    16 more days to Student Leaders Convention 2006...

    Are you guys ready? Are you guys hyped up about it? I am again so excited and overwhelemed over the aspect of going to slc yet again. This sort of reminds me the feeling I had one year ago, I was staring at Ruians site, full of anticipation. I wonder, if anyone will do that to my site... hrm...

    As an OT member this year, it brings a whole different feeling. This facilitators briefing, seems like the first OT outing, we sure got to know each other much more than the regular fortnight meeting. Looking at guanyu and jeremys' worried expression at the end of the briefing worried me just as well. I hope that everything will turn up nice and good... since the fact that, i will not be able to help much in concept, all i can do is to ensure that all logistics can work out just as nice. Thanks facilitators, for turning up today.

    For the log and programmes teams, we had great fun playing games... It was an out of the world experience. Ok, those were games we played we were young. okok, I admit it, maybe ive got a deprived childhood. hahaha. At least, we got to know each other much much better.

    Well, but our log i/c seems super stress! Chill ! ok? Although the seniors keep saying that we must do our best, of course we must. But, SLC OT, do not break down at this moment of time, we cannot afford to have anyone down k? Zheng Ning looked rather stressed and depressed too... but she is alright now...

    Jiayou SLc, Jiayou log team, Jiayou OT!

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    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    This is such a screwed day. I only do 1/6 of the math assignment. I feel bloody guilty. Im really sorry, Miss Wong. I promise that I will do much much much better next term, this term is really bad for me. Im really sorry. Today I went to make my identity card. Making me a fully fledged Singaporean. hehe.

    After which, went to change camera, the previous one was scratched, the salesman was nice enough, to allow me to change for a new camera. Finally, a camera that is not scratched, we left the shop leaving the uncle salesman scratching his head and saying "How could it get scratched so badly?" Oh well, blame your agent for giving you this scratched good.

    When I reached home, I slept. I know im supposed to do homework, but Im just way too tired. Sorry. Then when I woke up, I did some slc work and mainly on my DNA structure. Im not sure if I did it correctly, but the thing that I am sure is that I managed to make the gayest DNA structure of the Universe ...

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Tadah! look at the choice of color, it is totally GAY!

    I hope I can secure another 4-5 acepoints for Biology.

    Tomorrow will be the last counted test of the term.

    When god closed the window(chemistry), it opened up another door(s) (IHC, IHE, CHI, ENG) for me. Please, open up the last door of chinese, and allow me to score a beautiful A1.

    Grades matter a lot to me, for now, SLC matters more.

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    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    The first day being a fifteen year-old was marvellous. I seemed to be smarter, I know its just psychological effect... but still I am happy about it. I realised that my blogs' words is very small and very hard to read, the designs are rather gay girlish, but, it reminds me of great memories that I had in primary 6 (or 4), when I performed in a musical! Those were the days...

    I would have created a skinn myself if not for the hectic schedule and life that SLC is giving me. I really worked hard for it, and it always seemed that I am the only one working till 4 am every other night, just to make my site complete. I know its not perfect, but still, I had given my best shot.

    I went to "art friends" today, call me a mountain turtle or whatever not, but I just wanted to say " ART FRIENDS IS MARVELLOUS" I mean, its just an artist's paradise, everything is just there, top-grade paintbrush, face-paints, tee-shirt paints and even denim pants paints. Its really cool to be in that shop where all the hands-on things were there. Wenbo and I spent $51.10 together there. We bought glue guns! I never thought that they would be selling at $6++.

    Wenbo brought me to kinokuniya, that place is a treasure trove for nerds knowledge seeking people like him I guess. I looked around, the prices for the books are sky-high. $200++ dollars for a chemistry book. That "pearsons'press" series is insane. Totally.
    I guess, knowledge come with a huge cost.

    It had passed 12, and its 20 + more days to Student Leaders Convention.

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    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Revival Of blog.

    The revival of crazyhamster.blogspot.com is declared 1 day after Victor Gans' birthday.

    I once mentioned, that I would modify the Skin and update when I have TIME. Well, I do have that magazine beside me now, but no way! I'm thouroughly busy with SLC website. Not that I am doing a great job, but Im still trying to meet up with the Seniors' expectation. Everytime I blog, I may cause a big woo-haa due to the Dripping with egoistic posts, and so on. But this time I blog for blogging, not to pass across some silly message.

    I find it hard, to accept peoples' useage of totally singlish in their blogs, not that mine is a perfect standard but... don't you find it hard to read a post like this?

    yeas... so i went to pool and yeas... it was so co0l kaes.... it was yeas... mann... i went there and rock felix arhxx... he was so good yeas... i was co0l kaex... i pwned him loss...

    Could you believe that was a real post? I mean, the message he was trying to get across was apparently, " he went to pool today and he won felix in a game of pool". And he had to litter his post with "keas" "yeas". Totally irritating to read that post...

    So how did I spent my b'dae? Not that people cared about it but, I shall post because I want to remember it. Well, I went to pizza hut with my family, had a great lunch and headead over to Sim Lim Square to buy my b'dae gift.

    My birthday gift is made up of "angbao" money from my mom, dad and my god mum. It was a grand total of $550!!

    Of course, as a camera enthusiast, I bought a samsung camera. I wanted to settle for sony, but that devious salesman conned convinced me into buying something much more expensive. Im now wondering about the quality of the lens. Well, but at least it had mp3 functions, the only few models that have. I think currently, only samsung have it, so I cannot complain much, can I ?

    After which, when I reached home, I started working on my SLC site, forgetting totally about my homework. Sorry guys, I didnt go online to keep myself focussed, for those who saw me online, its my spirit, it aint me.

    Well, thats' all, shall post some pics next time. Don't worry, not that anyone will, but I will post quite regularly from now on.