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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    What a busy day today.

    In the morning, went for scouts activities as usual, realised that we could not do our report and need to go for gang show in the evening, we are screwed. Big time. I think only 6 went to ACS(B) gangshow, we canot blame them, its the exam period. well. Mr Lee wanted us to send 40-50 scouts for district campfire. That is so damn crazy. After my aggresive rally for RGS annual assembly in last term, i only managed to get 32 scouts. Now, 40?

    Anyway, i did not go for the gangshow, i went to eat some yuan xiao dinner with my family.

    The dinner is those kind of dinner under makeshift shelters and having those hokkien auditors trying to sell off auspicious things, and electronics.

    here is the irony, it potrays the how superstitious people could get, or maybe how rich that person is. He paid 1859++ for........ a nicely decorated bucket of rice!!! i was whispering to my sis that, she could buy a macbook with that. The dinner wasnt so bad, better than what i expected, i guess i was a social outcast, listening to my ipod, coz i really cannot stand the freakish wu liao auditor. But, oh well, it is my few dinner i had with my whole family, less than 10 i guess. Im pathethic.

    Anyway, im sick. Haha, must be laughing too much at others, my nose is like peiyits now, it cannot stop dripping mucus. Eh wait, no, its not as bad as peiyit, mine is a running tap, peiyits is a running hose. :))

    Peiyits red eye arent getting better, haah he is going to show the SIngapore spirit by showing a similar color scheme of the flag in his eyes. Cool.

    Im really tired right now. Bye guys.

    p.s. i do not need any well-wishing in my tagboard, keep them in your heart, i will feel it ;-)

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    Friday, July 28, 2006

    [Disclaimer- The below text are meant for humour and laughter purpose only, please do not misunderstand crazyhamster.]

    Hi all!

    I am a emo freak that really wish for world peace. I hope that the mosquitoes will live and perpetuate in our nice and wonderful little earth, our squirrels would be able run across the garden without getting bang. I have seen too much, i have seen enough, i love earth.

    Oh no! Dominic hurt his leg, when talking to Wenbo! Leaving to ugly big red abrasion on his legs, I hope he gets well soon. Pray for him people, pray that his leg will be amputated heal, no its scertainly not a time to lose your legs and hands..

    Today I am a guy, after that i decided to be a gay, after that i started to regret and be a guy, after that.... after that... (Aiyah! Too many after thats to talk about).

    But you know im really really upset right now, because, I forgot to walk past my dog. I mean, i claimed that I love her and all, and yet I forgot about walking past her and give her a kick . Im really disappointed inmyself. Thats all, i should jump down the building and end my life because i forgot to walk past my dog.

    Confused? Don't be.

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    Thursday, July 27, 2006

    Maybe I was some snake in my past life and im shedding skin. Hrmph.

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    Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    Hi all! Some tweaks around my blog here and there, for it to be more aesthethically pleasing. (p.s. its still improving)

    Today was our English Term test, did not really expecct myself to score well. I never really did well in english before, my control of the language had always been poor. I'm considering to go to british council for tuition. Just a thought. ><

    Sometimes I really wondered, a Junior-Senior Relationship in a Uniform group, what should it be like? In the past i was exceptionally afraid and fear of my Junior College 1 Seniors, they were pure SADISTS. But towards my 1 year and 2 year older seniors, i had no fear but respect. At least for most of them.

    After taking up the role of Chairman of Hwa Chong Scouts group, I cannot say that im a saint in leading uniform group, but i believe that leading a group of discipline young men need not come from punishment and all the bullshit. Yes, my year 2 batch is really ill-discipline, they often took advantage of my kindness, i wasnt always kind of course... I do pump them. But will we earn their respect by pumping them. Allow me to share with you what I have seen today, an XX uniform group in XX Institution.

    Apparently the Year 3s of the uniform had just gotten their rank, and along came power. Power to control the year 1s and 2s? Power to pump them? Power to be a sadist and finally get to do to your juniors what your seniors did to you?

    Obviously, your seniors gave you the power to lead.

    Interestingly, when i accepted my post, i did discipline my juniors too! Not through pumping, pumping people had always been dominic forte... But I will only discipline them if they really did something wrong. Not when...

    They called me by my name during training.
    What the hell, pump your juniors for that??!!!! Whats your name for then? Crazy XX uniform group members. Between Juniors and Seniors should always been a happy and harmonious relationship. It may be the policy in that uniform group to address seniors as Sirs during training, but is it necessary for the juniors to get pump under the sun on hot tracks just for that minor mistake? I'm sure not, its clearly a abuse of his power.

    Students tend to play around with newly gained power, but little did they know, with power comes great responsibilities, they ought to be pumped too.

    They are just lucky they do not have a certain person under them, who reports to his parents about everything he did.

    Chemistry test is tomorrow, time for me to revise, no more E8, A1 please.

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    Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    Hungry Ghost Festival

    Also known as- Yuan2 Xiao1 Jie1

    Felt an urge to blog about this months' special and significant event, after parting with Dominic, this evening. I boarded the LRT at BP station, while on the train, i witness blazzing fire along the roads of HDB flats. It was a magnificent sight, as it reminded me of movies and films that often used this particular month as a base, as a support for their horror flicks.

    Still remember "the maid", the horror film released in this particular mind. The producers and directors are obviously making us of the superstitious mind of the mass, instilling the fear when the festivals' mood is in full swing, especially on the first, the 15th and the 30th day of the month.

    Im sure around 90percent of Singapores population are aware of this festival going on in this particular month. But how many percent of them actually know the real story behind this festival.

    Firstly let me clarify something, im not 100percent sure about what i know, but it will be the best of my knowledge.

    The difference of Religion: Buddhism VS Taoism

    To the outside world, this two seemed to be closely related. The Difference lie between the different the 'god' they worship. For buddhism, they worship the Buddha(obvious), however, for Taoism, they worship a whole board of gods, when each god is specifically for certain duties, im sure that some of you out there are familar with "Feng Shen Bang" Its around that idea.

    Taoism, is the religion that is mainly responsible of burning things as a form of worship, as a way of appreciation, or rather a shield against the evil spirits, in this case, the wandering ghosts.


    In the view of taoism, many deemed that it is the month, that the king of hades would "open" the door of hell, allowing all the ghosts down there to have a "Holiday" around our dimension of world. The fruits and things burnt are sort of "free-for-all", very different from people normally burning down houses and cars(in paper), for their ancestors.

    However, in my course of the "reading scriptures class when i was young." I realised that this particular month is defined as a month of filial piety shown by a particular monk. This monk, which i forgot his name, is really miss his mom who passed away, in his dreams, he could picture his mom suffering in hell, thus, when he woke up, he decided to make some offerings for his mother. However, whenever his mom received the food, the food either burns up into ash, or was stolen by other ghosts. In order to allow his mom to have a better afterlife, the monk, started to have offer offerings of food to all the hungry ghosts, so that they would leave his mom alone, thus the name HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL, or yuan xiao jie.

    This is my side of story, it is supposed to be 70percent reliable. La.

    Anyway, the media had greatly distorted the image of this month. By having horror flicks at the middle of the night did not help at all. WIth the worlds' perception of roaming ghost that would appear and crawl out of the TV, or just pounce on you in the lifts, we could not imagine what the world will think of this festival with years to come.

    By the way, people is going to complain about pollution again. :((

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    Monday, July 24, 2006

    Today was an uneventful day.

    I almost break down in the morning, I mean, I just felt like squatting down and crying ( Yea, i know that is GAY), but seriously, I was really worried about what the day would turn out. Not that I had much to worry except for undone homework, but I felt something real heavy in my heart.

    Maybe the primary School Victor is kicking up in me again, the stress, nervous, unconfident, lil' kid. I have overcame that little demon once i entered Year 1, seriously, please don't come back, i do not want nightmare to happen again.

    Anyway, nothing really happened today, except my chinese teacher crapped for 35minutes out of the 40-minute period. Seriously, this is way too much, Alfred wasnt really paying attention anyway, he was mugging for his literature.

    Biology Pratical was ok... The Leaves were utterly BORING. Who in the world cares about leaves and how they look like inside, when they all look almost identical to me.

    In the afternoon, I went with my AEP pals to the SYF festival arts exhibition.

    It was really interesting looking at the exceptionally well-done pieces of arts in the exhibition. Not to mention the number of students in there flooded the tourists and shoppers of Harbour Fronts. Reach Beyond was the theme.

    Busy week ahead, jiayou 3E. Jiayou Victor.

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    Sunday, July 23, 2006

    Today= Very unproductive day. All I managed to accomplish was a halfdone hrp. Failure.

    BUT! I helped someone today. Remember the Scouts hidden mission of doing a good deed everyday? Well, I accomplish that today, and im proud of it. I helped a foreigner, a japanese man. His english is powderful, but we managed to communicate anyway. To think of it now. I have been communicating with foreigners for this two days, first the Hong Kongers than the Japanese!

    He has got a real cool sony VAIO laptop, but i think he is rather newbie to his laptop. He was asking me if I could access the internet. When i said yes, he said his cannot. I suggested Lan cable, but apparently, he forgot which port his lan cable is, so I have got to tell him. Here is the interesting part. he asked how long im going to stay in the lib, i said "Erm, quite long, around 3 hours" And he asked me to take care of his VAIO, i gladly obliged. i was actually wondering, where is he going to get his lan cable... i reckon his locker or something. But he came back around 45 minutes later!!!

    His internet was screwing up, and he was saying "no.. come on" Freaking animated and funny. Mingyang was irritated apparently and started spewing vulgarities using my phone. crap. He turned to me and asked me again, I told him that perhaps this being a public connection, it would be a tad bit slow. Right after that, his Yahoo! japan page loaded. he was so elated, he went ' YEa!" and high-fived me.

    I guess, Japanese are more socially-abled than many Singaporeans out here.

    Im currently considering going for the xchange in Taiwan... I really want to know some foreign friends.

    hee. I Still have my HATS award. 1000 credit.

    Thats all for now, im going to mug. BYE

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    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    What a fun day in Scouts today!

    Just like in council, my passion in Scouts had been dwindling recently, especially when your friends arent giving you the whole support when you need it. In council, i guess i sort of took all the "guainess" of my juniors and peers when i tasked them a job, in Scouts, its hard to task my peers without getting back a whine, or even a huge complaint. Irritating. But still, they are my best of friends, thus Dominic and I had to shoulder all the task they did not manage to complete which was around 80percent. :-(

    Back to scouts today.

    Hongkongs' Scouts of the year visited us! The delegation of 10 people comprises of their commisioner, cub scouts, scouts, venture scouts and assistant scouts leader. I almost freaked out just now, I was really afraid that we would screw up big time. Oh well, we cannot find our lanyard. *if i ask my QM to restock, i could imagine both of them yelling at me, telling me its test week, wanna bet?* , great... our stuff seemeed to disappear week by week. We decided to use the guy line, crap.

    Thank goodness, I had the most responsible and capable PL Lee Peiyit, who SELFLESSLY volunteered to take over william and did the flag break and flag lowering. Contrary to what Liang Wei said, I thought, Peiyit did a great job, he took the situation calmly and effortlessly, great job.

    Meanwhile, the Hongkong Scouts stood at the back, observing us. I hope i did not screw up my footdrill, well guodan did not step infront. Its his first time anyway, so no fault ;)

    The Year 1-3s scouts went to the LT2 and watch a small documentary. I believe its the same old movie that miss sim made. I didnt go, i was looking after the bags. Until the Year 1 and 2s came back and told me that they were still in the LT, i rushed over, and found the Year 3s interacting with the scouts.

    Im proud of them for being enthusiastic in interacting with the scouts at first, but slowly i realised, some of them was losing themselves. Freaking funny. Shuyangs' face went all red! RED! and started muttering nonsense, and won't stop until I asked him to. William was erm. his own self i guess, then, thats rather erm, lack of situation awareness, making weird sounds and all. Guo dan was GREAT, i meant it, he really do know how to engage with the visitors.

    When we were walking to other places, the plc, drrew themselves up and walked behind, after a while i decided to mingle around with the hk scouts. Only guo dan and i was mingling as we approached the end. The PLC was basically Talking to themselves. I dun blame them though, its our fault that we didnt conduct combined activity and i guess, if not for council, i would be like them...

    Got to know some great friends from hong kong. From erm 10- 17 years old? They are really friendly and outgoing, I guess, that was what made them the scouts of the year. And dominic, I dun think u can pwn them :)

    When the whole thing ended, we xchanged some badges and the hk scouts were so nice!!! They gave me some badges and a woggle, Love the friendship we enforced.

    This delegation made me feel an urge to go for jamboree, donations anyone?