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    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Back to the hectic lifestyle.

    After all the slacking and fun week I had in teh boarding school, it is time again to face the boring 4 walls of the classroom, the monotonous lecturing of various teacher, the drowsiness that everyone else is experiencing, and of course its back to reality.

    Now it is exactly 1 am. I am taking a short break from my mugging of math and the doing of chemisty work that I lost it over the course of the week. I hope Mrs Chu would forgive me , if not I would become a photocopier yet again. Im not feeling really high now, I want to get A1 in my math this time round, I really hope I could, Im not going to sleep for tonight at all, and study till the next morning, after which, on tuesday, I will have an early nite, in preparation for my math test.

    I screwed up my previous term badly, big time, I expect to get an msg of higher than 3.5. I am mentally prepared, but that does not mean that I am not mentally hurt. I felt like stabbing myself in my chest for scoring such a lousy score. But, for the sake of my family, I decided not to. I am an unemotional guy, but when it comes to my result, it matters a hell lot to me.

    Thus, My resolution, my dream for the next term is to be able to win back some face, its no longer about teh ressult as it no longer really matters, it is the pride, the ability to score that is able to make me proud the previous years, that is urging me to move forwad.

    End of years is nearing, the whole singapore could feel the intense stress approaching the secondary school students. It is the most important paper that sums up the whole year of studying. Reflecting back, I have yet to have done effective studying, mostly are last minute work. Procrastination. Yes, procrastination, that is such a prevalent problem in todays society, not to say in most teenagers.

    I could see that most teenagers would like to do their parents proud, would like to score a flying ace for their friends to see, to prove that they are no lesser than their smarter counterparts. however, they fail most of the time. It is all due to procrastination. The time of failure is the most down time of ones life, but as time goes by, it heals everything, sometimes it heals too much, it heals the regret the guilt that one experienced during the failure, so much so that, he did not remember to overcome his weakness and carries on procrastinating.

    We create the habit, after which the habit creates us. Procrastination is a bad habit. We cannot afford to let it create us. We must reverse the cycle as fast as wecould, for those that did not procrastinate, do not even think about it, it is very hard to turn back and say :" I will stop procrastinating" an d really stop procrastinating. I hail the person who is able to do that, for his willpower must had been very powerful.

    Whether I have learnt my lesson, would all reflect on this wednesdays' math test. Please.

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    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    BACK HOME!!!!

    Finally! Im back home, after 1 week of no blogging. Do you guys miss me? Im sure you do! Well, I missed myself too! ok that was lame. Anyway, the past week, i was in the boarding school, slogging my guts out for the industrial attachment while juggling to ensure that the student-planned events went well with the uttam girls. Apparently, they are currently on their way back to india. I must say that this events wouldnt be successful without alfred and junxin, they are my best pals during this sabbatical.

    We have to admit that we were rather negative towards the hosting of an indian school, if you know hwachong guys well enough, we are rather racist. But after this attachment, i believe that most of us realised that indians are fun people, they are really active.

    The first time i brought them to mustafa, i was really expecting them shop like crazy, and we will have tons of things for us to carry. But this was not to be so, the girls that we followed did not even buy anything. Argh. They were complaining that they were tired. This really shocked me, i thought girls are realy good at shopping, and they would love to shop. Well, after the 8 days, i realised that their teacher like to shop, but not them. THey experience shopping fatigue really easily.

    I did not following the girls to many shopping sites due to IA, what a pity.

    Anyway, adding on to the uttam girls, we have with us the Singapore Chinese Girls School girls. Contrary to uttam girls, there is a self-proclaimed shopping queen within the scgs girls - Olivia. She knows orchad road inside out. Man. Girls...

    Haha. I was typing this post from saturday till today, what the hell, a blog post that require more than a day?!!! Theoratically speaking, I have been typing it for only around an hour la, just that homeworks and others came in between.

    Continuing from my post, my industrial attachment with safe2travel was not as fantastic as the others. I do not get to see 5 penis in a day, I do not get 20 dollar a day for my work, I only get 6 dollars a day for snipping thousands of ribbons and wrapping exactly 1.2k gifts with mingwei and mingyang. The last thing I would like to take away from this industrial attachment would be the work that they gave to us, none of us expected that we will have such a "saikang" post in the office.

    Nevertheless, we got to see how the MICE (Meetings Incentives Convention Events) work, they were really busy throughout the week. We also got to observe some funny guy trying to desperately flirt with the company's only pretty girl that ressembles fish leong. oh well, after mr lim came that day, and I grumbled a little too loudly, we have gotten some chocolates from one of the staff and a meal by our department head. considering our 30 dollar pay at the end of the whole thing, I would say that this industrial attachment is passable, but definitely not recommended to any of my juniors next year. I would rather went for sabbatical and could have hosted uttam and scgs on a full-time basis.

    On the last day of IA, i took a taxi back from my workplace and back to school, just in time to catch the bus for us to proceed to my most anticipated trip of the week- the ZOO and the NIGHT SAFARI. It was marvellous, but I think we went to the place a tad bit too late, there arent much attractions around, for the night safari, we did not manage to catch the show too, what a pity. I will never go back to the night safari on my own again, what a waste of money. 20 dollar. my gosh, to watch some stupid animals roaming about and otherwise all pitch dark. I took the tram, managed to see most of the animals, In my impression there was cow, but i didnt see any cow that day, i do not know about the walking trail of the scgs girls and 4 other guys, but the ride on the tram makes me feel drowsy.

    I decided to leave dominic on his own for the pioneering competition as i felt that i owed the indian girls too much. Dominic managed to complete the structure and clinched a second in the competition, thanks dominic! Anyway, we went over to orchad and did some shopping, Im not sure how much shopping the uttam girls managed, but 1 think that im sure was the amount of shopping that the female teacher made was crazy, at least 3 bags i think, and she managed to buy a bag in less than 10 minutes as we are in a rush of time.

    The male teacher, managed to get a number of electronics too. At least they have contributed to the economy of the little red dot, and we, the students are also doing a part for our nation. :)

    Anyway, we quickly proceeded back to the boarding school, I wanted to sneak the sc gals into the boarding school, but alfred told the security guards about the girls first, haha sorry ! They have to surrender their cards to the security guard, and some pathethic person refused to show me her card after she saw mine.

    The end of the uttam trip is quickly approaching as we board the bus to changi airport. We had great fun posing for photos for the uttam girls on the bus, as we tried our best to prevent any of the luggage from slipping and falling.

    In the airport, the moment arrived when we had to say goodbye to the uttam girls, it was sad, but we will meet once again in india during october, hope that we will have as much fun as we had this time round.

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    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    No subject, no issue, no nothing.

    hey, I have got no inspiration to write any blog entry this few days, in any case, people are starting to spectaculate that I probably have too much time on my hand that is why I blog. Hrmph, fine. I will continue blogging, but maybe at a slower pace, since my readers doesnt really appreciate it, saying that I am wasting time. Anyway, I am starting on another blog project, it is taking off soon, it will be a commercial blog, but I may rope in wenbo to do it with me after my exams. Maybe he could start when I am doing the exam XP

    Anyway, Wenbo just confessed that he love Kassandra, This is what he said "I have already expressed my love to her, and Certainly, I have hope" something like that lah. The power of love. Poor kassandra.

    Thats all for now, sorry for the short post T-T

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    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    School Trends

    Discipline master, DM, a name that would make thousands of students scrambling away, not in fear of him, but in fear of the small book of scholl rule he holds.

    How many a times, did the school personnels actually hindered the way we dressed? If I was not badly mistaken, the trend for socks many years ago was LONG LONG socks, discipline masters had to cut them using a scissors to make sure that they are of appropriate length. Many years later, year 2006, ankle socks are the new trend now. DM would not be able to attach a piece of cloth to our socks, instead we were compelled to buy a new pair of socks.

    Being a student, a teenager, what is so wrong about following the trend? Why does school rules have to change according to the trend, it is not to comply with the trend, but to stop the trend.

    I guess, the reason being, many schools of the nation want the students of their school to look presentable (If low-socks are unpresentable now, what about high socks in the past? those socks look geeky what.) when they step out of their schools.

    Established schools like Hwa Chong, normally have little problem of juvenile delinquency, due to the high standard of schooling from both the school and most families. The same could not be said for neighbourhood schools, as compared to "branded schools" they are more likely to belong to the mid-income group of the nation, thus having the tendency to rebel and speak coarse language in their school.

    We could not surely say that profanities aren't a norm in Independent school, myself being a guilty convict of spilling profanities. I do admit. However, we do not mix around with gangsters around the neighbourhood. I myself came from a not very well-to-do family, while my friends all had parents that are higher educationed, my dad is a primary school graduate, while my mom claimed she flunked her 'O'. Not very glamourous isn't it? The success in life does not rely totally on your family, it is easily grasped in your own hands, to be hardworking or be a lazybum.

    In a bid to curb juvenile delinquency, many schools thus disallowed the trend of the outside world to affect the school, what the school expected of a model student is below:

    Hair- Slope, above the sleeve, cannot touch the ears. Best is botak < Didnt really change >
    Attire - Tucked in, neat.
    Shoes - White shoes.
    Socks - above ankle length.

    Hair - Tied up, must be long hair, no trendy mixed gender hairstyle.
    Attire - Tucked in, skirts must touch knees. No black bra (ITS TRUE)
    Shoes- White shoes
    Socks - Above ankle length

    So, must be fustrating being a student isnt it? Actually not really, all we have to do is to switch the trend around and make it comply with our school rules, so we can be trendy when we are in school? No way! the school would never allow that, so they will tweak around with the school rule, until theere will still be students around that will still break the school rules. :)

    The teenagers trend will be the model student of now and...

    So in around a decade, the model student will have to be:

    Hair- Layerd can touch the sleeve, must touch the ears. Best is long hair < Didnt really change >
    Attire - Tucked out( the new design), neat.
    Shoes - Black Shoes shoes.
    Socks - under ankle length.

    Hair - must be short hair, must be trendy mixed gender hairstyle.
    Attire - Tucked in, skirts must touch knees. No white bra (ITS TRUE)
    Shoes- black shoes
    Socks - under ankle length

    wouldnt it be great?

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    Friday, August 11, 2006

    yawns. Im so tired

    haha. anyway, todays' lion dance was really nice man, waited for VIP from 4 somthing to around 8. wasted quite a deal of time there, but anywhere, my second podcast entitled updates are done. Maybe that would be something interesting for you to listen, and im sure its more meaningful to some of us than to the others


    Thats all.

    P.s. the audio is meant for pure laughing purposes.

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    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    After National day

    Been taking a real great break on national day. I mean, its really awesome sleeping for 16 hours out of the 24 hours isnt it? Trying to recover all the sleep time I lost. Its quite a massive amount, but its the most I can sleep la. My Brain didnt want to stop working for the rest of the 8 hours.

    Its really interesting going to the National Library, i meant the one that is near bugis. There is so many interesting people over there, foreigners and locals. Some people were filming something when Mingyanng and I arrived. They were filming with vid cams that i could only dream about.

    I really lve my wife. My macbook pro. We gt married a month ago. and she quickly escalated up the ranks and became my first wife, ahead of my camera, wacom tablet, video cameras. My phone is the last on the list la, so useless, i do not yearn for a better phone either. Hrm, Maybe now i need a mac pro. haha. That monstor costs at least 5000 bucks. When i start earning money to suopport myself, maybe i will grab one of the monstor machine. I have switched to Apple, i am not going back to windows machine.

    Im going to the library in a while, to do my hrp again. maybe I shall do another podcast, when i feel like doing it. I believe it will be much better than the current one, it is seriously tasteless, when I make one that is satisfactory, i shall promote it on STOMP, haha bringing traffic to my site. Self-promotion.

    Thats all for now. Bye.

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    Tuesday, August 08, 2006


    Sorry for the lack of updates, anyway, this will be my very first podcast :)


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    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Directors' workshop

    Our AEP is finally getting better. From Year 1, when all i did was film a rather shitty film and do some painting. Booriiing. Although this year, we started off normally, doing our project, but we had a rather special event today.

    Two talented young men stepped into the LT3 and gave us wonderful insights. They are Gilbert Chan & Joshua Chiang. Both directors are proud owner of a feature film due to be released tomorrow, in thepicturehouse. Rather low-profile film. It is an M-18 film due to the coarse language (It writes course language in the flyers. HA!). Nevertheless, the story seemed interesting enough.

    Picture from thepicturehouse.com.sg

    I know its rather small. BUt if you are 18 years old and have 8 dollars to spare, go ahead, watch this local product.

    Hey Look guys! Third Dell EXPLODED in Singapore! Seh~ man.

    Image from Engadget.com

    Well, I have been using a macbook pro for about a month. It does gets hot enough, but i trust it not to catch fire. Apple, may seemd to be having the best of deisigns and maybe QC. Nonetheless, one of the ibook caught fire some timeago...

    Image from wcco.com

    Scary isnt it? Exploding laptops. The next thing we can expect to see is terrorists arming themselves with laptops.
    den BLASH! one explode.

    THen the government would ban laptops onto buses and other public transports. A laptop will be screened, as it is now classified as a potentially dangerous fire hazard. SO as time goes on, there will be no more laptop.

    To think of it, the market only consists of mostly notebooks and not laptop. You know whats the difference? A notebook arent meant to be put on your lap.
    1stly, with the advanced technology, the processer and hard drive will get too hot for your laps.

    2ndly, It will make u infertile.

    So put your notebook on a surface not ur lap.

    Maybe we should start using notebooks as fire-starters.

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    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    Arhh! Stress Arh!

    This two week is madness, tests being lined up back to back. Im going crazy. >.<
    DIdnt blog on monday, was busy mugging biology. Its my favourite science subject, its so freaking fun to mug biology! Today I took the test, not very confident though, but its still fun learning biology, even though i may not Ace the subject. That should be the right attitude, isnt it?

    Tomorrow, it s a busier day, with math and chinese common test. What the hell, my brain will be half-dead, no. 3-quarter dead, after the math test. The remaining 1 quarter, will be used for my chinese test. So I will actually be empty brained tomorrow by 4. So don't talk to me after 4. I will start uttering nonsensical stuff, and potentially profanities.

    So you think after 4 I can go home? NO!!!! I have some lecture by some directors of features film like S11(look out for it). Quite cool actually, I want to go into this line. Really.

    *Off topic* Darned, my tables have ants... ARGHHHH *Back on the topic*

    Im going to mug real hard for my math after dinner, for around 5-6 hours. I do not believe i cannot get an A1.

    Btw, did I tell you, I am an introvert?