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On 19 June 2007


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    Sunday, December 31, 2006

    New Years Eve!

    Lets welcome year 2007 with the most positive attitude ever.

    While others party their hearts out, students of primary and secondary (and JC) prepares for the new year. For the civilians that are born in 1991, it will be a hard year, with O levels pending for them. It is also time for people like me, who got nothing better to do, to think of 5 resolution that i (hopefully) will uphold them,


    1. Do all homework on time
    2. Successfully finish my AEP project
    3. Do not procrastinate
    4. Tidy up My room
    5. Keep tidy subject files.

    Wow, they are all related somewhat to my academic. What to do? I am a student in Singapore what.

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    Friday, December 29, 2006

    Many thanks to annonymous coward...

    Wow! the power of tomorrow, by visitor counts jumped by hundred. Scary!

    MAY be going for council dinner later, so look out!

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    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    Siao liao la, Internet may lag for up to 3 weeks!

    Talk about over-reliance on technology! The earthquake in taiwan not only affected people in the region, but also created a fucked up major problem for many other people. Why leh?

    Apparently, the earthquake destroyed underseas cable, and as quoted from channelnewsasia.com, "gave Asia a virtual blackout" First the bigg flood, now the virtual blackout, whats going on man?

    In the afternoon, after i came back from the Half done pioneering session, I tried connecting to the internet, but to no avail. I suspected it was my router or modem that may be faulty, but I decided to catch a nap, first. Only to be awaken by Yuguang. Dun worry dude, I informed all my PL (at least i saw william doing it). :)

    I couldnt post an emb coz of the stupid quake.

    Luckilly, not everyone is affected, now that my internet is back up, and no lag. perhaps, we could only expect super mega lag during the peak period. Oh well. dun use the comp LO

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    Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    Record amount of rainfall in the past centuary. CRAZY RAIN! perhaps, sky wanted to give us snow... but oh well it screws up. :(

    Bye bye christmas! Welcome the new year!

    I guess many people had lots of fun during the christmas season, buying stuff for friends, or having rewarding shopping sessions for yourself. No matter what, everyone is immersed in the spirit of giving. I am glad to say that, though my family regards christmas as another day for mahjong, I am seriously glad that I am able to spend it with them this year round. I cant forget the horrid experience I had last year. I was staying at home, with my family all out, doing my SLC stuff. It was horrible (coz i guess the rest of my ot members are out to celebrate the season with their family). I blame it on myself for being so damn antisocial.

    1 year had passed, a lot of things had changed, tremendously. In a blink of eye, a new batch of year 1s are going to join the Hwa Chong Family, no matter in HCI , or HCIS, we will welcome every single one of them, with open arms. *open my arms*

    Today did not really went well, with the sky did not make beautiful (天不作美) , raining whole day round, ruined our plan to build our tremendous pioneering structure. So we went back and wasted the beautiful ugly afternoon. We went to LAN shop, breaking Dominic's, Williams' and MY record of not stepping into any lan shop for 15 years. 15 ol years.

    Year 2007, it should be the year which all of us MUG really hard. Coz of O levels, but we are exempted... its nice to be in IP sometimes.:)

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    Monday, December 25, 2006

    ELITES - An non-elite, elite point of view.

    Hey probably, almost all of you had known about the Wee Shu Min Scandal . I had also read quite a few blogs from tomorrow.sg regarding the whole idea of the elitist mindset from independent schools. Needless to say, I am from Hwa Chong Institution, but I am proud to proclaim that I have none of the elitist mindset. perhaps, it may be due to my humble background as compared tot the notorious elitis, uncaring faced wee shu min.

    To be able to live in a well-to-do family is a luxury, but many fail to see it that way. To be an elitist, doesnt mean to put people down. I admit that there seems to be an invisible barrier between the neighbourhood school and independent school. I felt that its just like the heavy rainfall we had over the past few days, it is ineivitable. After like 4-6 years of hanging out with people of similar intellectual, and the mindset that the school gives the students, it may be hard for the elite students not to snob at the neighbourhood students, ESPECIALLY! if they are from some elite primary school, or even kindergarden.

    But seriously, they should relook on their mindset. I mean, being in an elitist school just meant that you are inclined towards academic, ur neutrons in your brains are probably more active than the others.But I would really love to see elites who think themselves as the "o-so-mighty" flop one day. It is indeed true that not all students in elite school are like that, but in certain school, it seems to be the school trend. For Hwa Chong, we are just like a communist school, having said that, communist, how to be elitist? I cant say there are none, but it is significantly lesser.

    In a way we are all human, we could all excel in different ways. The old saying goes : tian sheng wo cai bi you yong" , so stupid elitist who snobs at others, deserves to die die die.

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    Saturday, December 23, 2006


    The past 3 days (20/12/2006)-(22/12/206) I was in a camp. A camp that will mark the end of my SPLship, the camp that would turn the 5 10 of us into ventures. I was in scouts, holding the top student leadership rank position in the group, leading around 20+ juniors and peers, finally, I was able to place down the "responsibility" that came with the "power". Finally we are going to camp as a batch. Or rather, part of a batch.

    We will never forget the panic frenzy the 8 of us were in the day before. let me show you part of the conversation we had:

    COMEBACK says: (9:50:21 PM)OH MY BLOODY FUCK



    -dom / ceilsuz- reminisce . says: (9:50:30 PM)wtf"

    Its quite funny, when we recall upon it.

    The first day we started in school, reaching the school an hour before the camp (we admit that we are quite kiasu), making sure all our equipments are present. I settled my first aid kit issue, and off we go, to fall in. The atmosphere was rather tense and we were all scared. We were very prepared to be under physical torture in this camp, so the first 100+ push ups were seriously peanuts to us. Then, our next programme was "short pt" (the inverted commas are there for a good cause). At the start, we were starting at a too fast speed, which eventually led to many people lagging behind. It is interesting to note that the eventual 4 leaders of the run was "shuyang, dominic, william and I" I guess the 3 years of lion dance helped ( a tad bit)

    After which, we had some good laugh over our crappy presentation, and peiyit's amazing mugging skill.(he was basically ranting stuff that we all didnt know about.)

    I will never ever forget the pioneering shit. Seriously, i stood by with my KISS (keep it simple, stupid) theory and we build a pathethically small catapult, while the other group built a humongous trebuchet. It was an hilarious sight. We lost of course, we do not even have a launching pad... (the other group didnt do very well either.)

    We went through some SRIT . I am starting to dislike SRIT now, its so bo liao, but it seems to be an inseperable thing with Ventures. They seems to love it. Especially the pumping part.

    In the night, we had some sewing activity, i had my first sewing session (which i did a rather good job, i felt) which we all failed.

    When it comes to the hike, we were singing and talking cock. All in all, the morale was quite high, until the part when dominic got caught, and it took us more than 300m to find that out. We were seriously very very shag at the point of time. With some one who rarely spew vulgarities saying

    " Oh is it the fucking blue lorry? Oh no, i see the fucking white lorry with the fucking white shirt man, which is fucking near us, so let us fucking get over it" our legs are on the verge of breaking, while my feet were on the verge of spliting, with my blister burst. I can feel the juice coming out of my feet.

    And weipin and guodan fell out of the camp, due to spraint ankles. Leaving the 6 of us still in this camp.

    We finally reached the school, where we had some barbeque (i wouldnt say backwoodsman)

    Thats when i drew all my courage to grab a slimy frog, held it at its crotch, and smashed its head on the ground. The first few times, didnt knock it unconcsious, but the last time made it spew blood. All OVER MY BLOODY SHIRT (LITERALLY).

    Dominic and william skinned the unconcsious (not dead) frog.

    We had a nice dinner and we went off to do our traps. Im o sorry i lost it at shuyang, I also didnt know what I was doing at that point of time. Shiyang turned up, disturbed me totally, im so sorry.

    Anyway our trap was so simple (my K.I.S.S. theory), yet it worked this time, with the leaders saying the concept is there. eh logical thinking, (maybe i had the thinking of a caveman).

    The second day started with a quite hiong PT, and william fell out. Then it came a point where we broke down. But at least, now i do know how to pack my stuff more efficiently, i guess we were at fault that time, its just that the tiredness wore out not only our body, but our brain too.

    We went through more SRIT.

    As a conclusion I would just say VMC is a test of endurance limit, and we didnt held on, most likely due to the lack of manpower. 5 out of ten, who can maintain their smile...

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    Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    VMC-ing, wun be ab le to blog from 20-22, will update when back. Meanwhile, read my other posts and take a look at the links around my blogs, some of them are unexpectedly rewarding. :)

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    Civics and moral education

    Young SIngaporeans "civics and moral education" works?

    Years and years of education, whats the point? Singapore's Kiasuism is well-knowned, whether in the little red dot or overseas. But the main question remains: Are we supposed to be proud of it? I mean, ok we are kiasu, but arent no one going to do anything about it? Its really very very wrong. To be a bit kiasu, and be concerned about your own rights and benefits isnt wrong, it is human nature. To be totally unkiasued seemed be the works of a great saint. For that matter, if the world get rid of kiasuism, the world will be a perfect place, but hell, it will never happen!

    I really respect and will never forget the civics and moral education that the MOE forced down on us when we were young, but I seriously do not know about the curreent syllabus concerns anything about being morally upright. For the world doesnt go round because u has the most money. It will just be a mere illusion if you think you can have all the things in the world when you have the most money, the most knowledge etc. You can touch the world with a heart of sincerity, a character of uprightness and a conscience that will never bug you.

    Allow me to share with you this instance:

    I was at this buffet restaurant. the service aint very good at the starting, the restaurant fails to refilling the "hot and popular" dishes such as salmon sakae, fresh oysters, and many others. It will be o.k. for me, if i were to miss getting a serving because, i was too far back in the queue or something. But i happen to be at the counter when they finally refilled the sashimi(after what seemed eons). I was thinking, yea, finally can get something i want.

    There comes this little girl infront of me, who apparently was camping beside the counter, and got infront of me when i was getting my plate. I wasn't really noticing this whole scenario, but there comes a fat, immature Plump, young girl joining the frail little girl in the line, with around 4-5 plates. I look in horror!

    The plump girl just swipe away all the sashimi on the plates! Im filled with bewilderment and feeling sad for the girl. (well in a way). What a sight!

    one of the line: "eh we are getting for 3 person leh! " *wow and needs 2 whole plates of sashimi, ur parents are monstors arh!*
    another: "If we dun get it, how we account to the people?" *account my ass, you are jiust in primary school, what can they do to you? kill u or something? man, i think u deserves it anyway*

    So fine. there goes my sashimi :)

    Oh and I saw the plump girl putting around 4-5 clips for some bbq squids and rush over to get oysters coz the oysters finally got refilled after like 45minutes. cool man, i should have caught a site of her carrying the 25+oysters, she took off with.

    Seriously, parents, teach your child how to behave, or else its really very embarrassing!


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    Monday, December 18, 2006


    hahah thats RETARDED! hahahahhah . ok anyway. my previous post mymall.sg drew tons of traffic to my blog. People,really do get excited over this overrrated targetted commercial campaign. I mean, its like, dude! u get no special deals at times! no doubt, there may be some like for the keywords "OG", there are some. BUT still.... nvm!

    I have posted the keywords i see, only 3 currently, but I will update them la, see for yourself lo. WORTHLESS DEALS MAN! I thnk my blog is even more interesting ^ look at the retarded picture of me.

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    Saturday, December 16, 2006


    All the hype about Mymall.sg!

    UPDATE: Current keywords spotted : OG CANON WALKMAN (MY BLOG IS MORE INTERESTING!, no thats not a keyword).


    UPDATE: Royal umbrella's advert:

    This website, is receiving almost as much attention as Stomp.sg. TV is seriously the best media at this moment. But the much hype over this particular site is disappointing, according to the television, we will get good deals by typing in the password we see on tv (another method to have our eyes glued on to the gray box), and we will get good deals. At the first impression, I thought the site was something like the Amazon special offer, which offered a limited number of Xbox 360 for USD$100 dollar (thats the type of good deal we are talking about here.) Instead, we were lead to a page for us to print out. With lame deals.

    You can check it out urself, 2 of the keywords are OG and Canon. Obviously it is just another attempt to have commercial and advertisements on the net with much more guranteed viewers. Smart Mediacorp.

    AS PROMISED PEOPLE, the next 5 top freebies available for your very own use :)

    #6 .CC cleaner *windows only*

    Haven't you heard of the recent news? Clearing your recycle bins doesnt clean away all your dirty actsprivate information. Or your disk space are left iwth a measely 1 gigabyte (or a few byte, for hanyang), perhaps you willl like to consider this cleaner to free up some teeny weeny space.

    #7. Thunderbird
    This is the firefox equivalent of windows outlook. It helps to organise your mails and perhaps to help you to draft better, error-free email. perhaps. just perhaps. (use the search bar to look for the link) MSFANBOY/GIRL! try it and give me your review yea? I have my imail :)

    #8 VLC media Player

    link: search in the above bar

    THIS IS A "MUST-HAVE" player! Even though I already have quicktime pro, which can virtually play every format on earth, VLC is just better, it can PRATICALLY PLAY EVERY FORMAT! So fret not about installing different codecs when you are playing your porn disney movies that you downloaded or bought!

    #9 Clamwin

    link: search in the above bar

    No money to buy antivirus norton (or is it another way round?) anyway, this is a product with rave reviews, i NEVER used it before... but its supposed to be good... so... try out la!

    #10 Gaim IM client

    Link : gaim.sourceforge.net

    erm. an alternative to msn messenger... perhaps, maybe you are a ms hater, and refuse to use msn messenger, but do not want to give up your contact list of 1000 friends either. The advantage lies in its ablity to sign into different IM services like yahoo, aim, msn at the same time, using tabbed chatting. Worth a look.
    For mac users: try adium.

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    Friday, December 15, 2006

    10 Days to christmas!

    10 days to chirstmas, no solid plans or whatsoever to send out cards to all my friends.. (since I am going on a camp real soon). I do not normally celebrate chirstmas (I remember last year, I spent it all alone, no, with my dog.) Anyway, this year I decided to give all my valued reader a real great gift! No, its not an ipod... but I will compile a list of 10 most useful software that will certainly make your life better. Whats the catch here? THE SOFTWARES ARE ALL FREE! THey are done by some really passionate group of kind people who can provide their service for free! of course, on the other hand, if you are willing, you could donate a bit to them la!

    I will post 5 today...

    (The software are mostly cross-platformed, although mac has more useful open source products... but. nvm.)



    Some time not too long ago, all had to turn to microsoft office, by hook or by crook( i mean it) in order to read a universal accepted format. BUT NOW! We have open office! Msfanboy, a.k.a chan pak chuen, this software may be incomparable to the mighty msoffice, but it certainly can stand in as a replacement if... you are a student and do not wish to buy the expensive software, and do not have the desire to download them, and be a pirate. This software includes all format, just like the msoffice suite, it may not be an eyecandy, but it certainly live up to its name.

    2. Mozilla Firefox

    <--- see my sidebar for the link

    I am sure many of you had heard about this wonderful, cross platform browser. Well, according to some nice website :"we will not stop ranting about it until you all have it" I have it on my mac too! Just that, my safari is more superior... hee I am not too sure about IE7 , i never tried it before, but I had always installed it on the two windows boxes at home.

    3. PICASA!

    <---- see my sidebar for the link

    Ok this is a really under rated product. It will help you organise your photos and upload them within a click. easy as that. Never really tried it, because I had iphoto, but I had heard raving products about it. It may not be so open sourced, but at least its a freebie from our friendly big giant, Google.

    4. MORI! wait no, its.. Notes Lens

    Alright, this is no eye candy either, it doesnt boost Vista's Aero graphics, and look so win98ish. BUt it is the windows equivalent of Mori, a wonderful product just for mac. I used mori to organise my stuff and... to plan out my schedule. Its always good to plan isnt it, like the old saying goes... "You fail to plan, you plan to fail" So PLAN NOW!

    oh wait the link: http://www.windsorinterfaces.com/notelens.shtml

    5. DARK ROOM - another windows product equivalent of a product made just for mac.

    This is really really really helpful! Imagine that you had always wanted to work and type your general essay, but never really get a chance to, with distracting websites(no, not those sites), msn, itunes.... etc etc, and FOR ONCE! YOU JUST DO NOT WANT TO MULTITASK! oh well, blame your high speed core2duo processor and your godly 2gb ram for giving you the ability to open soooo many application at 1 go, distracting you. A 500 word essay will take you 2hrs to type! WHAT TO DO! very very simple! download this particular software and do your stuff in peace. or rather, in a forced manner. This software will give u in a full screen word processor, thus you wouldnt be able to do anything else (not sure if you could alt. tab, but at least it will prevent you fropm seeing the blinking msn icon to tell you to click on it.) Just concentrate! with a bit of self-discipline, this product will enhance ur productivity.

    Link -> http://they.misled.us/dark-room

    Look out for more useful freebies tomorrow!
    p.s. I am off to find more!
    P.p.s Disclaimer: I am not sure if they have adsware attached, download at your own risk, but at least i could say that i downloaded and used all of tthem, (or at least the mac equivalent).

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    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    YO peeps!

    I went around today to replace my library card, bus pass... etc etc. But I realised I couldnt replace my kopitiam card, oh well, i lost the value inside and my chance to get the VIP pass (how sad! ): ).

    I went to Popular and realise the BowL For Soup album is still in store! *peers at my wallet* . Well Im left with a pathethic 2 dollars, oh wells. grr. I got myself a new sketch book, since my old one is left with 3 pages. This december holiday had really been a great and fruitful one for me.

    For one, I have started to tuition a little asshole to prepare him for Primary 1. I know, I know, whats so hard about primary 1 stuff? Well, it isnt hard for him, but it isnt a tad easy on him either. He just doesnt grasp the concept that i am trying to teach him and just guailan him. Alright, he is cute, thats a plus point or else I would never take my time off to tuition him. show u his pic...

    Woo so adorable. But naughty as hell . haha.

    Anyway, youtube is down. Nvm, thats random.

    I have been observing the local ads of our local mediacorp, I realised that more and more advertisements are gearing towards the use of MAC. Well, one great example : Mymall.sg. Whatever that is. I guess, MACs are seriously more well-tuned in terms of design, I would say OS too, but will probably get flamed by MSfanboys for being an Apple fanboys. Well, we should not neglect the well designed but super expensive Sony VAIO. Seriously, if not for the overpriced lappys, I may consider getting one instead of my wonderful Macbookpro.

    I have successfully got my hands on Andrew Loomis books (which I shall not divulge by what means). It is a series of very very good art book that went out of print. Even the national library board had them ketp at the old books depository, coz it is out of print and the library had only this few copies left. Whats more, the library didnt even stock the english version of this godly books! I am so glad for getting my hands on them, there were raving good reviews about them, and they are supposed to give me a very good foundation. I really hope that this series will help me :) !


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    Monday, December 11, 2006


    First off, the day started well, with the energy conservation test coming off as super easy. I think the previous examinees are all stupid retard because the tester mentioned that a lot of people can get 15/50 for the test. PUH-LEASE! I think it would be hard to get lower than 35.It wasnt bad, that the test was easy so ok...

    I went down to lee kong chien reference library, I would like to compliment the library side for allowing us to use the locker free of charge.(No idea why did they charge it in the very first place) the whole library was relatively empty, perhaps I went there at 10am, which is the libraries' opening hours. I went over to social science departmant and found nothing interesting. Luckily, I made my way to the arts department. HEAVEN! A whole array of art books. I shall show you the skteches I made there, a few, but it took hours. And i was experimenting with a new medium. I mean, I used pen to draw before, but not this particular brand and thickness (0.38) it took me a while, but i guess it turns out ok...

    Notice the bloody ribcage is way off.

    WAH DREAM BOD! ok, tts a man torso's anatomy....

    There you go... My very first scenery sketch.

    So it went ok... IUntil a retarded asshole told me to meet at beach road at 2.30, but he was still at adam road at 3, he thinks its funny, i dun think so.

    AFter that, I alighted the bus without my wallet. Great.

    And I got splashed totally, drained, by a fucking bus.

    Thats all, isnt it a good, bad day . ._.

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    Sunday, December 10, 2006

    HEY ALL,

    after for like 2 weeks, I havent been drawing, i finally completed another figure drawing, though it is nude. wee! its late. Maybe I should sleep soon, i may blog tomorrow, with some skteches, if i manage to wake up hahah!