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On 19 June 2007


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    Wednesday, January 31, 2007

    Updates from Youth.sg Compeition

    2 More days to the end of the competition !!! It ends on this THURSDAY THURSDAY. ok, I saw the information that I am currently in the TOP 4 according to the competition personnels! DO VOTE FOR ME TO PUSH ME UP WAY TO THE TOP, EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

    alright, due to popular demand, I shall draft a template for you all alright? So you just have to copy and paste and "send!" a vote for me!

    EMAIL TO iam@youth.sg

    Subject : I choose B5 - yourname

    Contact Number:

    Easy peasey! Additionally, YOU get a chance of winning a 10dollars kinokuniya vouchers!

    Vote for me now! this instance!

    In my hurry, I forgot about this: My entry

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    Monday, January 29, 2007


    Open your eyes, and you shall find the new toys in our school! Security cameras! ok. its not new toys for us, but for those security guards who will have to look into more screens now. Poor things. Oh well, the footage must be interesting! I can imagine people swearing running, without noticing these cunning little things in our school. LOOK OUT! YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!

    Friends are the best ever, especially when I didnt see them for ages. It is such a great feeling. Homework homwork homework.

    oh and vote for me!


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    Friday, January 26, 2007

    Winning 11 of youth.sg blogging competition B5

    HEY IVE GOT IN. Yes! the youth.sg entry that i posted that day. It wasnt so much for the prize, more of just trying my luck thing. I got into the top 11, wonderful isnt it?

    The next job for me is to rally support in order to win this competition. I really depend on you readers to vote for me alright? Try la, u may win something for yourself too!

    We will be presenting to you some of the best entries for you guys to vote on who best deserves the Canon Ixus 60 Digital Camera (as we really can't decide)! FIVE lucky voters* will stand a chance to win Kinokuniya vouchers for helping us pick the deserving winner.

    As such, the winner of the Canon Ixus 60 will only be revealed next Friday on 2 February 2007. We're not "sabo-ing" you the contestants. We just want everyone to know of these great entries and also to give everyone a better chance at winning.

    Support your Favourite Blogger with your Vote

    To vote, email us at iam@youth.sg with the email header (i choose B(x-contestant's number) - (your name)). To reward everyone for helping us pick our winning entry, this week, FIVE lucky voters will get to win a $10 Kinokuniya Voucher*.

    Deadline for Voting: Voting will close at 2359hrs on 1 February 2007

    (Note: To vote, please include your Full Name, NRIC/Passport Number and Contact Number in your email for verification. Votes are restricted to one vote per person - repeated votes will be voided.)


    my entry:
    YOUTH.sg B5


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    Mean Day

    Argh. Sometimes, it sucks to have a mac. It works so efficiently that it does not makes me realise how many windows I have opened. At least when I work in a windows environment, its lag will remind me about the number of windows I have opened unwittedly.

    take a look. No porn la.

    Today had been a busy busy day. First, I went to tutor the little kid from 8.30 to 10am. Heh, he is quite good at math and my way of teaching seems to work for him, a sense of achievement. But his english sux, period. I promised to get him sweets next week for an effort to complete an exercise by himself. Although he only managed a 50 percent, it was a huge improvement of the 0 percent of the previous "anyhow do" exercise. Next week im getting my pay, in fresh cash. :)

    After that, I came home and finished a bit of my homework and continued on my flash animation project. The deadline is tomorrow, so most probably I am dead. Luckily, I have got matthew who will help me out a great deal.

    Now, Im getting nauseous and headache from all the animation. I decided to force the last spirit of me to blog. ok short post.


    Vote for me k?


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    Thursday, January 25, 2007


    Ah, I am still not spared by the ultimate tool of all evil teachers - Homework. Gosh, the amount is piling up like shat. Entertain urself with this cute video.

    ok yes i know its pointless.

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    Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    Forced CIP

    Isn't the term above a joke? CIP - Stands for community involvement hours. It occupy a rather important stand in the current LEAPS points system. When we have reached 100 CIP hours, we could get 5 LEAPS point. Do not belittle this 5 leaps points, some of my friends have only 4 leaps point currently. I broke the golden 100 mark when I was in year 1. I had always believed that CIP is voluntary at least after 100 hours, thus I had far exceeded the limit, yet I still felt like giving in to the society, thus I may join my friends, who may still require some hours, to do my part for the community. Please do not think that I am feeling that I am a saint, my point is that CIP should be voluntary, and there should not be anything called compulsory CIP, especially for people with more than 100 hours.

    Thus it really bothers me when I come across this term compulsory CIP. yes, i do agree that it still do good to the society, when we go over to the organization, we are helping out the beneficeries, but still, shouldn't CIP be done according to your passion? After attaining 100 hours, I had been doing voluntary work on a selective basis, not to say that I am pragmatic, but I prefer to volunteer in sectors as well as service that suits my own character and style of work. Isn't that much more enjoyable for me to do voluntary work, instead of being "forced" into some situation which I had to serve hours like I am prisoner.

    Do not get me wrong, I totally understand the rationale of the compulsory CIP, I believe that it is to serve as a stepping stone to stir up interests in students, but is it necessary for year 4 students? Standing at my point of view, if at year 4, we are still being spoonfed with something as menial as CIP, I would certainly take a look at what the 3 years of Secondary Education had all been about.

    Most of my friends had already max out the 100 hours, just like me. Some of them stop doing community work ( saying things like, why should I do, when I already have 100 hours), while I see some still volunteering for grassroot organisations on a regular basis. It all boils down to the PCME lessons given to us on a regular basis. If it is indeed successful, do we need to go through such measures just to sustain the students' contribution to the society?

    I feel that CIP hours are secondary things, they are a way to measure our effort to contribute to the society. I agree that by forcing students to fulfil cip hours may open their eyes to other facets of life. At the same time, I am totally puzzled why the students could not manage to perform their duties without being told. Is this an indication that we must be spoonfed everything, we must be shown a direction in everything we do, even in how we could contribute to our society.

    This is partly the reason why I am totally fazed by the 13slc core structure, it empowers teenagers the mindset that they could make a difference to the society, to the world.

    Seriously speaking, wouldn't the students show more interest and enthusiasm if they are serving the society via a project they planned? Wouldn't that show a true spirit of volunteerism.

    Forced volunteerism? yea right.

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    Monday, January 22, 2007

    Successful Entrepreneur

    I was flipping through the Straits time today and I came across its "Monday's Interview" column in life. Lets forget the reason why I am flipping through life instead of the main/home sections of the paper. The interview tagline was quite catchy, it was an interview with the boss of breadtalk. I am sure everyone in Singapore are clear and utterly in the know with this wonderful exquisitive bread shop that we all love. On the front page it wrote: Don't Give up, says Bread talk's George Quek.

    However, i snide at the remark he made that "he's just a teochew boy at heart who yearns for the simple life". At that point of time, I felt that he was talking cock. I mean, it may be easy for a rich man to say "oh how i wish I could just life a simple life... blah blah blah" but seriously, are they able and willing to give all up to lead a simple life? Not when one had already experienced the sweetness of being rich (imagine being chauffered around in a luxury car).

    However, I must admit that I admire this guy more and more as i read through his interview. His life really started from a normal teochew boy. He was not smart, he did not go through the route that most people felt was a must in order to be successful in life. It was reported that he did not get good grades and studied in a neighbourhood school. He only had a secondary education, yet, his perseverance and knack for business managed to set him on the same line, if not higher than most graduates.

    Seriously, many graduates with buisness degrees, would not be able to hold a candle against this chinese educated O level holder dude, just at the age of 27 he is able to chalk up sales of over $240,000 a month. A significant amount for a 27 year old with an education level that will not works towards his advantage.

    Of course, we could not forget all those successful entrepreneurs with a Masters, PhD etc. However, it seems that those succesful people with lower education is more newsworthy. They managed to achieve their success through perserverance, something the education will never be able to teach.

    This interview is indeed inspiring, it makes me feel anything is possible in the world, as long as we have the passion and the will to do it.


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    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    I am @ youth.sg

    It was a struggle for my decision to join round 2 of the youth.sg blogging competition. Partly, due to the fact that I got utterly crushed in round 1. I was so lousy that I decided to hide in a corner and never get out. Looking at the winner of the PSP (drools), i consoled myself by telling myself that PSP wasn't that important. I couldnt afford the game anyway.

    I am definitely part the youth movement in Singapore. There is something that probably sets me apart from the bulk of Singaporeans. I am disappearing. Or rather, my income group is fast disappearing. Im in the medium-income group (NO IM NOT IN THE LOW, I DONT ADMIT IT!), and news has reported that the income gap in Singaporeans are fast disappearing. like boom! its gone. All dead? Of course not, that only meant that it may move towards the low income and the high income group.

    haix, for some reason, I have a premonition that my family is going to move towards the low-income group soon. I mean, as a youth, I should be carefree right? yea... thats if I am in Austrailia, but no! I am in Singapore. And my dad, who works as a driver, recently got his leg crushed by a metal rod. It was a heavy toll for my family, especially for my Mother, she had to babysit another baby to make ends meet. Things aren't that bad though, my sister started work, while waiting to be enlisted into a poly, she dropped out of JC. So, I guess fates has it that, only 2 people can work at the same time in my family :). we are currently taking it easy, not much stress.

    I guess it was all fine, but I realised that I shouldnt really depend on my mom especially, if I still wants to induldge in my luxury desires, like movies. My school's culture is to collect 40 dollars from our family every term to pay for our bloody worksheets. It hurts me when I see my mom withdrawing money from the ATM, it makes me feel really uncertain about our future, thus I decided to take up a challenge. I once pledged that I would take up the job of a tutor, as I am impatient with small kids. but i guess, the situation had left me with little choice, I have to pay the 40 dollars with what I earn, I am a youth@sg, I am independent. So here I go, a tutor, at the age of 16, schooling experience of Year 4.

    It was a huge relief that I do not have to take the O levels (excpt for higher chinese), the tuition session took me 3 hours each week, with 8 dollars per hour. That makes up to around around 110 dollars every month. This way, i would be able to pay the class fund, as well as to hang out with my friends. Although, I do not contribute much to the household income, this way, I would lessen the burden of my parents.

    My dad's leg is recovering, but it will be at least 3 more months before he would be able to go to work again. It is fortunate that we have our uncle as his boss, so he managed to keep his rice bowl. I would think that he would be rendered useless by some other companies, not that my dad is lousy, but thats how pragmatic the working class is. To certain extent, I think my dad is really smart, he is not that highly educated (with education up to primary 6), yet he managed to get a lorry license, a car license, and a taxi license. A thing worth noting is that he took all the tests in english! Amazing isnt it? and he is yearning to get a camera, he loves the technology as much as i do, or rather, the other way round.

    I didnt want to join this competition at first, I deemed fit that I will never win. the camera is a hot item, all the youths want it, but i do not want it, my dad wants it. So i decided to give this a shot, so that my mom would not need to withdraw any money from the bank accounts to either buy a lousy camera at a cheap price(which i would see as an eyesore), or get an expensive camera ( which i adore, but felt bad about having to spend the money). So heres the solution, I could win this canon ixus camera, its free and good, how cool can it be. I am sure all youth@sg would do what I did, just for his injured dad. :)

    No camera at the moment, how to post photos? Let me win the canon ixus camera la!


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    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    New Template. New Blogger

    Whoops! Everybody! After procrastinating, and doing some simple coding over the course of a week, I finally decided to move my blogs to the new blogger, which claimed to be totally out of beta. Lets see if there will be screw ups, in the mean time, I have re-arranged some of the useful advertisements on my blog, as well as enabled comments. I will be including Labels shortly. See you!

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    Sunday, January 14, 2007


    Ever had anything that went totally unplanned? Like, you plan to do "A" and "B" crops up, tadah, u ended up doing "C". Rather confusing isn't it? Ok, it is.

    Lets say, a normal situation for a teenager: "you planned to finish your homework tonight, but you caught a rather interesting advertisement and stayed glued to the tv to watch the next programme, and the next thing you know, you are on your XBOX 360 slashing animals. "

    Great. There goes the entire evening doing useless stuff, and you will be too tired to finish any of your assignments dealt by your evil teachers. How I wish human comes with a stronger mind. Maybe the next-generation IVF(test tube babies) could help with that, the bonus added to attract costumer.

    I could almost imagine IVF ads on the main page of LIFE now "Genders not enough? A stronger mind had been added if you choose our artificial fertilisation plan -- withouth charges. *terms and conditions apply*" ok. I am digressing.

    Anyway, I was planning for a homework night on this good ol saturday and spent the entire sunday tutoring a child (for 1.5 hrs only la!) and doing my AEP and Science project. Thats a hell lot of drawings to settle :) . What happened? At the perfect hour of 3 am, I woke up, realising I missed my dinner. It took me a while to realise that I overslept completely. I mean like 12 hours of sleep. Perhaps I was too tired over the weekdays. Year 4 life isn't as easy and satisfying as Year 3 life. And now, I am blogging with 0 homework done. There is still 5 more hours before I go to the kids house to tutor him. Before that, I shall finish my homework. or sleep. (since I did most of my homework in school).

    Things do go unplanned, studying for a test may easily turn into a lord of the rings marathon session when we have too much time on hand. Don't you agree that we will only work real hard if the tests are just the next day (or maybe the next hour)? The urgency of the matter seems to be able to trigger the our mind, and allow us to work hard. But at the end of the day, it will not really yield good results. Maybe thats why I 've always liked (still unable to abide), the scouts motto: Be Prepared.

    Imagine any situation that you are always prepared, you are always expecting the unexpected. We will have an edge over the others just by being prepared. And how do we be prepared? It takes a hell lot of discipline to sit down and tell yourself rationally that the homework is totally more important than your girlfriend on the phone. At the time of relaxation, we tend to put fun stuff at the top of our "priority list" that exist subconsciously in our mind. The key here is to switch the positions of your priorities in your mind, convincing yourself.

    Take for example, your test will be on the next week. Normally, you will cram for it the day before, or two days before. If you are smart, you will do well (and forget everything after that), if you are not that smart, you will flunk your test and wished you started earlier. The same cycle will go on even in you are in the working class, dishing out rushed out assignments that will never drive you forwad. We, teenagers, need to set the foot right. Right from the day of today, we must always keep in mind that "tomorrow" never comes, the mindset that "i will start from tomorrow" will work most of the time is a fallacy. What will actually works is " I will start today", it forces you into the swing of moment, to enter a cycle of efficiency. Perhaps, we should take this weekend to sit down and think through the list of things we have to complete by a certain deadline, arrange them into a list in order of priority. We must have a clear and rational mind when doing this. For example, we should consider if the project, which is dued 6 months later , needs to be started early as it stands 50 percent of our assessment. Thus the priority list should not just be according to date.

    I have yet to succeed. Show me that you can. :)

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    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    I am @youth.sg

    I am @youth.sg, because I have no courage to enter the youthpark in orchad. Instead of hanging out like my parents did in the past, i preferred socialising over the vast internet. Blogging is my flyer, and friendster is my namecard, just like thousands of youth in Singapore. Age seems to catch up on me, when my eyes get fatigue by playing Maplesea, a game played by millions. I no longer had to go overseas to see xiaxue, neither do i have to wake up early to catch a moment of "dawn".

    Library? what an obscure word, I have only heard of wikipedia over here. Newspaper? Which article had been tomorrow-ed?

    I simply love being a Youth @ Singapore, it just meant studying 10 subjects, of which 8 you would probably hate. And of course, I have blogs in blogger, livejournal, wordpress, the more the better! its free anyway...

    The latest shopping centre Vivocity cant be compared to the wide array of blogshops set up by singaporeans! (and allow an 8 year old to earn extra allowance.

    with millions of blog created, i am @youth.sg, just for the fact that I am not on hiatus.


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    Monday, January 08, 2007

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    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    For Dave

    "You are from hwachong but your grammer and english is kinda horrible..."well-knowned", "fails to refilling"?"

    the angel that came across my blog.

    I apologise for all the grammatical, spelling mistakes I have met. It is to my greatest regret that english had been my weak subject since I was a P1. I live in an average chinese speaking family. Although my mom is a Secondary 4 graduate, she studied in a chinese school since young. Same goes for my dad, who could not even utter a sentence of english. ( Other than yes and no.)

    So how the hell did I get into Hwa Chong then? I am not really sure about that myself either.

    I remember meeting a wonderful tuition teacher in primary 4, which solely guided me along for english. It soon allow my english to maintain at band 1, or even A*. After she decided to quit due to her busy schedule, I never had anymore tuition. Truthfully, I turned down at least 3 tuition teacher just after 1 session. I guess i was too proud for my own good. I thought I was infallible. At least it proves to be right till primary 6 where I scored an A* in english miraculously.

    Dave, you must be mocking at Singapores' Education System, or even doubt the quality of our PSLE standard. (If you happen to be a foreigner.)

    I declare myself as a messy, careless person. Grammer mistakes are often made when thoughts in my mind ran through too fast. It went so fast that I may be unable to catch it and write it down in perfect english. I do understand they exist, probably a huge chunk of them in this entry, but I just want to say that I am trying my best over here.

    You may take learning english for granted, and speak as fluently as any native speaker.(for god knows, you are one native speaker). Some people, like me, do have difficulty grasping the language. Think about it, its just like math and science, some people may do well, while others flunked totally. It doesnt mean that they don't try.

    Bilingual bilingual, the whole education system had been focussing on that for the past decade. I may know how to speak plain english, alas with grammar mistakes, and chinese, but by no means will I be bilingual. Its my dream, and i think, it will still stay as a dream. My chinese is fantastic, but my english like shit. I have seen friends with fantastic flowery english, but chinese thats equivalent of a 5 years old (of me).

    I am comepletely fine with you posting hurting (or rather) comments on my blog, but this entry is dedicated to you, dave. Although I do not know if you will come back to this blog, but I am sorry if I had disgraced Hwa Chong's repuation. At least I tried. :) and I do know, thats all that really matters.

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    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    Living in the world of 2007.

    Celebrate the new year! It seems that the whole world is celebrating (except for thailand, unfortunately). I am cooped up in my little warm house to.... do my NYAA. Well, I should have seen this coming, i mean, i could have done the diary log eons ago, but oh well. PROCRASTINATION. Whats more, I cannot really continue as I feel like vommiting (for some weird reason). Maybe I had too much eggs these two days, (7 in total, minus the yolk). blech.

    In the world 2007, I will be a year 4 student in Hwa Chong Institution, and whatsmore, I will be a part-time tutor. Guess I have got to reject many commitments in the future, I need to earn some money to pay for my high upkeep. My dad's leg is injured, real bad, so he cant work, leaving my mom working. If i want to buy stuff for my own enjoyment, it doesnt justify for me to ask money from my poor mom. I guess I have to work for those Items myself :(. it isnt that bad seriously, its just 3 hrs 1 week, and its a Primary 1 student, and I get 110$ a month. ( not bad, not bad at all! :) ) I wouldnt mind some donations from you guys as well :), but it doesnt justify seriously, save your money. be a millionaire. :)

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    Monday, January 01, 2007

    About me

    Since you have come to this page, I guess you are curious with this online persona - crazyhamster. Well personally, i am thinking twice before I can fully commit myself to writing this page divulging parts of my personal life. er-hrm.

    I am... Young. You can acknowledge me with the group of impetuous teen-angst teenagers. Well, I was. the key word here is "was" because, I am no longer so (except for the teenager part). For me, I would rather be honest with my readers, the good and bad sides will be shown, and not focussing only on the mood swings and stress that every other teenagers in Singapore face. I totally dislike those blogs that sought for attentions given to whores and bitches who whore the likes of Xiaxue. No offence, I think she writes well but those that write in the style of hers, imho are totally not original. Thus, my title was crazyhamster- 100%original, but i changed it to crazyhamster, read again. So many interesting articles around! Some even featured in tomorrow.sg leh!

    I have yet to totally organised my page, so the task of finding those articles may be a tad bit tough, but not to worry! bookmark me for more information.

    Ok that was a bit of self-advertising.

    Ok back to topic. I am currently a student of Hwa Chong Institution, Year 4. I am feeling old already, stop saying it! My email: crazyhamster@gmail.com

    Erm my hobby is.... aiya read my blogs to identify them myself alright!

    of course, whats a profile page without a testimonial. Below is the testimonial of my bestest female friend, Hoeyingmin (when I ask her to say something about me):

    "abt you?!?!?

    erm retarded? "

    I think I have to reconsider my friends...