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    Monday, April 30, 2007

    Student Blog Earnings Weekly update #2

    Time really fly, because this is the second week that I am posting this up. Due to the fact that the previous week had been full of test, I did not really do much to improve my rankings and all, so this update is rather mundane

    1. Technorati Rankings

    - 155,431 (-15,613)

    I love this. Keep this going!

    2. Money Earned
    Adsense: $19.41 (+$0.29)
    Blogsvertise: $7.50 (confirmed)
    Total: $26.64 (+$1.14)

    Very Very little earnings.

    However this week, I joined a new program, EMAILCASHPRO.
    A paid email system that is based in Singapore. Whats more, you dont have to even have a a blog!

    1st Level: 15 ( 5 more to be a gold member)
    2nd Level: 5
    3rd Level: 2
    Total: 22

    I hope that this number will increase as time goes.
    Oh and if you are interested : this is the link

    Join now! dun be too late :)

    I am still waiting for my blog to be approved for payperpost.

    Next week, there will be more personal posts as my time is slowing freeing up. Life of a student... sigh


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    Sunday, April 29, 2007

    Emailcashpro- A Viable Student Earning Money option

    Hey guys,

    To those who do not blog, or those who think waiting at least 7 months for a blog to mature is too long, REJOICE!

    Here comes a all new solution for you to earn some money!


    Frankly speaking, i am new to this program as well. Having 7 credits right now, and according to their last payout, one credit will earn around 4 cents? SO this means I earned 28 cents so far! AND Thats like after 3 days. Not a lot, but We should seriously look into their refering program. If I manage to refer more people under my name, my earnings will multiply.

    Do look out in thi site as I moniter the possiblity of emailcashpro being one of the most profittable online income a student can ever earn!

    Do help me out by joining the program under my referral, you wont lose anything, infact you can start earning some money yourself!

    Dont miss this opputunity and earn now!

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    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Slapping myself in the mouth!

    GAH! I had just slapped myself hard on the mouth for this week. In my recent entry, I claimed that I will update the blog at least once in every 3 days. What happened?

    But these 3 days had been crazy too me, with tests piling and my scouts' cheif commisioner award exploration preliminary test report due tomorrow! I had less than 3 hours of sleep last night.

    Thus, I will definitely write more after this crazy period of exams. It is worth it though, my results for my exams had been rather good, definitely not the best but at least in the As... I love studying, especially when I get back the result.

    However, I didnt neglect my aesthetic development either! look, im getting prepared to enter in stomp's poster design competition. To bring out the emotion in the characters, I am painting them digitally.

    not too bad huh.

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    Monday, April 23, 2007

    Student Blog Earnings Weekly update #1

    Its been around a week or more from the previous time I had posted about blogging for money. Thus this time round I am going to update a bit on whats going on around this student blog.

    1. Change of template.
    As you can see, my template changed from the orange colour skin to this current black one. I had succumbed o the darker force >.< But I am still attempting to make my blog look more web2.0.

    2. Technorati Rankings
    - 171,044 (+30,000)

    Not too bad, I finally broke into the 200,000 ranking. Now... the next target will be 120,000.
    Fulfill my little wish wont you?

    LINK ME UP!!!

    Now, it is as easy as ABC! Just copy the link and paste it in your template!

    3. Feed Subscriber
    This is definitely not a constant, but the highest I reached this week was 10. Entering the double digit is indeed a real achievement. Though the subsribers count most like dropped now...

    Anyhow, subsribe to my email feed so that they will not drop at all!

    Enter your email address:

    Delivered by FeedBurner

    4. Money earned...
    Ahh probably the most anticipated section of the 4.

    Adsense: $19.14 (+$1.15)
    Blogsvertise: $7.50 (confirmed)
    Total: $26.64 (+$1.14)

    Not a lot but it is definitely better than nothing.

    So where will crazyhamster go from here?

    I hope that my technorati rankings will improve and my adsense will reach $21 dollars by the next week. We all have to start slow. COME ON STUDENTS! SUPPORT ME IN MY QUEST TO EARN A LIVING THROUGH THE INTERNET! Its the e-age guys, no more long hour, low paying job. Its time that we prevail!


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    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    Bet you cant debunk the myths about web-advertising.

    When I told my friends about monetizing my blog, there was a glimmer in their eyes. However, when i mentioned that it is through adsense (the google advertisents), their glimmer disappear. Why? I asked. The most typical response given was " I do not really care about those advertisements.

    Indeed, its really disappointing if your main blog readers are from Singapore. Most of us here do not give a damn about the advertisement displayed in most sites. This is due to the cyncial mindset of many Singaporean nowadays.

    "If the person have the money to advertise, that means that website needs money, and if that website needs money, why should i go to that site?"

    That is probably through for some of the cases, however I had seen NE-mation, the national education animation competition being broadcasted over adsense. That does not require money to vote.

    Thus I have to break the myths of adsense in other to promote the usage of web-advertisements in Singapore. This will aid the publishers in getting more clicks and the advertisers in getting more attention. Futhermore, those who clicked will not be at a disadvantage.

    1. All sites on the advertisements are scam.
    - Totally totally untrue. Advertisements on adsense are being bought with money by real people. Definitely not computer generated to scam a few cents.

    2. I will need to pay once I enter the sites through the advertisements
    - Yea, pay with ur pixels? RUBBISH

    3. The sites are irrelavant and are probably based in the Europe.
    - Probably. I will not say this is totally untrue... but there are advertisers in asia too!

    4.If the person have the money to advertise, that means that website needs money, and if that website needs money, why should i go to that site?
    - Not true. Many sites are promoting through advertisements to merely draw attention. They may need money but not always from you directly.

    5. You will get lots of money if I click on it.
    Seriously, if singaporeans click on the advertisement, I will earn around 0.01-0.02 cents. A lot? definitely not, I had visitors from the west and one click can earn me up to 55 cents.

    So why the cynical mindset? Perhaps when you have nothing to do, it is time to do some ad-surfing.

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    Thursday, April 19, 2007

    When it comes to desperation, it is RED BULL!

    This is going to be shortest post this year. In the next three minutes, I am going back to studying for my biology test! After today, I can finally take a short break in the weekends. blech.

    Oh red bull are SUPPOSED TO HELP!


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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Studying is Gambling, y'know?

    Once in awhile, crazyhamster will go uber emo and starts to rant about his workload. It is until today that I realised that I am already in a very good situation. I totally empathise with the other student bloggers of my age. I wonder if they still blog on a regular basis like I do. I am sure that most of them still does that.

    One of the professional blogger once mentioned that in a blog, there are 4 season. I believe right now, in crazyhamster I am in teh winter mode. The winter season is a time that I will hardly write any critical arguments and articles due to the immense workload given by our DEAREST TEACHERS. However, this blog will still be updated regularly, mostly about personal life and experiences. Who knows, I may even post up some "mugging" tips for my readers to enjoy.

    I had always wondered whats so great about "mugging", the "IN" section of our school subscription version of the Straits Time glorified the students who mugged or study really hard during the Os or any other exams. They call it EXTREME mugging. Yea, it is to draw parallels with the "extreme sport" cateogry which meant that the students are seriously hardcore who does not give a damn about their studies.

    So whats the weird thing over here? none of those featured made it into the top junior college - Hwa Chong Institution. Granted, now that RJC had surpassed us in terms of performance for the latest A level exam, we were the best for last year. Or rather the most difficult to get into. Those featured are those who took their Os in the past, so if that was the case why is it that they are unable to make it to the top notch school? Call it choice, I call it luck.

    Luck plays an extremely important role in every examination or tests. If you are lucky, you can study really little and still score because you are studied the areas which are coincidentally tested. So how much of such luck do you have? HOW MUCH?

    So in the end, we still have to study to increase our "luck", the more we study, the more area we cover.

    It is just like 4D isnt it? The more we study, the more numbers we place our bets on and the probability of winning the first price is much higher. Oh what about toto? Who knows we may just win the "first prize"?

    They all said, we want to buy a hope! Thats why compulsive gamblers are keen to buy many many hopes. What about studying? We want hopes too! So mug more topic, to have more hope!

    This is to my fellow student bloggers who may be facing with the greatest stress that you may feel in your entire "less than 20" years. Study hard, study smart.


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    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    My blog is as safe as my pr0n

    Are you sure? In the first place, pr0n arent very safe if people want to investigate. that is probably why it is as safe, or as dangerous in that sense.

    Many people had the misconception that blogs are online diary. Yes, they can be be online journals, but never online diarys because diaries are private and maybe locked up with a small lock that we all adore.

    This is also the reason why many student bloggers are getting charged or flamed recently due to their insensitive comments. The west is able to tolerate all the nonsense, but definitely not singapore! We take our security and sovereignty seriously, so serious that we are able to prosecute two teen bloggers who blogged about sensitive issues of racist comments.

    To a certain extent, our blog belongs to us, however it is published on an international platform where anyone can access easily. Thus no matter what, we have to take responsiblity for what we wrote.

    One guideline that crazyhamster wish to convey to all of you is : do not risk getting prosecuted just for the sake of controversial issues. Many a time, I felt strongly about an issue and I wanted to blog about it. Howeve, I am well aware of the consequences that it may bring me, thus I have to research on various sources before commenting on it. Yes, it may give me more traffic if I just rant it off. That will be my view, a view without any backing and substantial evidence, a view that could lead to slandering issue.

    If we have evidence, by all means we can try to shoot someone down totally. They will have no grounds to fight back. Thus whenever we blog, we must always think of what various authorities will think about it.

    Yes, satire social site had stretched the limit for more than once, however we must do it in a good nature. We cannot afford to ruin our future just because a moment of angst.

    Yes your blog is as safe as your porn, and your porn is as safe as the rubbish bin down your house.

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    Monday, April 16, 2007

    13th Student Leaders Convention

    The Student Leaders Convention, often leaving more than 400 student leaders from the region to hold back their tears when it ends. The special bond between the participants could be seen from occasional meet ups of even the 9th Student Leaders Convention's participant. Beside the convention being an education conference, it serves as a platform for student leaders to express their views, engage in intriguing discussions.

    Need less to say, I was part of the 12th Student Leaders Convention Organising Team. I was part of the logistics team and it had been a wonderful experience. Now that a year is almost over since that event came to a close, my junior had worked and slogged their guts out to organise the 13th Student Leaders Convention. The theme and concept is very different from the convention I once had a part in. Nonetheless, I hope that their spirit and dreams will prevail.

    Oh did I mention that the number of girls to guys in the organising team is at least 2:1...

    This event is co-organised by Hwa Chong Institution (High School Section), Raffles Girls' School, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School,
    Singapore Chinese Girls' School. See how lucky my juniors are? Student Leaders! Do not hestitate any longer! Approach your teacher in charge for this once in a life time experience!


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    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Different type of Student Blogs in Singapore

    Before we start anything, we must be able to understand our market, competitors, partners, friends or whatever you call it. Thus, I spent sometime evaluating the blogosphere in singapore. Of course there are many other categories, but I felt that hese are the more prominent ones in Singapore.

    This graph follows two criteria
    1. It is a Singapore Blog
    2. It is a student Blog

    Thus the result is out. As expected, personal blogs is the dominant genre around the blogosphere, leading by a large margin.

    What type of blog is crazyhamster? A rojak blog.

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    Saturday, April 14, 2007

    How many is too many? (Student Bloggers Edition)

    As pointed out by one of my reader, a successful blog should be one that updates on a regular basis. I agree totally on that. But we must understand the fact that being students, we have our commitments and stuff. Unlike the professional bloggers who commit fulltime to their blogging career, we can only hope for less homework and stuff.

    That is one of our limitation, Student Bloggers need to manage our time more appropriately.

    Do take note that my blog is not advocating you guys to drop your study and blog because you can always earn money through blogging. We must be aware that blogging should only be one of your focus, but studies always come first so that we have a back-up. As student bloggers, our duty is to study, but at the same time i do not believe that we cannot earn some extra money to buy some stuff that our parents refuse to buy.

    So the ultimate question is back. How many is too many? 1 post a day? 2 post? Or 1 a week? once a month?

    During the infancy period of a students blog (1week-3week), the passion or rather the adrenaline rush of blogging lingers there, however as work pile up, we tend to put a convenient "HIATUS" status on our blog. or worse, just abandon the blog and come back 3 months later and the cycle continues.

    We must keep in mind that readers hate going to a site that doesnt updates itself. Personally, I will give up going to the blog which never updates for more than 2 week. Differently people have different expectations. Thus, make sure you set your own expectation.

    While it is true that during the initial stage, we must post more in order to attract more loyal readers. However, we must be realistic. Many a time, I was tempted to post more than a post a week. However, I manage to curb that temptation because I will be setting an unrealistic expectation and a sense of inconsistency to my readers. The only reason why people blog more than 2 times a day is

    1. They are too free
    2. It is just a passing phase, it cannot hold on.

    (notes: this only refers to student bloggers, not professional bloggers).

    This will cause many people to take a step back and doubt the sincerity of the blog. I believe that some post can be saved for further used, so you do not need to spam your articles, it just does not work.

    So you may ask, crazyhamster, you had not mention how many times should I post...

    Personally, I will give myself a 3 days grace period to have a blog post. It will be best to blog everyday, however, will that be realistic? You will have to look at your own commitments. Remember, it is a promise not only to your reader, but to your blog as well.

    Look our for the next article! It will be about the different type of blogs in Singapore!


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    Friday, April 13, 2007

    Lots of Love! (links I mean)

    Since I started the campaign to encourage students to start earning money via blogs and stop working as hard as slaves in fast food restaurants, I had been blog surfing a few times to get some solid advice.

    Other than the oh-so-famoust Problogger blog that had won international recognition with his 6-figure blogging, and shoemoney who is just as successful. I had been to DOSH DOSH for some really useful tips around.

    Furthermore, I decided to venture more into our local, or rather area blogosphere to see if any other bloggers manage to earn their keep through blogging. To my greatest delight, i found a few rather encouraging web bloggers either from singapore, or from malaysia. Larry Lim can be considered a guru around this region if you put it that way, and I am exhilarated to find out that Earn money blogging had just received his first paycheck! OH MAN WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN?!

    Of course, it is truly encouraging to find a 13yearold running a popular site. he is from Carlocab. If a 13 years old can do it, what cant we students do? :D

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    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    The Unorthodox way of earning money - COMPETITION

    Behold, students! there are many ways to earn money from a blog, But i must say that the best way of doing so is to join a blogging competition. Right now, there is an ongoing competiton at youth.sg that you can still join! The prize? A MACBOOK worth $1899 and this is without counting in the accessories in they are throwing in as well. Considering that as part of your profit, I am sure that it will give a big incentives to us, the student bloggers.


      Benefit of joining blogging competition

    Other than enjoying the monetary benefits, it could help to build love around the blogosphere, especially if it is within your region. Thus, you blog will get more publicity and it will in turn draw more traffic. Thus, at the end of the day it is not important whether you win the competition. It is the process that truly matters. Of course, the social linking is a big big bonus.

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    Blog For Money - Students can do it too! #2

    Ah, just managed to escape the crutches of school. Well, It is never too late to return my promise of the second issue of my blog for money series.

    Currently, I am monetizing my blog with only two features. As a budding blogger, I feel that this should be one of the two to start off. We do not want to scare our readers off with an influx of advertisements. Some may feel that it will take away the personal feel that our blog should have in the first place. Do my adverts take away my content? i do not think so, I think as long as it does not have popups/obstruct my readers from reading my blog, there is no harm is putting some advertisements in your blog!

    1. Advertisements
    There are various form of advertisements that you can employ. The most famous being google adsense.

    This form of advertisement promises targetted ads on your site, thus if your site contains no porn, you do not have to worry about it showing advertisements for pornographic materials.

    2. Affliates
    Google adsense provides such service as well, we can refer people to their service. There are many other affliate programs around, like adultfriendsfinder. However, this being a teenagers blog, should be void of such mature contents.

    3. Earn As You write
    This is the second of means I am earning my keep for. When I write a post, I provide links to the site that will pay me for it. A post may be worth $5 to $25, depending on the popularity of your blog. The service that I engage is:

    Click Advertise on My Blog

    Yes. Blogsvertise. I have earned $7.50 from it already. Not a big sum, but not one to be reckoned with as well.

    A better list of programs which a student can earn money from will be up soon! Do look around this blog to look for more!

    Related Posts
    Blog For Money #1


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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Blog For Money - Students can do it too! #1

    I had always heard of a famous quote : "You will never be out of job, the fast food industry is always hiring." I scorned at the statement, but reflect deeply to find out that most students of Singapore resolved to become waiters/waitress of fast food restaurants. I do not mean to despise the students for working hard during the holidays, instead I applaud them for their determination. Alas, the determination could had been better used elsewhere instead of earning the measly 3 dollars per hour.

    Since the time that my family's income had went down into crisis, I picked up tuitoring as my part time job. However, the more I tutor, the more I felt sick of it. Of course, the ability to teach others is a gift, but sadly, I have no such gift. I am smarter than average, thus I am able to fetch around 8-10 dollars an hour for my tutoring service. However I am afraid at the same time that my student would underperform. I have to answer to someone. I just do not feel right. I am still a high school student, there is no way I should be under unnecessary stress, judging by the amount that is dealt happily by my dearest teachers.

    I looked at my choice : no part time job(too busy), I cannot take too many tuition, I hate it anyway. Online money earning.

    I looked at my last option as a student. By a student I meant that you are 12-22 years old, full time schooling, and maybe lacks a credit card. If you do not have credit card, you cannot trade online using ebay. It is pretty much restricted. That was my situation.

    Thus, I decided to take the option that I have: BLOGGING FOR MONEY.

    I have a blog popular enough, why not try to make some money out of it, at the same time provide the same content to them. It just seem natural to me.

    Not that I have suceeded in making much money since, but at least till date I have earned $20+ USD, and all I did was to provide a platform for people to read my views.

    I am still exploring ways and means to scrape some gold off the web, I am sure I can suceed but only with the help of you readers.

    I will elaborate more on the mean that I am currently using tomorrow. Homework is piling up, tests are just tomorrow! Yes, that is a big big limit that we students must face. Follow this site closely if you want to earn money just like me! :)


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    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Is it possible for students to earn money through blog?

    sponsored by: Buy Domain
    Calling this post a full advertorial post is not really apt. I want to give my opinions on this issue at the same time bring out some website which we can go for reference. Thus I think it is half-advertorial, yes I do get money for this post.

    I had been thinking over the past few days if it is possible to earn money by blogging. Of course, shoemoney and problogger had proved that it is possible to earn a 6 figure sum per month just by blogging. THey are the real professional bloggers, and to bring it closer to our heart, our dearest Xiaxue is also living off her blog. But the question remains, is it possible for us teenagers to blog and earn money? The idea isnt entirely not viable. As you can see I have advertisements on my blogs, BUT OBVIOUSLY it isnt raking in much income. To tell you the truth, I havent receive my first paycheck because my earnings havent reach 100 dollars. Pathetic isnt it? More than half a year. But I do not really care because my main objective for this blog was not really meant to rake in a 6 figure sum, it is to release some of my stress here. This blog was also meant for me to discuss social issues with my readers.

    I even consdered getting a domain!. But of course this idea slowly moved to the back of my head as I was overwhelmed by the great amount of homework from school.

    What is the difference between students and other bloggers? We lack the experience, and the time. We are unable to commit ourselves to blogging QUALITY posts everyday to feed the need of our readers. But more often than not, we are the one that is able to raise controversial topics mostly because of our critical mind that has yet to be exposed to the "politically-correct" world out there. This is one of the main thing that could draw people to our blogs. We are daring, but often the ones that will get into trouble. So I shall be the experiment from today onwards. I will be updating you guys on the profits I am reaping from this blog fortnightly, lets see if a SINGAPORE teenager can escape the fate of working at fast food restaurants in the holidays. Imagine if you tell your mum, " mum I can just blog, I do not need to work." Follow me to get a piece of the internet.

    You do not have to buy a domain, but if you insist, this is a good site.

    Current earnings 4/4/2007
    - Adsense -$ 17.55
    -Blogvertise -$ 7.50 (pending)
    total: $24.55

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    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    SgFriend's self-destruction

    I seriously wonder who will destroy their own hardwork within a timespan of 2 weeks. Perhaps, in a moment of folly, or perhaps, in a drunken state, the webmaster of SGFRIEND decided to bomb up his own website. Hold on. Maybe that would be a better option now, for the website to go obselete. It is getting heavy bombing from bloggers who once tried to reach the top of their blogging ranking.

    hey I am part of it too, but I never had the chance to put it up in my blog, and never had I been more glad that I did not place that dreadful picture into my blog.

    Apparently, this website which had garnered a substantial amount of popularity and strong base from singapore's blogger, had recently decided that they should have more "reporters"

    Somehow, this reporters just love the look of bloggers faces when they get "suan". Not only that, in a desperate, yes DESPERATE bid to create some wave in our blogosphere, it started to attack the biggies in the ranking. This means that the articles are aimed at those bloggers that are in the top 3 of their ranking. Perhaps it wasn't at all smart to incur the wrath of your biggest supporter. Irony, total irony.

    Well, sgfriends did it, top bloggers are all talking about it. About boycotting it. Its ok, maybe we will have a sgpal next time set up by scooty kihoro derrick.