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On 19 June 2007


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    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    Survival, survival and still survival

    I was worned out this weekend, give me 24 hours sleep and I will still not be able to recover from my lethargic self. Perhaps, it is the effect of the holidays, or maybe it is because I went for survival in Punggol from friday to saturday, after which i had to go for lion dance for one of the VIP coming to Hwachong for APMOPS.

    Survival at punggol this time round was fun and fruitful! For the uninformed, I am in Venture Scouts, so we are supposed to "survive" in a forest for one night, having to maintain a 12 hour fire, building a shelter out of the leaves, branches and other natural materials that we can find in the forest.

    When we arrived at punggol jetty, the place where peolpe leaves for OBS, we walked into track 24. The previous week that I spent there was freaky, now I just wanted to get done with it and move on. Guess what, we saw cars with people inside, we concur that they were having sex or someting when we discovered condoms on the floor. A mobile sex hotal parking area: Punggol Jetty.

    We finially got to a clearing and we managed to carry out certain tasks there, and we passed it.

    By the next morning, we were covered with mud, soot and bitten by sandflies. For a while, we were like delinquents who left the house for a month.

    THe bunc of us must have stinked out many commuters that morning, I am really sorry but we forgot to bring out cloths along with us and we had no choice


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    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    Lasik Help

    You know, i had always been proud of my perfect eyesight. I managed to maintain that despite having the computer as my companion for more than 10 hours a day normally. I credit it to scouts for allowing me to see so much green things that probably restored my eyesight.

    For those who have eye problems, do not despair. There is an option for all of you: LASIK operation. For all the Lasik complications that may occur thereafter, there is a good website: Lasik Complications. This site provide important insights as well as facts to equip yourself with before going through the operation.

    Everyone yearns for perfect eyesight, thus Lasik is the only choice for you (yes yes. stop envying me). In order to understand the complications, the people at complicated eyes.org had phrased their articles as laymen as possible, so you do not need to be an eye specialists to understand them. THe precautions and symptoms are critical in healing your eyes should any complications occur.

    This website is also reliable as it is developed by the samepeople at USAeyes.org. A great initiative I must say, considering the fact that they are made up of a group of non-profit lasik patient advocates.


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    Elitism in Singapore

    I read last saturday's articles regarding the issue of elitism in Singapore.

    I am extremely concerned over the issue as I come from one of the "elite schools" mentioned by straits time. They mentioned that many people felt that the elites are those who excel in academic area. Wow. I never knew I was an elite since primary 1 when I topped my class, and primary 4 when I topped my cohort. Being young as I was, I never really did despise duller or slower peers.

    From a personal experience, a first hand account I can offer you my utmost honest opinion after entering an elite school. The values taught was no doubt one of the best and complete. We are taught the J-TIGER

    J - Joy

    T- Teamwork

    I - Integrity

    G- Global Perspective

    E- Empathy

    R - Resilence

    Now, now, stop yelling that there is no HUMBILITY in the values, we still have other school values, mission and all that will include our EQ which pretty much have humbility encompassed it in.

    In my primary school, though I was always in the tops, I never felt that anyone was beneath me. However after 2 years of studying in my high school, i had always felt that I was better than any of the neighbourhood school students out in Singapore. I felt that I had more chances and oppurtunity and my experience would certainly be far better than theirs. That was probably until Secondary 3 which many of my peers had the same sentiments.

    Is that an act of elitism? More like a thought of elitism. That was in my lower secondary. My mindset slowly matured over the years and in Secondary three, I felt more towards normal students. I came to an understanding that neighbourhood students can have their good "apples" in it as well. However, after the emotional struggle in the first two years I had also experienced the mindset of elites in Singapore

    Note, I am not only studying in one of the top school of Singapore, I am not an elite who lives in mansions and have maids serving me daily.

    First off let me start off with the mindset of a student in the Elite school.
    He is being fed with information and propaganda that he is given a world-class education. He is under the impression that he is in the best school in singapore (which is true la duh.)

    So naturally, he will think : hey, I am one of the best among others of my age, why should I bother with the delinquents with neighbourhood schools? It is their fault that they did not study hard in the first place. Thus as time goes by, the student would slowly stop mixing around with other students. This will only lead to a deeper misunderstanding if any conflicts happen.

    Now, let me move on to the mindset of a regular student in a normal neighbourhood school.
    He is under the impression that he is beneath the elite students by leaps and bounds. He feels that all elite students are rich ass who are able to study in luxury and comfort. He envies them, and the envy slowly morph into jealousy. He feels that the elites are threatening with their strong command of english language, he felt compelled as he is not capable of producing the same academic result.

    However both student had missed out the fact that academic is only part of their life. A student in a neighbourhood school may not perform as well as one of an elite school, but he may be strong in other areas, for example, in arts and sports. Even if it seems that the student had no strength at the moment, he should not despair as he had not find his strength just yet. Everyone comes to earth for a reason.

    Thus who's fault is it that cultivate such a culture in our students nowadays? You decide.


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    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    Watch videos on your Ipod now!

    *This is a sponsored post by pqdvd*

    I love my IPOD. And I know you love yours too. My ipod was a gift from youth.sg after winning one of its blogging competition, from then on I had been enjoying countless musics and videos.

    Due to the fact that I am using apple computer, I was able to convert the videos for free. However, I do feel fustrated not being able to convert using my windows computer sometimes!

    However, I found this really useful trial of a software that allows me to convert my dvd into ipod format! It costs $39.90 dollars to buy it for a full version. Do not flood me with comments on teh free converter that you can find on the web, many had gave me problems such as corrupting the files, lousy graphics or sound. Thus I believe that I need to have something of quality, thus after going through the trial, though not the full version, but the graphics and sound had been satisfactory (at least for the short moment.)

    This iPod DVD converteris actually developed by pqdvd. after launching the video converter software, click "open" button to select a dvd or video file. Now you can start recording the video into iPod format. When it is ready, you may put the converted file into iTune library and sync with your iPod. Yes, it is that easy!

    Do try it out. I may purchase it when I earned enough money!


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    Crazyhamster's Animation - The Revenge of the Bins

    I had been really busy these few days. Just managed to come back from a night of Survival this friday, I went to do service at the kindness week at Ang Mo Kio, it drained me totally of my energy to even switch on my computer.

    However, I am back, and I am here to show you one of the things that I will be busy with other than blogging.

    For this year, being an AEP Student, I have to complete a project all by myself this year. I chose Animation and I had been working from january since.

    There are some visuals here right now for all of you to feast your eyes on! Look out for more when I strive to complete the animation by JUNE holidays. Be the first to have a preview on my animation.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    *note- that is totally fictional*

    Ok thats all for now, I need to go back to sleep before my flu gets worse.


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    Customer Relationship Software

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    Focus more on making sales, and less on learning software. Learn how AIMpromote has improved crm

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    For example, it offers Telephone Support as one of its service. I felt that this was one of the most critical service if anything goes wrong, some things are just too hard to convey with words. Did you know that we understand the other person through the tones for 80% and words merely takes up 20% of our understanding.

    Whats more, AIMpromote also offers a wide range of services regarding reporting of leads

    This are just some of the examples:
    Return on Investment (ROI)
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    Its tag line of focus on sales and less on software had revolutionize the idea of CRM. Though other software may require one to spend a lot of time to explore and understand the program, AIMpromotes aim to create a userfriendly interface and allow others to track their leads without any hassle and therefore freeing up time for making more sales!

    So what are you waiting for? Head over now!AIMPROMOTE CRM


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    Monday, May 21, 2007

    Student Blog Earnings Weekly update #5

    Admist of all my revision I decided it would be better for me to keep up with the updates.

    We are now in the second month of my earning money experiment. It had been going pretty well since, hope to garner more buzz and exposure.

    Technorati Rankings


    I am quite pleased with this week's decrease in rankings. I hope to see it drop to below 100 thousand soon.

    Link link link.

    Money Earned
    Adsense: $22.51 (+$0.51)
    Blogvertise: $7.50
    EmailCashPro: $5.13
    Payperpost: $ 43(+$15)
    Payperpost - REVIEW MY BLOG: $30(+$15)(pending)
    Total: $108.14 (+$30.48)

    I finally broke the 100 figure mark for it! I hope you will continue supporting me, at the same time helping yourself by reviewing a post of mine by clicking on the post below. I will be earning $7.50 with you at the same time. I will normally get $15 for each referral, however, if you review my posts, I will be sharing the earning 50% with you! So what are you waiting for? REVIEW MY POST NOW!

    THough I had not been able to reach my target of 40, the result had been more than satisfiable.
    FirstLEVEL: 37
    secondLEVEL: 22
    ThirdLEVEL: 11

    Total: 70

    Looking at how I spent this week studying, the result yield had been pretty good.


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    Holidays Approaching, bottlenecked stress.

    I am about to explode people. because of my one test and one exam this week. If not for the two darn things, i would have been better off installing windows on my mac and join my friends in a game of GE. Though that is not certain but there is a hell lot of things that I want to do during the holidays.

    1. I want to FINISH my animating part of my animation. Finishing the post production part seems a bit too naive.

    2. I am working on a new animation blog set to be on crazyhamster.net. Blog for passion!

    These two things will keep me busy throughout. I will skip this week's money earning report. Too many things to do. Oh yea, I still have to practice my guitar.

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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Fear Factor in Hwa Chong

    We knew something was wrong when our dearest principal announced the unfortunate news of our student misbehaving outside school. We knew something more drastic is going to happen on this monday.


    The stench ( or rather the lack of it) of the eyeballs freak us out.

    Ok enough of it guys. It is our Biology experiment that we did on the first day of the week. What a sight to welcome us after our "tiring camp". I really love biology, but I will puke at those dissection things.

    Well, at least these does not stink!

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    GoFish.com Seduce A Celeb.

    How many celebrities do you have as your friend? How many celebrities could you charm? Zero? Or less than 1. It is indeed normal for people to idolise the gorgeous beauty and the hunky male, all because they seem to have the perfect features that everyone dream of. Well, here is YOUR chance to meet a sexy pretty celebrity- Mirelly.

    Before I elaborate on this website, allow me to show you a video.

    Free videos at GoFish.com

    Seen it? Actress, Mirelly Taylor, has appeared on movies such as Kiss Me Again and Serving Sara and television shows including “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”.

    This is an online reality show. In another words, there is no harsh judges to boot out prospective contestants! Everyone stands a chance! But beware the harsh web users who may not be as professional but may be even more critical.

    You know what. This program will actually run for 14 weeks. So there will be more celebs up for seduce! In another words, we are going to see quite some buzz over this program. Indeed, it will be natural for us to speculate who will be up the next issue. I think perhaps it will be a male hollywood actor, maybe Richard Gere? With thousands swooning over his mature white hair and looks, it will certainly be interesting to see more "older" woman rushing for this contest.

    No matter what, this contest is surely going to create some stir in the web soon.


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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    Student Blog Earnings Weekly update #4

    Wow time flies, and It had been a month since I started to try earning money from my blog. Lets See what is happening around here.

    1. Technorati rankings
    122,979 (-19,460)

    Almost there. Almost under 120,000. All thanks to Paula Neal for listing me in her top 60 blog earners that got copied around a few times thereafter.

    2. Feed count - NEW HIGH!

    Finally, I had 11 feed count for a day, who cares if it is only for a day. Lets hope that this will continue to rise. Suscribe to my post and have the convenience of having it sent to your email everyday!

    3. Money Earned!

    Another regular, now its time to review how much I have earned around this site for the first month. Exciting eh?

    Adsense: $22.06 (+$2.09)
    Blogvertise: $7.50
    EmailCashPro: $5.13
    Payperpost: $ 28(+$10)
    Payperpost - REVIEW MY BLOG: $15(pending)
    Total: $77.69 (+$27)

    4. Blogvertise PAYS!
    After 30 days, blogvertise payed out 7.50 USD to my paypal account finally! People it is possible!

    5. EmailCashPro Referrals
    Recently, there had been some error in showing my referrals.
    SO right now, i can only say I have 29 Direct referrals. I hope to break 40 by this month.

    6. NEW- Payperpost REVIEW MY BLOG
    I shall be blatantl frank to you that if you review my blog, I will earn money. But take note people! If you review my blog, you will get half the money that I get for referring you. In another words, I am spliting my earnings with you 50-50 if you sign up for pay-perpost VIA the review my Blog method. You will receive $7.50 USD and I will receive that too! So what are you waiting for? REVIEW MY POST NOW! ANY OF THEM!


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    Sunday, May 13, 2007

    Crazyhamster Learns guitar

    I just went to my second guitar lesson. Now. No one can say I do not know any musical instrument.

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    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    Payperpost is LOVE!

    Hey all, for those who are interested in earning some extra money online, payperpost should be the most viable option. (If you do have a blog, that is.)

    I joined payperpost since last week, finished two reviews and they were approved.

    isnt that cool? I am going to receive $18 USD dollars in less than a month. I know, I know. Do not be jealous people. Because Payperpost will be able to help you! Talk about word of mouth marketing... Payperpost is actually sponsoring ten usd to write about them. Though I had been wanting to write about them since the start.

    Did you guys notice this button at the end of my every posts now?

    Clicking on that link, signing up for it. Afterwhich you can review my blog posts and earn a cool $7.50. How cool is that.

    Though i still need to wait till the next month to receive my first payout, but I am seriously excited over the prospect of earning the lump sum of money which I will eventually use them for my guitar courses. Its time to fuel my own interests!

    Payperpost should be your option. JOIN now!


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    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Back from Secondary 4 Camp 2007

    5 days. The first day being my birthday. What a memorable camp.
    I think the most memorable part of the camp lies in the excruciating pain and agony in not blogging. I am officially certified blog-addicted. However, as the days past, I slowly forget about my readership numbers and so on, and go into my deep slumber. wait. Slumber? ITS A CAMP!

    More like a fun yet slack camp. One of the best combination ever. If they managed to pack the activities together and be on a tighter schedule, this 5 days camp can easily become a 3 days camp. Not that I am complaining. The only disadvantage lies in me not able to touch my lovely "wife" for 5 entire days. And here i am, blogging with a slight dizzy head. Probably I havent touch my computer for too long a time!

    I think more than half the time is wasted on travelling, which I travelled from pahang to perak in IPOH. It was by train at first, then we switched to coaches. We slept in caves, hotels, motels and MOST OF THE TIME, on the BUS!

    It was a hell of time carrying out the 5 main activities - Abseiling, Rock climbing(real rocks, mind you), Canyoning, Caving and rapid water rafting.

    They are supposed to be high risked activites, but I DO trust all of the instructors in ensuring my safety. I had injuries on my hands from the sharp stones of rock climbing, experienced the abseiling down the water fall, smelt the smelly bat rats in caving, and finally experienced the thrills of rapid water rafting with our teacher.

    I thought over what Alf mentioned about the healthy relationship between teachers and students. I believe it is these camps and the candidness of our teachers that allows us to treat our teacher as friends. Schools have much to learn from Hwachong in this aspect.

    I was at the lan shop, giving me a nice surprise was my friend's entry. To wish me a happy birthday, she took A LOT OF effort to find that cake. I am glad that my blog readers responded to her entry.

    It had been a tiring week, I will continue to work hard for my blog, my studies and all. Its back to reality again people.


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    Monday, May 07, 2007


    Okay so, feast your eyes on this very pretty slice of cake:

    And anyway our dear crazyhamster's is at present, celebrating his sweet sixteenth while at camp. Hope you're having a hell of a time in the jungles of Malaysia, friend! (: You are dearly missed. NOT. Hahaha.

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    Student Blog Earnings Weekly update #3 + My Birthday

    What a coincidence, its my BIRTHDAY and I am updating my weekly update on my blog's earning.

    1. Technorati ranking: 142,439 (-12,992)

    Its time that I broke into the top 150,000 ranking of technorati.

    2. New Pagerank is out, I stayed at PR3. Hopefully this can increase the next time round.

    3. Money earned
    Adsense: $19.97 (+0.56)
    Blogvertise: $7.50
    EmailCashPro: $5.13
    Payperpost: $18 (pending)

    4. EMAIL CASHPRO referrals
    Direct referrals: 24 (hee, I am a gold member now)
    2nd Level: 12
    3rd Level:5

    Total: 41
    Not bad an increase, but I would not mind more people joining, remember in this type of programme, we do not want to wait till the market is too saturated. So what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW

    5. Payperpost
    This is a new programme that I joined recently, and was approved. By writing 2 reviews, I am pending their approval for a whopping $18 dollars. But I will include them in my earnings anyhow.

    There is another way to earn money through my blog now. Click on the "review my post" button down there, and write me a review, and tadah You will earn $7.50 USD FOR SURE! It is a win-win situation

    I will be going for camp this afternoon. There will be no post from crazyhamster, but there may be a guest post in time to come. Do look out for it.

    P.s. I am still giving out joost invites, get it before I stop!

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    Sunday, May 06, 2007

    Teenagers, now come with flame and youtube.

    "With great power of blogging comes great responsiblity"

    The famous quote that every other man of the earth knows. But seemingly, the students and teenagers of the current era of Singapore seems blatantly unaware of the logic. To them, the internet is a vast ground of free expression, with no boundaries, with no restriction. I believe most of them (if they do read newspaper) realised that their dreams were dashed entirely. The internet is not so free after all, if you are daring and post about a girl who just died, you get bashed because of ur insensitivity. Pardon me for not elaborating because I do not want to dwell too much into one particular issue.

    The world had changed, society evolves. When I was in primary 5, my best game was monopoly. Now, I see primary 5 and 6 bloggers. Not that we should marginalise them, but how much have they learnt to restrain their words appropriately. If you have an internet and a computer ( a pentium 3 will do the job), all you have to do is to create a blog and tadah, you can FLAME anyone you like.

    No longer is the era where you simply whisper to your bestfriend and say"hey, you know YY did this to me? I am no longer his friend, dun friend him k? or else I dont friend you."

    It is the era whereby students go right to their blog and start their campaign against the poor innocent soul. Hold on for a second, maybe the poor innocent sould is not that innocent after all, perhaps he will set up a blog(or use his pre-existing one) and flame the other guy back. Both providing a very biased, one sided view. Those post was meant to aggravate, to stir emotions in our friends and win people over.

    Welcome to the world of cyber-bullying.

    Personally, I believe that the higher the blog traffic is, the more influential the blogger turns out to be. Take for example, mr brown, (I do not want to have too many xiaxue example), his podcasts had always been a great hit among the locals. If for one day, he decided to go against the government with his persuassive podcasts, how many followers will he yield? 100? 1000?

    Same goes for cyber bullying in our student blogs. When your blog is relatively famous in your school, by giving a one-sided article on your blog, you can rally a few supporters.

    This is not healthy at all. Cyber bullying will be a pertinent trouble, I hope it will not take a turn for its worst and all students arent allowed to blog. I will be the first to cry.

    P.s. I will be going for camp tomorrow, so if you want your joost invites fast, do go to the post and post your email at least for me to send my joost invites.

    P.p.s. As I will not be around for the next five day, a beautiful young friend of mine will blog on my behalf. Look out for it on wednesday night.


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    sponsored: bid4prizes
    I was really appalled by this wonderful concept when I chance upon this site Bid4prizes. They have prizes like IPHONE? I can only own that phone in my dreams! It will certainly be dream come through for me if that site is based in Singapore.

    Guess what, though the prize will be really free at the end of the day, phone charges stil apply. I am not paying the company but my own service provider, how dumb.

    If I were to bid, and have the money to bid, it must be something like Iphone or a plasma display, something expensive. But of course, the wrote there, the lowest bid wins! What a novel concept. When we bid, we always thought of the highest bid, however this site works in the concept of lowest unique bid. How ingenious, when more than one person bidded 1 dollar, 2 dollars be comes the next lowest bid.

    If I were to bid for Iphone, I will definitely bid for a value that is just over the current value of iphone. Something like, $1000. Why the whole number you ask. Reverse psychology, dearies, when everyone think that whole number will not be the unique bid, I decided to be special and allow it to be the BID.

    Clever isnt it? Maybe some singaporean web entrepreneurs would like to "take reference" from this concept and get us some iphones.


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    7 killer tips for your student blog to shoot to fame

    1. Branding
    Branding is very important if you are going to set up a highly successful blog. Even with students, we need to come up with original, unique moniker. I am not saying that you cannot use your own name as your brand, but will you remember “Wu Hsien Xing”(no offence to who ever this is) or “Playdough” better? Obviously the latter will leave a deeper impact on the readers. Having a powerful brand to your blog, you can ensure that people will never forget your URL, and they can keep coming back!

    My blogging carnival about online moniker.
    - A great read of case studies of the more known blogs in Singapore. If you want to join the ongoing carnival, do contact me. And I will add you to the list.-

    2. Be your true self
    Honesty is the best policy. I had always believed in it. If you choose to express yourself as an arrogant little brat in your blog, you better be one in real life. I do not mean to say that your blog shapes your life, but your life shapes your blog. If you blog with accordance to your character, your unique style of blogging will slowly emerge out. Futhermore, it is easier to blog like an asshole when you are one.

    3. Provide controversial insights
    Quoted from someone from stomp, controversy attracts cash. I believe that for every well-known blog, there must be a point whereby there are a few controversial posts that will draw a heated online debate. However what I meant by controversial insights doesn’t mean unreasonable arguments, though that may draw some attention initially, but will instead draw dissentment from the public, and I am sure that you do not want everyone to hate you. (or you do?) Controversial insights have to be backed up with evidence, or being phrased in such a neutral manner that is just enough to attract some detractors and proponent. You can refer to my tomorrow-ed posts, especially the one on CIP. Not the best around, but it helped me gain some exposure for my blog.

    My tomorrow-ed section

    4. GIVE
    Remember I mentioned in my recent post that people are now looking for what they can bring away from your blog, and your “bitchiness” will never draw more attention. So in your blog, you should learn to start giving. By giving, you can design blogs like the ICE ANGEL, who is extremely successful initially due to her great ability to create and design blog skins. She is contributing to the blogosphere and everyone loves her for that. For me, I am giving away FREE JOOST INVITES for a limited time. I will be giving away some other freebie next time too. Writing this article is giving too, I am giving you a guide to student blogging.

    5. Join the social
    No, I am not asking you to buy a zone and “join a social” this is merely to ask you to start going into forums and leaving your footprint there. A good place to start for student bloggers is “youth.sg” it is a portal just for us! Make sure that you can give your comments there and not just for the sake of promoting your blog and risk being labeled as a “SPAM”

    6. Join blogging competitions / carnivals
    If you think traffic will just come in naturally, you are very very wrong. Traffic will only come in when people starts to link you. It is not very ethical to go to everyone’s blog and beg for links. For student bloggers, we can join blogging competitions and carnivals set up by other bloggers. IN this way, some of the former blog’s reader have a chance to be converted into YOUR readers.

    7. LINK ME for joost, and watch your traffic multiply
    If you link me, I will give you a joost invite. You can use that to attract more blogders (like what I am doing), after which I can give you a link, those who comes to my blog will see the link, they will click on it, they will go to your blog. AND MORE EXPOSURE.

    Other than the 7th point, I researched quite a bit around the blogosphere to compress everything into such a “short post” There are still much more details, do stay on in crazyhamster.blogspot.com to read about it!.


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    Friday, May 04, 2007


    Hey all, whats joost?

    Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

    Joost is a FREE internet television session. I spent my days over the past weekend joosting. Wonderful experience watching FREE green day's concerts, MTV staying alive programmes, extreme sports documentary, independent films and many more!

    Before I post about the method to get your little student blog famous, I shall proceed on with this little contest of mine!

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    Are you willing to joost?


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    Thursday, May 03, 2007

    HELP! The reason why students blog will never go big the XIAXUE way.

    In case u are unaware, our queen blogger (according to lianhe wanbao) had once again hit the headlines of the gossipy lianhe wanbao. I guess the limit of the traffic of her blog is the sky.

    However, as students, can we suceed the way XIAXUE does? The answer is a definite NO.

    In Singapore, seriously we just need one xiaxue. Thats more than enough for all of us. So what is a "xiaxue"? One pretty person who shares her life and thats that. A personal blog growing to such a scale has high odds.

    You may quote me dawn yang. What propelled Dawnyang to her fame today is her "beauty", while for xiaxue , her straight blatant controversial style of blogging. Different, very different.

    Did you notice something that is common within the two of them? YES THEY ARE NOT STUDENTS OF ANY SORTS!

    The reasons below help me reillustrate my point more clearly.

    1. Student bloggers are binded to a certain institution, we should be wary of what we are blogging about. We are a representative of the institution and we should uphold its reputation.
    This is one the most basic duty of all student bloggers. Call me a sucker for the authorities ass, but I consider that as a basic respect of every student bloggers. It is true that our blog belongs to us, but the blog is on the public domain, subjected to the public's criticism.

    2. Student bloggers can NEVER be as flirtatious as XiaXue or Dawnyang.
    The student bloggers I am refering to here are those under the age of 18. Due to the immature look and amateur make up on most of the girl student bloggers, many will just label them as "ah lians" and snot off without a second look. Definitely, that is not the desired effect. Oh if you are a guy, if you put on make up, maybe you can be the next BIG WOO-HA IN THE BLOGOSPHERE!

    4. Student bloggers will NEVER get the chance to go to malaysia alone and scold the f-word.
    Puhlease, you will be peeing in your pants.

    5. The web had moved on, bitchiness gets you nowhere now.
    So where is Xiaxue. Nowhereland. If you want to join her, dream on. Since the emergence of xiaxue, the bitchiness in the web had caused fatigue in many users, thus it is currently web2.0, people are more concerned about what they can take away from your blog.

    Look out for the next post, where I will share with you guys what it takes to do a successful student blog.


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    A color coded quiz

    Normally, crazyhamster does not post quiz because he thinks this is lame. However Faussete had sucessfully convince hamster to do the quiz. I find the quiz rather meaningful and is by far the most accurate test I had ever seen.

    "Everyone feels despondent at times and you are no exception. You are feeling so depressed because it seems that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and you don't quite know which way to turn. So like the proverbial ostrich you are trying to bury your head in the sand. But that won't work - you have to face reality.

    You are very self-sufficient and methodical. You presume to know where you are going but need to find a person who will recognise the way you are, not be too demanding and who is, as they say in Italy, 'Simpatico'.

    The situation at this time is one of considerable distress. You feel trapped and you are looking for some way out. You can find solace in the arms of someone who cares so long as there is no long-term emotional involvement.

    Recent disappointment has led you to become truly introverted. You are becoming suspicious of everybody and consequently you now feel that you are unable to trust anybody. Unfortunately it would appear that you are curbing your natural enthusiasm and imaginative nature - perhaps this is because you are fearful that you may become over enthused and find that you could possibly be carried away by wishful thinking. You are keeping your distance to see whether attitudes towards you are sincere - but this watchfulness could easily develop into suspicion and distrust.

    Perhaps in the distant past your trust and belief in your fellow man was misplaced and you can now no longer accept anything as it appears to be. You are untrusting and you insist that before you commit yourself to anything, you examine the pro's and con's with critical discrimination. The situation has now progressed to one where you are apt to disagree yet not make any form of constructive criticism to every suggestion that may be put to you. As a result you are in limbo. There is a saying that goes 'The past does not equal tomorrow'. Think about it - and let go."

    There you go.
    The quiz


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    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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    Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    This labour Day reminds me of last years.

    For some reason, labour day had became a special day for Ventures 07. It is one of the days which we attempted to build a structure by our own ability and failed terribly

    I still have some of the picture, and even on hilarious video on this particular day last year. This year, our junior decide to give their hand a rest during labour day, thus We just have to find out how are they going to build the structure this friday.

    I vaguely remember the reason wwhy we decided to build the structure on labour day was because we were not prepared mentally for the real thing a few days after.

    The structure is meant for open house 2006. SO similarly, my juniors are doing the structure for this year

    Hard At work?

    And we failed that day....

    And finally on the day itself, we succeeded.